Invest in yourself (in depth)
Invest in yourself (in depth)
Only by sparing no effort to invest in yourself can you see the return in the future.

what is the best investment in life?

"No one can take away what is inside you. Everyone has their own unused potential."

all industries will be iterative day by day, and there will always be uneasiness in life.

the only reliable investment in the world is not to invest in projects that seem to make money quickly, but to invest your time and energy in yourself.

No matter how the outside world changes, the investment in yourself will make you never drop the price and continue to increase in value.

Investment image

some time ago, Wu Zun posted a photo of a group of classmates at the gathering.

in the photo, Wu Zun looks like a young man in his early 20s with a clean and refreshing face.

my former classmate, seeing you again for many years, is more like two generations living together.

through careful study, it is not difficult to find that the reverse growth of a person's appearance is inseparable from his continuous investment in image.

Wu Zunsun's exercise and fitness activities can often be seen on Weibo.

fight in the ring with the boxing champion, sweat like rain on the basketball court, and work out in the gym.

exercise is a common occurrence for him.

the time and sweat invested in sports made him have a "frozen age" beyond the years.

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as Russell said: "A person's appearance is the appearance of a person's value." It hides your self-disciplined life, as well as the life you are pursuing. "

A slim, symmetrical figure is inseparable from sweaty exercise in the gym;

delicate and smooth skin cannot be maintained without ten years of maintenance.

A full mental state stems from a long-term self-disciplined way of life.

when a person reaches middle age, his facial features are determined by himself.

there is self-discipline in appearance, mentality in spirit, and attitude towards life in clothes.

your investment in your image is your best weapon against time.

invest in health

Plato once said that there are three great wealth in life, the third wealth is property, the second wealth is beauty, and the first wealth is health.

what is more important than possessions and beauty is one's health.

Life is like a marathon, which seems to be fighting for ability, financial resources and resources, but in fact it is all about health.

Academician Zhong Nanshan said that the greatest success in life is to live healthily.

at the age of 84, he resolutely went to the front line, and what supported him was not only the heart of doctors for the country and the people, but also his healthy body.

Zhong Nanshan has been keen on sports since he was a child.

when he was young, he broke the record of the school's 400-meter hurdles, and several records set by participating in the school sports meeting during his medical study in Beijing are still unbreakable.

this highly self-disciplined way of life makes many young people feel ashamed.

Leonardo da Vinci said: "exercise is the source of all life."

long-term exercise can not only make people full of vitality, but also adjust a person's psychological state, make people refreshed and positive.

as the old saying goes, "if you move, you will not decline; if you enjoy, you will live a long life."

the more energy you devote to health in the first half of your life, the higher your happiness index will be in the second half of your life.

Investment ability

Franklin once said, "No one can take it when he spends his money to seek knowledge." You will benefit the most from investing in knowledge. "

Times are constantly changing. There is no stable job, only stable ability.

three years ago, the eldest sister at the toll station in Tangshan shouted:

"I'm 36 years old, and I can't learn anything. I can't do anything but charge!"

the times meet, opportunities and challenges coexist, some people fall, but others catch up.

with the rise of online shopping and the dividends of live sales, Li Ziqi, Weiya and Li Jiaqi have also been selected as the trend setters of this era.

it is a swamp for those who are immersed in the comfort zone, but for the strong who keep improving, it is full of opportunities.

the world is improving every minute and every second, and your stagnation is a retrogression.

only by constantly learning and investing in our brains and abilities can we move forward steadily and steadily in this era of rushing rivers.

Investment relationship

someone once asked on the Internet: "how does the relationship between people fade?"

one comment reads: "A person can only take, but is never willing to give."

between people, there is an emotional account, you pay a little more, the balance in the account will be a little more, but if you blindly ask for, it is tantamount to overdrawing each other's feelings.

Huang Zhizhong once said: "it is believed that the most important thing between friends is to be good to each other. In fact, it is more important for you to know that others are kind to you. "

all the efforts in the relationship need to be seen by each other.

A lot of times, if you don't respond to others' kindness to you in time, no matter how good the relationship is, it's easy to crack.

the relationship between peopleBetween, there is also a law of conservation.

if you want to get the sincerity of others, you have to give it first.

No one has the obligation to be kind to you and give sincerely in order to make a relationship go further and further.

Investment households

once saw a public welfare video: "Love Home with time".

the man in the video has a successful career and has made a lot of money over the years, but his life is not happy.

during the New year's Eve dinner, he was so busy with the company's business that he had no time to talk to his parents.

the worst thing in the world is to use the most perfunctory way to deal with your family when you have exhausted all your enthusiasm and patience to earn money outside.

at the end of the film, there is a sentence:

"the journey of life is never filled with the pursuit of wealth and wealth itself, but the memories that cannot be found if they are missed."

money can afford a mobile phone, but not the family you are talking to.

you can buy toys, but not your child's childhood.

you can buy a lot of gifts, but not caress and tenderness.

Wealth has a price, but happiness is priceless.

the happiest state of my life is to sit idle with my family and watch the lights.

Reader says: "companionship is very warm, it means that someone in the world is willing to give you the best thing, that is time."

in the vast sea of people, it is a great fate to be able to pass through the surging crowd to become a family.

remember to set aside some time for them for the rest of your life.

invest in kindness

Yang Lan once said that goodwill will circulate like air. If you treat others kindly, you will naturally have the energy of goodwill to return it to you.

I saw a short story before.

there is a farmer who can reap an excellent harvest of corn every year.

other neighbors often ask him for advice, and he is not stingy, not only sharing his excellent seeds, but also providing technical guidance for everyone free of charge.

someone asked him why he was so generous.

he said: "I am good to others, in fact, it is for my own good." If the neighbors planted inferior seeds, in the process of pollination, it will also affect the quality of corn in my family. "

Life is an echo, kindness is a reincarnation, and your kindness when you help others is also quietly benefiting yourself.

if you invest in goodwill, you will reap it; if you believe in goodness, you will see it.

to have good thoughts and often do good deeds is to accumulate good fortune for yourself.

Life is a process of continuous investment, and where it is invested, it will produce results.

as the writer Albert Camus said, "the greatest generosity to the future is to give everything to the present."

only when you spare no effort to invest in yourself can you see the return in the future.

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.