In the second half of life, we can't avoid these seven truths!
In the second half of life, we can't avoid these seven truths!
Expect everyone to have it, the important thing is to learn to fix it.

with a snap, it has been half a year since 2020.

the first half of the year may be harder than expected. Perhaps we are conscientious and diligent, or we are inevitably tricked by fate, tossing and turning in the river of life.

but fortunately, we are still holding on, still on the road.

facing the second half of 2020, we also have new expectations, looking forward to goodwill, strength and joy to cover each of us.

however, everyone has expectations, and the important thing is to learn to trim.

for example, give yourself time for an article, stop and think about what you have done, and how can it be better?

Socrates once said: an unexamined life is not worth living.

if you don't look at yourself in the mirror, for a long time, people are easy to live like headless flies, bumping their heads around, no matter how hard and hard they are, it will be difficult to make great progress and breakthroughs.

I hope to share with you the following insights about life.

about health

1. The body is the capital of the revolution. I'm not just saying it. As long as health, no matter how bad the day, there is still the possibility of getting better, but once health is gone, there is nothing left.

2. Don't stay up late! The terrible thing about staying up late is that when nothing happens, the body hardly responds, and once it collects debts from you, the price is devastating.

3. Stay up late and brush your cell phone, no matter how much, your heart is still empty. It is better to go to bed early and get up early to make tomorrow meaningful.

4. Take your parents and have a regular physical examination every year. Instead of repenting, it is better to avoid it before the worst happens.

5. Before you are healthy, there is awe. Don't wait to lie in the most expensive hospital bed and pray for a chance to start all over again. It's too late.

about life

1. Three meals a day should be taken seriously. Life is not so easy for people who can eat well.

2. The older people are, the slower their metabolism is, and exercise is the best accelerator. Exercise 2-3 times a week to feel the feeling of blood spurting and dripping. Stick to it for a month, and your life will suddenly open up.

3. Life is made up of great sorrow and small joy, and living is to learn how to enlarge the joy and reduce the sadness.

4. When you are in a bad mood, please remember: since there is no way to retreat, it is better to be happy. Since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate. Since you didn't get what you wanted, you might as well be relieved.

5. Cultivate more good living habits, such as reading, breaking up, going to bed early and getting up early. We form habits, and habits eventually make us.

about feelings

1. It is very difficult for people to worry about food, clothing, shelter and transportation in this life. if you want to work with someone for the rest of your life, you must find someone who can protect you from the wind and rain, not the one who brings you endless wind and rain.

2. Don't pin your happiness on your partner. Marriage is not the guarantee of happiness. No matter who you are with, you must first make yourself happy.

3. No feelings are taken for granted. No matter how good the relationship is, we should keep in touch with each other, and no matter how deep the relationship is, we should manage more.

4. Don't ask too much of your friends. Friendship can last long without pressure. It is enough for friends to eat, play and chat together.

5. When you have your own life and family, don't forget that your parents are getting old.

the older people get, the more worried they are about being abandoned by the world and becoming a burden. They have never been more eager to pay attention, care and respond than they are now.

so when I have time, I often call home to chat and talk with them.

about work

1. Work, choice is more important than hard work. You can make more trial and error when you are young, choose an area that you like and are good at, and then go deep and hone the challenge. Don't wait until you are too old to change careers. It will cost too much.

2. No job is unaggrieved, and part of your salary is used to pay for your grievances.

3. Give yourself the ability to fire your boss before the age of 35. You either have a lot of money, or you have the professional skills to live wherever you go, which gives you the courage to say, "Sorry, I don't serve you anymore."

4. In addition to the eight hours at work, more study, more recharge, content in front of the three points of one mu is the most undesirable.

5. Don't muddle through your life because of your work. Eating well and sleeping well is a more honorable job than work.

about money

1. Money is not only man's heroic courage, but also man's sense of security. Having money means that when you are troubled by life, you have enough power to fight back. When a relative is sick, he will not be powerless. Make more money if you have nothing to do!

2. After the age of 30, financial management is more important than making money.

for most people, financial freedom cannot be achieved by wages alone. Form the habit of bookkeeping, plan your expenses reasonably, learn about financial management, and know how to maximize your money to help you make money.

3. Money is important, but don't take it too seriously. No matter how much money you have, it is better to have a contented heart.

4. The quality of life has nothing to do with money. It has something to do with whether you have a heart that loves life.

about doing things

1. There are three kinds of things in the world: my business, his business, and God's business. "my business" to deal with patiently, "his business" and "God's things" worry less, do these two points, life will be much happier.

2. No matter the relationship is close or close, get along with people at leastTo achieve: do not laugh at each other's shortcomings, do not belittle each other's hobbies, do not regard the mouth as humor.

3. The social disaster of adults lies in blurting out the truth.

4. Judge a person not by what he has said, but by what he has done.

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5. Don't be a man with a glass heart, and don't be unhappy because you have been misunderstood by others. People who don't like you, you can't even breathe. Always take an open mind, all one's life is to talk about others, and then let others talk about it.

6. Be careful with human feelings. Don't owe a favor to things that can be solved with money. It costs more to return a favor than to spend money.

about life

1. People's life is actually very short, ten years young, ten years old, the middle years also have to worry about work, family, children, so please firmly grasp your golden age.

2. Learn to accept yourself, accept your inferiority complex and deficiency. Only when you can live in harmony with yourself can you live happily.

3. Don't let anyone disturb the rhythm of your life. Work, get married, have children... Everything in life depends on your time. Some people may walk faster than you, so you don't have to hurry to keep up.

everyone's rhythm is different, as long as you are walking on the road, what you want will come. Be patient and don't panic!

4. No matter what you've been through, please hold on. When you have endured all the hardships, endured all the loneliness and swallowed all the bitterness, what will be waiting for you will be willows and flowers.

5. Please be proficient in using "none of my business" and "none of your business".