It's a disaster to take yourself too seriously.
It's a disaster to take yourself too seriously.
To understand others is wisdom, and to know yourself is wisdom.

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as the ancients said, "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

it is wisdom to understand others and wisdom to know yourself.

the greatest stupidity in life is not to take others seriously, and second, to take yourself too seriously.

A wise man has a saying: "if you are full of losses, you will benefit from humility."

learn humility and awe, so that life can stay away from disasters and reap blessings.

Don't take yourself too seriously

as the old saying goes, "those who cut down themselves are useless, and those who are self-reserved are not long."

those who boast cannot do meritorious deeds; those who are conceited cannot lead others.

there are 90% discount shows in Beijing Opera, called "lost time", which tells the story of losing street kiosks, empty city plans, and chopping horses.

during the first Northern Expedition, Zhuge Liang wanted to stop the reinforcements of the State of Wei at the main road of Jieting.

Ma Jing conceited that he was familiar with the art of war and had won the true biography of Kong Ming, so he volunteered and made a military writ to the street pavilion for defense.

Deputy General Wang Ping tried his best to dissuade him, but Ma not only refused to listen, but also scolded Wang Ping for being ignorant and ignorant, so don't tell him what to do.

as a result, in the battle of the street pavilion, Ma Kui was besieged on the mountain, desperate to break through under the desperate situation of running out of water and food.


the street kiosk was not guarded.

even if Zhuge Liang had earth-shaking and sobbing wisdom, he could not reverse the defeat of the whole game and hastily staged an empty city plan, announcing the failure of the Northern Expedition and withdrawing from Shu.

after all, the military law was ruthless, and Kong Ming was ruthless, and with a cry of tears, he chopped off his favorite student, Ma Kui, as well as his headstrong heart.

A person's true intelligence lies in knowing his own shallowness.

just as Hebo met Wang Yang and sighed, he also extinguished the pride of fulfillment and contentment of his wishes. Only when he has seen the size of the world and is full of wonders can he understand his humility.

A leaf in life is a drop in the bucket, and it is true wisdom not to take yourself seriously.

Don't underestimate anyone

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "there are no tracks for good deeds and no blemishes for good words."

those who are good at walking will not leave footprints; those who are good at talking will not have flaws in their words.

Don't look down on others just because you can't see or hear.

because it is unfathomable, it often looks ordinary and comfortable with each other, but the realm is actually much higher than yours.

Zuo Zongtang, an important minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was a go master who liked to play with others but seldom lost.

once, he was ordered to go to Xinjiang to seek rebellion and passed by a thatched hut.

outside the hut hung a big flag, which read "the No.1 Chess King in the World". An old man in the hut was playing chess alone.

Zuo Zongtang immediately dismounted and walked into the hut to play against the old man.

the old man did not refuse. After a while, the old man had already lost three games in a row.

when Zuo Zongtang left, he said, "you can't even win me, how dare you call it the number one in the world?" and then took the big flag.

later, when Zuo Zongtang returned in triumph, he passed the hut and found that the old man had hung the flag of "King of Chess" again.

Zuo Zongtang thinks the old man is a swindler and is going to give him some color to see.

so he went to play chess with the old man again, but this time, he was beaten helpless by the old man and lost five or six games in a row.

Zuo Zongtang was puzzled: "before and after two games, why are you so good at chess?"

the old man said:

"you lead troops to fight, the most important thing is to cheer up, if I win you, it will demoralize you; now that I win, it is important to rein in my pride, so I don't need to give in to you any more."

the ancients used to say, "the vulgar eye is full of nebula",

the reason why people can see the corner of the ice is that only the corner of the iceberg is exposed to you, but you can't speculate on the iceberg just because you see it.

as a man, don't underestimate anyone, let alone jump to conclusions about anyone.

There is no argument that wedding dress without train are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. Pefect for formal affairs or an informal ceremonies.

because you never know whether the person you despise today will become the god you can't annoy tomorrow.

as the saying goes, "A saint knows himself and does not see himself; he who loves himself does not honor himself."

Saints are self-aware, but do not express themselves; they love themselves, but do not feel noble.

others say:

"I thought other people respected me because I was good. Slowly I understand that others respect me because they are excellent. "

in fact, the more mature and outstanding a person is, the lower his posture will be; the more ignorant and incompetent he is, the more important he or she will be.

so to be a man, don't think highly of yourself, let alone underestimate others.


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