Just the right life (profound)
Just the right life (profound)
Life is not long, spring and autumn is limited, just right to live, the happiest!







as the saying goes, prosperity is bound to fall, but not to the extreme.

when things go to one extreme, they move in the opposite direction.

Life is not long, spring and autumn is limited, just right to live, the happiest!

the Book of Rites says: "the gentleman is the golden mean, the villain is against the golden mean."

the state of the mean is that one more point will overflow and one less point will be missing.

Life expectations should not be too high or too low, too low without motivation, too high to reach, tiptoe to get the best.

you can't do without bosom friends, and you don't have to be in groups. You can watch the flowers and the moon together in your spare time, and treat each other with all your heart and heart in times of crisis.

two or three children, surrounded by the knee, do not need to be extremely smart, stand out from the crowd, can be disaster-free, as long as life is safe.

knowledge cannot be absent, and it does not need to be too high, and it is easy to be envied, ignorant and ignorant.

Don't be too deep in love, don't be too satisfied with your lover, and if you don't live a long life, you will turn back if you are strong.

you should have one or two hobbies, such as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry, calligraphy, wine and tea. You don't have to do well, and you don't have to compare with others. You can amuse yourself in your spare time, and forget to worry when you are sleepy.

not every period of life has to rise from the wind, and the meaning of success lies in the pleasure of retiring after success.

firewood, rice, oil and salt, parents are short, plain and light is the taste of life.

the Book of morality says: "contentment is not humiliating, knowledge is not perilous, and it can last a long time."

those who are contented will not humiliate themselves, and those who know what to stop will not be in danger.

A thousand rooms in Guangsha, seven feet of sleep, ten thousand hectares of fertile land, three meals a day.

the great wealth is not as good as the small wealth, and the ups and downs are not as good as the quiet years.

the right life is not to compete with others, not to compete with others, not to be happy when you win, and to be bored if you lose.

contented people only take what they need, give up their superfluous, do not add a point of burden, do not leave any regret.

the Sutra of the Legend of Buddha:

"if you want to get rid of your troubles, you should be content. The law of contentment is the place where Fuller is secure. "

people who are discontented often live in pain, and their desires are hard to fill.

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desire is the most powerful scourge. Happiness can only be achieved if you are content with your desires.

people who know how to be contented are rich in heart, and they don't find it hard to live in a shack, even if they don't have enough to eat.

how much food and clothing can be spent in a lifetime, it is most important to be happy now.

there will always be people who are inferior to you, and there will always be people who live better than you.

if you live a full life, you won't regret it for the rest of your life.

the most extreme state of life is just right.

to live just right is to be leisurely in the golden mean and enjoy yourself in contentment.

ordinary people live their ordinary lives without distractions and live a serious life.

it is best to live up to yourself and not to be greedy for more.


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