Just look at these three points to know how far marriage can go!
Just look at these three points to know how far marriage can go!
A long marriage is inseparable from lasting love and tolerance.



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the deepest fetter in the world is but a word of love. Many people spend their whole lives searching and waiting for a loved one.

but the wonder of karma is that

two people who do not know each other and do not intersect become the closest people in the world because they walk through the same door together.

A good marriage may be married by love at first, but if it is to last, it depends on understanding and tolerance of each other.

it is not difficult to find that many couples who seem to be mismatched in life will have a happier marriage after a long period of love.

in today's

column, what my uncle wants to share with you is

Lin Yutang and Liao Cuifeng


I hope that through the course of their marriage, we can all learn some tolerance and understanding in the ordinary life, and then try to live a full life.

A long marriage doesn't have to start with love

not all long-term marriages in the world are gradual and United by love.

Marriage before falling in love may not be impossible for flounder and piano for a hundred years.

just like the relationship between Lin Yutang and Liao Cuifeng, when they first met, they were not romantic at all.

it is a pity that the two people's family circumstances are very different, and this love soon dies.

when he first met Liao Cuifeng, Lin Yutang was full of the pain of being lovelorn.

this is Liao Cuifeng. On the one hand, she was very fond of Lin Yutang.

maybe the Chen family wanted to cut off Lin Yutang's thoughts on Chen Jinduan as soon as possible, so they introduced Liao Cuifeng to Lin Yutang.

the Liao family also thinks that Lin Yutang is poor, but this time, Liao Cuifeng said very firmly, "what are you afraid of? I want him!"

when this sentence reached Lin Yutang's ears, it could not be said that it was without shock.

in the face of such a pure and frank Liao Cuifeng, Lin Yutang could not help opening her heart and began to really notice the girl.

it can be said that their stories do not fall in love at first sight, and they are not combined because of the depth and meaning of love, but who can judge

can't they live long and happy?

on the night of their marriage, Lin Yutang obtained Liao Cuifeng's consent and burned the marriage license.

he said, "because marriage papers can only be used by divorce, we certainly don't need them."

this is the promise he made to Liao Cuifeng with practical actions:

No matter who he loved before, from the moment he met Liao Cuifeng, there was only her for the rest of his life.

long marriages all know how to give to each other

Marriage is the beginning of their relationship, but life after marriage is the real test of their love journey.

the years when Lin Yutang studied abroad was a critical period for Lin Yutang's academic growth, and it was also the most difficult time for the couple.

when Lin Yutang didn't know anything about firewood, rice, oil and salt, Cuifeng transformed from a rich lady into a budget-conscious daughter-in-law.

when their living expenses were not enough, Liao Cuifeng secretly pawned her dowry.

even if life is difficult, she never complains more than half of it, but pays for the relationship wholeheartedly.

decades later, when Lin Yutang mentioned this story, he still couldn't stop admiring and praising:

"my wife has a heroic spirit to tide over this difficult time."

I like what Yi Shu said very much:

"what dizziness is upside down, vows of love, without encouragement, will disappear, who will love for free for a lifetime."

No one will love a person for a lifetime for no reason.

Marriage is a career that husband and wife have to devote their lives to, and only when it comes to reality

in the tea, rice, oil and salt, the feelings that know how to pay for each other can continue to heat up.

what we can see is that in this marriage, Lin Yutang is also willing to pay for his wife.

after he has an allowance income, he always encourages Liao Cuifeng to buy more clothes and jewelry for himself.

if a marriage wants to last for a long time, it is necessary for two people to give and understand together.

the so-called right person, the so-called long-term marriage, has never been met by chance in the vast sea of people.

but in each other's increasingly mundane life, they have been operating attentively to make the days of companionship happier and happier.

long marriages all know how to tolerate each other

the Bible says:

Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous, boastful or arrogant; it believes in all things, hopes all things, endures all things and tolerates all things.

forestYutang is extroverted, Liao Cuifeng is introverted, Liao Cuifeng is serious and gentle, while Lin Yutang is optimistic, free and easy, and hates formality and restraint most.

according to common sense, when two people with very different habits live together, there should be a lot of contradictions and frictions.

but in fact, Lin Yutang and Liao Cuifeng have loved each other all their lives.

once, Liao Cuifeng was cooking in the kitchen while Lin Yutang stood by and watched.

he was talking on paper and guiding: Phoenix! Be sure to take a shovel in your left hand, for the food will taste good.

Liao Cuifeng was having a temper with Lin Yutang right now, so she sent him out impatiently and was not allowed to stand beside her and talk.

the three daughters are watching at the kitchen door. if other people encounter this situation, they may feel that they have lost face and must make a few excuses before giving up.

but Lin Yutang came out of the kitchen with a smile and said to her daughters, "We should all listen to our mother."

how long a life is, it is inevitable that the pace of the two will be inconsistent in the past few decades.

when getting along, it is a great wisdom in marriage to be able to automatically ignore each other's innocuous shortcomings and tolerate each other's faults.

whenever two people quarrel, Lin Yutang will always admit his mistake first. he has two marriage tenets:

it is better to say less than to say more, and it is even better to have one person who does not say it.

with two beloved hearts, he contains her stubborn temper, she contains his free nature, the two have lived together for decades, never want to change each other.

that's probably what a good marriage is.

even if two people are so different and cannot be perfectly matched and like-minded, they can accompany each other, tolerate each other, understand each other, and perfectly interpret this complementarity when the years are good.

Love is not the premise of marriage, but the product of marriage

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Lin Yutang later wrote in my Marriage:

my wife and I have an old-fashioned marriage and are carefully chosen by my parents. The characteristic of this kind of marriage is that love starts from marriage and develops on the basis of marriage. The older we get, the more we know to cherish what is worth cherishing.

this seemingly mismatched couple shows us another kind of romance of marriage:

We don't have to grow old with the one we love, but we can also fall in love with the right one on the way to getting old.

on the 50th wedding anniversary, Lin Yutang bought his wife a brooch engraved with James Whitcan's "Old Lover":

care about each other with one heart, and a ray of affection depends on it.

as the years go by, the silver temples are thin.

if there is a different road in the gloom, the fairy house should be desolate.

if you want to open your mouth to smile, unless you meet.

throughout his life, he has been grateful and respectful to her, and he is also very proud of their marriage:

"I turned an old-fashioned marriage into a beautiful love."

it is often said that it is easier to fall in love than to defend each other. However, Liao Cuifeng and Lin Yutang can have a happy marriage in the tolerance and understanding of each other. Who can say that this is not a deep feeling that stretches to the bone?

an uncle

time people

this is the end of today's character interpretation. Thank you for listening.

I hope this story will give you a glimmer of insight:

Love and marriage have never been an ebb and flow relationship. Good love should be nourished in marriage, and long-term marriage is inseparable from lasting love and tolerance.

do you have any other feelings and opinions about marriage? Or if you have any stories you want to see, you are welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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