It's really obvious whether he loves you or not.
It's really obvious whether he loves you or not.
The best appearance of a person must be loved.





sent a moments message in the evening: did you get the gift today?

dozens of comments a minute, but almost none of them. I took a silent breath, returned to the Wechat interface, and saw a picture from a reader, a bouquet of fresh and beautiful roses.

she said, "share the flowers that my family sent me today." I clicked into her moments and saw the update today:

"the best appearance of a person must be loved.

the right person cures you,


she told me that they had been married for eight years, and their children were already six years old, so they could be regarded as an old couple, but he would prepare gifts for himself during the holidays, and he would bring her some gadgets every time he came home from a business trip.

she has been together for many years, but she will continue to fall in love with the man who always dotes on her and her children.

after walking around the world for many years, it is not difficult to find that things in this world are actually different, and so is love.

some people love you, it's just words, some people love you, but they really put it into action.

for those who love you, it's just another reason to dote on you, but for those who are not so sincere in their feelings, this holiday is more like a demon mirror.

the unsolicited gift is not the same as the gift to come, and the careful preparation is not the same as the hasty response.

whether he loves you or not is really obvious during the festival.

the older people grow up, the more they will understand what good love looks like.

it is the details that achieve love, and it is also the details that defeat love.

Today, when I was flipping through the backstage message, I also saw a sad thing.

when two people have been together for more than two years, girls will give boys some small gifts every now and then, and they will start to choose long in advance on festivals, saving money to buy things he likes.

but there are only a handful of gifts for her, including the not-so-exquisite music boxes bought at roadside stalls and the 5.20 money transfer on Wechat.

Girls also hope that the other party can be enlightened, occasionally give her some gifts from heart, but when they euphemistically mention the interest of interaction in the relationship, the boys always change the subject in time, pretending that they don't understand.

Today, when the girl saw that many friends were sharing her happiness, she held her breath and asked the boy, "where is my present?"

the other party replied: "didn't I tell you? I won't come to you if I have something at home today. Didn't I send you a red packet on Wechat? "

it's 5.22 yuan again.

those who pretend to be asleep can't wake up, and those who don't love you so much are not destined to treat you wholeheartedly.

two people are together in order to be warm to each other. People who love you don't have to say that, they will understand this.

as for the person who does not want to understand, it is the best policy to leave him early and not to continue to consume himself.

"the growth of all things" says: I don't want the stars in the sky, just the happiness of the earth.

people who have you in their hearts always want you to be happier, so they will try their best to give them a little more surprise and ritual in ordinary days.

We must admit that not all encounters will have a happy ending, but I hope we will always firmly believe that the right person will come to us sooner or later.

if you encounter a rainbow, that person will be with you to fill in the trivial gaps with countless warm moments in the rest of your life.

if someone is with you today, I wish you happiness every day and hope you will stay together for a long time for the rest of your life.

if you are still alone today, don't forget to be happy, don't forget you and me.

, may you always have someone to love, accompany and look forward to.

May we get the truest heart and the warmest love in every festival.


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