In this life, there is cause and effect.
In this life, there is cause and effect.
Only when you are worthy of your heart can you accomplish your mission.

as the ancients said: when karma meets, you still suffer the consequences.

A person's whole life is actually a cycle of cause and effect. Whatever cause you plant now, you will reap what result in the future.

sow kindness and reap blessings;

sow tolerance and reap good luck;

sow efforts and reap success.

in the final analysis, you are in charge of what you will experience and what life you will live.

sow kindness and reap blessings

the Thai short film "pass on goodwill" tells a very warm story.

A little boy was caught stealing medicine from a drugstore in order to save his seriously ill mother. The shopkeeper dragged him into full view, scolded him and threatened to send him to the police station.

an uncle next to him couldn't bear to watch it and came to dissuade him.

"Why did you steal?"

"see my mother."

after understanding the causes and consequences, the uncle not only paid for the boy to buy medicine, but also gave him a cabbage soup.

30 years later, the uncle suddenly fell ill and was sent to the emergency room.

the expensive medical expenses put the whole family in a desperate situation, and when the uncle's daughter was at her wit's end, she was surprised to find that all the medical bills had been paid.

the bill says:

the fee was paid 30 years ago, 3 packets of painkillers and 1 packet of vegetable soup.

it turned out that the attending physician of the uncle happened to be the little boy who was helped at that time.

Destiny is sometimes so wonderful. At that time, the uncle solved the little boy's predicament with kindness, but now, in his most difficult time, he gets the greatest reward for kindness.

people often say that those who love return, blessings come and go.

kindness has an echo, and every kindness you give will be returned to you in another way through the fermentation of fate and the flow of time.

remember that famous fable?

A blind man always walks at night with a lamp, and others are curious:

you can't see, why do you want to light the lamp?

the blind man said, "this lamp is for others and for myself." If you illuminate others, if they are safe, they won't bump into me because they can't see me. "

everyone expects good luck, but nothing happens for no reason.

only when goodwill is delivered first can you receive a rebate from fate.

sow tolerance and reap good luck

not long ago, see netizens

@ window

told a short story of his own.

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because she had been docking customers all morning, when she was waiting in line, her sister in the business looked a little tired and looked at the material she had prepared, and became even more irritated: "I just told you, this material needs a copy."

other people will probably be furious if this happens.

but she said calmly:

"Sorry, maybe I didn't hear you clearly before. Do you think this is all right? I'll put the information here first. I'll copy the missing part right away."

one is to be considerate of each other's work pressure, and the other is to solve the problem as soon as possible.

unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, the other party lost his temper all of a sudden:

"it's all right. I'll do it for you first. You can make up for the missing information after lunch."

and then in the process of handling, the two chatted a few words, knowing that she was an interior designer and did not have a boyfriend, and finally added Wechat.

at that time, she left after submitting her materials. as soon as she left, the salesman's sister asked the boy, "do you have a girlfriend? what do you think of that girl?"

interestingly, later that boy really became her husband.

speaking of this, she sighed:

if they had not spoken well when they were said to have insufficient materials at that time, they would not have talked, let alone left contact information, and the other party would not have introduced her boyfriend.

A calm communication, like the butterfly effect, rewrites the music of life.

so don't underestimate the decision between any thoughts.

when you meet someone, be more patient and tolerant, and the beauty of the world will meet you unexpectedly.

sow efforts and reap success

Life is like a chain, interlinked.

how much effort you make now will determine what kind of life you will have ten years from now.

writer Li Shanglong once shared his life.

because his parents are soldiers, he naturally went to the military academy for his undergraduate degree, just like "the son inherited his father's career." But life at the military academy was boring and disciplined, and it was a hard time.

under the monotonous environment, everyone has learned to "rejoice in bitterness".

the entertainment that others find for themselves is nothing more than "playing games" and "watching Korean dramas", but Li Shanglong is different. He has found another way for himself: to practice oral English.

lock yourself in an empty room every day and imagine yourself giving an English speech.

some students were puzzled at that time:

our lives are all determined, why do you still want to learn English? is it difficult for you to speak English to the soldiers when you go to the grass-roots level?

Li Shanglong does not regardFor that.

but he didn't say anything and silently wrote to himself:

never let your days spin regularly and meaninglessly every day. Life without colored eggs is meaningless.

later, by chance, he took part in an English speech contest.

I didn't expect that the gear of fate turned, and this seemingly ordinary game changed his future-- he got the chance to be a teacher in New Oriental. And then teach, write... Life is gradually becoming clear.

the colored eggs that I unintentionally laid many years ago finally became my own career.

looking back on the whole course, I can't help thinking of a paragraph written by Tao Jie in "the Girl who killed Quail"--

"when you are old and look back on your life, you will find that

when to study abroad, when to decide to take your first job, when to choose a partner to fall in love, and when to get married are all great changes in fate.

it's just that when you stood at the fork in the road and saw the wind and clouds, the day you made your choice, it was quite dull and ordinary in your diary, and you thought it was an ordinary day at that time. "

all kinds of things in the world have cause and effect.

I believe we all know the butterfly effect, which says that a butterfly stirring up its wings in Brazil can also cause a tornado in Texas.

A well-intentioned manner, a positive communication, a brave attempt. Are very likely to change our lives.

so don't muddle through every moment of life, love seriously, try to live.

only by being worthy of your heart can you accomplish your mission.