"late Marriage" is popular: I never want to be single, but I have a hunch that I will marry later.
"late Marriage" is popular: I never want to be single, but I have a hunch that I will marry later.
A long-term marriage will blossom only if you wait quietly.

an uncle

people always ask, why do young people get married late?

there are thousands of possibilities among thousands of people.

will still be moved by this passage in NetEase Yun's hot comments:

"I'm ready to die alone, but I'm also ready to get married someday."

I think this is the best answer.

Marriage is a choice, right choice, smooth all the way, wrong choice, step by step.

Love, is the hormonal impulse, marriage, is precipitated to get along.

if you want a long-term relationship, you must strictly check the choice at the beginning, later, slower, and picky.

maintain the attitude of "prefer celibacy to make do with", choose the right person at the right time, and spend the rest of your life together.


column, Uncle would like to share a song

Li Zongsheng's "late Marriage"


when you are confused about marriage and life, listen to this song in the hope that it will help you get rid of your anxiety and live the way you should be.


there is no age to get married, only love that wants to get married

there are always people who say, "if you don't understand Li Zongsheng when you are young, you are already in the song."

when I was young, in the face of those lyrics I didn't understand, it was hard to imagine what life would be like in the future.

when a person reaches middle age, he will know that there are all kinds of life in his songs, telling every story that happens around you.

the song came to an end, and this uncle stubble, sitting on the stage, easily interpreted "late Marriage", but sang and cried countless people on the court.

Love is more distressing than love

Women are so smart and stupid when they love

there are thousands of possibilities for loving a person

the taste is not necessarily better than a long night alone pillow

I won't run away. I'll be serious

that love knocks on the door and echoes really deeply

I never want to be single, but I have a premonition of getting married later

I'm waiting for the only soul in the world to fit


at a certain age, there are more and more voices around you. It's time to find someone, get married, and have a baby.

once this so-called "to-do" thing is not done at a given time, it will be labeled with all kinds of labels.

as a result, you begin to be anxious, flustered, and eager to embark on the path arranged by others.

Don't forget that life is your own life, and you have to choose your own life.

in the first episode of "China's New blind date", a female guest impressed me deeply.

she is elegant in appearance, independent and intellectual, and her career is in its heyday, so she is an out-and-out strong woman.

but now 34 years old, more than 50 blind dates have failed to get out of the single.

not only that, at the end of the program, after careful consideration, she still did not choose any male guests.

when she left, she sent a message to all the girls present:

We are not left, we just do not want to hurt each other, do not want to injure ourselves. The reason for working so hard is to be worthy of him in the future.

know that there is never an age to get married, only love that wants to get married.

like the sentence in Li Zongsheng's "late Marriage", "I never want to be single, but I have a premonition of getting married later."

when you come to this world, everyone is unique.

I don't want to be single all the time, but I know that love is not so easy, but I'm just ready to make do with it.

I envy that at the right age, I get married early and enjoy the happy life of two people.

also enjoy, at the age of 30, still single, waiting for the love process that wants to get married.

Don't set limits on life before you can enjoy the next journey.


low-quality marriage is not as good as high-quality celibacy

Marriage is not a relationship between two people, but daily trivialities with responsibilities.

if you are not ready, if you do not have the ability to be responsible for each other, do not marry at will.

because life is long, meeting the wrong person is more terrible than being alone.

some time ago, Taotao got divorced.

recall the marriage life in recent years, peach can not help feeling:

"the last thing I regret in my life is to get married early before both parties fully understand each other."

Taotao and her husband were introduced by relatives.

soon after they met, the family arranged for a wedding, and at that time the two sides always quarreled over disagreements.

during the preparation for the marriage, the two families were not very happy about the bride price and decorating the house.

Peaches feel that they are not young, and there is nothing wrong with getting along with each other, so they will get married.

my husband drinks too much all day long, treats his work, does not strive for progress, and is confused all day long. The low level of income can not even cope with the daily expenses of the family.

not only that, my husband is more obsessed with games. When he is not at work, he plays games at home all day. He doesn't do housework and doesn't care about household chores.

for this reason, the contradiction between the two people gradually intensified, quarrelling all day long, and the already unstable relationship collapsed instantly.

Taotao originally thought that marriage could bring him a stable life and warm companionship, but he never thought that marriage would bring him nothing but swords and resentment.

Wen Jiajia, played by Tang Wei in Beijing meets Seattle, has lived a life of envy after she married her husband.

ideal big house, endless money, limited edition Herm è s.

then, she began to pursue her own life, became a dietitian, enjoyed the leisure and happiness of celibacy, no longer worried about gains and losses, and lived a down-to-earth life by her own efforts.

I used to think that the life of two people is better than the loneliness of one person, but later I realized that a low-quality marriage is not as good as a high-quality celibacy.

Marriage pursues the happiness of two people when they get along, not the happiness that others feel, let alone making do with someone casually.

some people say: if two people together, do not make you better, but worry about gains and losses, then why be together?

Marriage has the temperature of marriage, and celibacy has the beauty of celibacy.

when you are single, you can also make a pot of white tea, listen to a piece of music, taste the songs of the years, and enjoy the stability of this world on the evening of selling twilight.

as sung in "late Marriage":

"there are a lot of people like me around us, and we live a stable life. We have brilliant talents and free souls."

if you can't love each other, you might as well die alone!


I'm waiting, the only thing in the world that fits the soul

I have heard that when God created human beings, he pinched them in pairs, and then sprinkled them on earth.

when they fall into the world, some people get close to each other and become childhood sweethearts and get married as soon as possible.

when some people are far away, they will walk thousands of miles apart and walk on mountains and rivers to find your companion.

you have to believe that you are never alone.

there is always someone who will come to you, sooner or later.

Jose once asked Sanmao, "what kind of person do you want to marry?"

Sanmao said, "if you like it, you will marry a multimillionaire; if you don't like it, you will marry a billionaire."

Jose said, "you still want to marry a rich man."

Sanmao looked at Jose and said, "there are exceptions."

Jose asked, "what if you marry me?"

Sanmao sighed and said, "if you are, you only need enough money to eat."

Jose asked, "do you eat too much?"

Sanmao replied carefully: "No more, you can eat less in the future."

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so Sanmao waited for Jose, who fell in love with Sanmao.

then they went through the best moment of their life hand in hand.

A good relationship should be like this, like-minded, the same values, I appreciate your unique, you know what I mean.

waiting is a love in itself, because it is worth it.

the breakfast shop you like is not open every day;

the bus going home didn't happen to park there as soon as you arrived;

the person who suits you is not open his eyes, right in front of you.

everything changes all the time, but don't worry.

the breakfast shop in front of your home will always be open one morning, and the bus you take will always come at the next time, and the person who belongs to you will come to you one day on colorful auspicious clouds.

what suits you will come just when you need it, and the person who suits you will be excited by your heart on a sunny day.

everything is just the right life.

like the attitude in late Marriage: "I'm waiting, the only thing in the world that fits the soul."

A long-term marriage will blossom only if you wait quietly.

finally, may all marriages be like what the father played by Jin Shijie said to his daughter in the movie "the leftover is King":

"she should not marry her parents or listen to gossip outside. After listening to too much, she wants to get married."

she should think of getting married with the one she likes, holding her head high, holding her head high, looking forward to, as if she had won. "

an uncle

this is the end of today's music sharing. Thank you for listening.

is another pleasant weekend. I think you must have enjoyed a leisurely time. At this time, you might as well listen to this song, feel every melody, read every lyrics, and wait for the only soul that fits.

, you are welcome to share your favorite songs or move your lyrics with your uncle in the message area.

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