It's you for the rest of my life. It doesn't matter later.
It's you for the rest of my life. It doesn't matter later.
May you first love yourself, and then be brave to love the right person.

wrapped in a blanket, I watched ex 3 again on a cool night.

the ending of Lin Jia and Meng Yun is destined to be goodbye, but I can't help but wonder if they would have ended differently if they had met later and if they had been more mature together.

close the screen and suddenly think of my friend Xiao.

Last time we had dinner together, we talked about our ex and mentioned a guy she fell in love with in college.

she said:

"sometimes I think of him and the relationship that scribbled to an end, but I don't regret our separation. Because we were really inappropriate at that time. "

when we were young, we were all reckless and hostile.

it's the same when you like someone. The more you care, the easier it is to hurt.

when you finally understand how to love someone, the people around you are no longer the first person in front of you.

like a small novel, at that time, parting ways was the best way for each other.

Love is strong and extreme, but it is not as long as the right love. It is precisely because of this that we begin to understand that "if the two feelings are long, they will not be in the day and night."

if you can, the right person, let's meet later.

you are just mature, I happen to be gentle, as soon as my heart starts, I can love each other for a lifetime.

I don't know if you have noticed that more and more people are no longer so attached to their feelings and haven't met anyone they can talk to yet, so wait a minute.

I would rather be single proudly than marry early.

I think this is really good.

We have a lot of things to do in our life. Cultivate ourselves well in the early stage so that we won't miss the things that appeal to you in the later stage.

No longer covered with thorns, understand tolerance and concession, no longer worry about gains and losses, and be able to love someone independently and intimately.

only in this way can you love longer.

the love of three days and five days of love to say goodbye without a word is too fast and too cheap;

those who can accompany you for the rest of your life may not show up so early, but they will never leave you ten times faster after meeting each other too late.

so, in fact, there is no need to rush to love, there is no age to get married, only a really suitable relationship.

turn on the lights if you are afraid of the dark, hold umbrellas when it rains, and let nature take its course.

if you walk on your own track, you will eventually meet your own fellow travelers.

like a rainbow, you don't know until you meet it.

Qian Zhongshu said to Yang Jiang;

"I didn't think about getting married before I met you. After I met you, I didn't think about getting married with anyone else."

Selecting from 3 4 sleeve evening dresses to perfectly illustrate the essence of fashion. Worry free the minute you buy.

Liang Sicheng said to Lin Huiyin;

"the answer is long, and I'm going to answer it in a lifetime."

wrong people pass by, like two stones full of edges and corners polishing each other;

and the right person appears because they become calm and gentle with each other, because each other, a semi-finished product called love, has become a finished product that only belongs to each other.

there will always be someone who will come for you and only for you.

on that day you will understand that all the misses are worth it, and it doesn't matter if you join hands with the right person for the rest of your life.

, may you first love yourself, and then bravely love the right person.

May you have lights in the dark, umbrellas in the rain, may you meet the right lover at the right time, and may you be loved and happy all your life.