Instead of complaining, change (suggest everyone to take a look)
Instead of complaining, change (suggest everyone to take a look)
There is no insurmountable hurdle in life, only the impassable self.


habit of complaining is a poison

there is an unlucky camel who travels a long way in the hot desert, tired and thirsty, muttering as he walks.

one moment he complains that he can't enjoy the fat grass like cattle and sheep, and then he curses the sun like a fireball.

so he kicked forward angrily, only to step on the broken glass and cut the skin.

the anxious camel felt unlucky and kicked the fragments out angrily, but accidentally cut the soles of his feet and burst into blood.

the camel limped forward, and its rich blood attracted wolves and ants.

finally, the camel, known as the ship of the desert, fell in the desert.

after hearing the story, it is worth thinking deeply, because very often, we are not the same camel.

thinks that everything in the world is making things difficult, so he always complains about his unhappiness; he feels that the whole world is against him, so he complains about the unfairness of fate everywhere.

when you encounter a little bit of discomfort, you begin to be discouraged; in the face of a hint of frustration, you become depressed.

but little do you realize that the more you complain, the worse your life will be.

complaining is poison in itself. it will wear away your will and increase your incompetence. In the end, you will accomplish nothing but yourself.

the strong are not easily angry, while the weak often complain.

more complaints, more negative energy, over time, the whole person's luck will be at an end, of course, life will also be affected.

the ancients said, "those who respect others, people always respect", the same, "those who complain, people always resent."

Baiwei life, there are always incomplete existence, no one can always go through the clear weather.

so no matter how hard life is, don't try to complain about this futile behavior!

things are changeable, there is no need to complain

Zhuangzi recorded a philosophical allusion of "Ark Jihe" in Mountain trees:

the young farmer was rowing hurriedly on the water so that he could get home before dark when he suddenly found a small boat coming ahead.

seeing that he was about to hit, the farmer hurriedly shouted, "get out of the way, you idiot."

who knows that the boat on the other side seems to be unknown, but closer. Although the farmer tried his best to avoid it, it was too late, and finally the two ships collided.

the farmer reprimanded angrily: "did you do it on purpose? I told you to avoid it!"

when he looked at the opposite side carefully, the farmer was stupefied, because there was no one on the opposite boat, and he had been angrily complaining about only an empty boat.

as a matter of fact, the tribulations of the world are like this empty ship incident. what you think is deliberately difficult is in fact the normal state of life.

complaining and scolding an unmanned ship does not change its course except to add annoyance.

God is always fair, never favors anyone, and never treats everyone badly.

you are holding up hard with clenched teeth, and others have sleepless nights; you think you are living in favor of one over the other, but do not realize that others also have unspeakable sufferings.

Destiny gives everyone a fair chance to experience, so stop complaining about the lack of talent, and don't lament the bad luck.

only when we look at the various tastes of life and the frustrations and obstacles of fate can we embrace the sunshine.

learn to accept the baptism of life calmly and become a magnificent scenery of its own.

instead of complaining, change

when I was a child, the teacher read a story and remembered it deeply:

A little boy helped his father who runs the winery to guard the buckets. every night he would dutifully wipe each barrel and put it neatly.

but the next day, the wind always blows the neatly placed buckets to pieces, and the boy is very sad.

the father persuaded soothingly, "it's all right, son. It's not your fault. We'll just try to conquer the wind."

the boy blinked and thought of a way. He filled every bucket with water.

that's true. Since you can't change the direction of the wind, change your weight. This is a good way not to be knocked down!

the mind changes from the situation, the environment is born from the mind, and only when you change yourself can you change your life.

just like walking in the dark, some people see the wind and rain, while others see the stars all over the sky.

since you can't control the weather, enjoy the composure of "a haze of misty rain for life" when it rains;

since you can't change the environment, feel the ease of "picking wild flowers by the fence" at the trough.

as the ancients said, "A gentleman studies himself without virtue and resentment, while a villain has blamed others."

A really strong man never complains, because he knows that he can only get better if he wants to make things better.

if God pours a cup of cold water on you, it boils and spills it back; if life gives you a lemon, squeeze it into juice and add some sugar.

all you can do is give back twice the tribulations of life.

only when the mood of complaining is transformed into the strength of striving for upward growth can a happy life begin.

Lu Xiaoman wrote in "moving forward with the Day":

there is no one in this world without injury, no matter when you have to believe that you are the only one who really heals yourself. Don't complain, try to deal with it; don't be afraid of being alone, try to precipitate.

do not complain

"the moss is as small as rice, but also learn to bloom like peonies."

The roadside florets do not envy the wealth of peonies, do not envy the brilliance of cherry blossoms, and do not resent the pride of plum blossoms.

regardless of the miserable wind and rain in the outside world, it is still blooming without anger and resentment, and year after year, it is often sprayed with the tenacious vitality of "unquenchable wildfire, spring breeze still flourishing".

the mountain has the height of the mountain, the water has the depth of the water, the wind has the freedom of the wind, and the clouds have the leisure of the clouds.

everyone has their own posture, so stop complaining that others are prettier.

take your time

after bamboo emerges from the ground, it grows at a rate of 30 centimeters a day, and can grow to 15 meters in six weeks.

but people who understand it all know that before that, it only grew 3 centimeters after four years.

this is the case with success in the world. No matter how heavy the wind and rain are, there are times when the sky clears up after the rain.

suffering is only temporary, as long as you keep on the road, you can go to the light.

Happiness has never been achieved overnight, and all the brilliance that can be seen hides years of hard work.

so don't walk too fast, slow down and be safe.

Don't be discouraged

tall and straight pines and cypresses have never succumbed to thousands of hammering trials, and only with the idea of "holding on to the green hills and unwilling to relax" will they achieve the pride of "letting the wind from east, west, north and south".

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the meandering stream is never afraid of the hardships and dangers of the grindstone along the way. After thousands of turns and twists and turns, they can finally go to the vast sea.

Don't worry about the uncertain future, try a little harder every time, you are your own sun.

Tagore says that if you cry when you miss the sun, you will also miss the stars.

Life is like this, no matter how hard it is, you have to go on, and no matter how tired it is, you have to carry it down.

it may be difficult to walk against the wind, but the scenery you see along the way will be more beautiful; ill-fated, maybe thorny, but running against the wind looks really good.

all the past is a preface, there is no insurmountable hurdle in life, only the impassable oneself.

instead of complaining, change!