Learn to play dumb, and you win.
Learn to play dumb, and you win.
Cleverness is a talent, but playing dumb is a philosophy.






there used to be a funny question like this:

A man accidentally broke into a women's bathroom. What's the best answer?

some people say I'm sorry, I went the wrong way; some people say I didn't see anything.

and the best answer is to quit and say, "I'm sorry, sir."

the man pulled out of the argument by pretending to be stupid, and he was really wise.

A person who pretends to be a fool does not show his edge

Song Yunhui in "Dajiang Dahe 2" was transferred to work in the East China Sea from his original unit. In order to promote the new project, he only fought for right or wrong and ignored the rest. As a result, he was collectively excluded by his boss and colleagues because he was too sharp.

after receiving advice from a mentor:

to share the dust with the light, do not show yourself everywhere, focus on yourself is very disadvantageous to yourself, use some means to maintain your ideals, report to the company, and save face to others, you have nothing to lose.

in fact, this is the trick that his teacher taught him to be "stupid". If you pretend to be "stupid" and hide your edge a little, you will take a lot of detours.

Sheng Minglan in "know it or not" is a smart man who knows how to play dumb.

in the Shengjia family, she always pretends to be confused in the face of complicated family relationships.

especially in front of the two sisters, Minglan deliberately behaved worse than them, pretending to be clumsy, giving people the illusion, avoiding a lot of right and wrong and trouble, and was able to settle down.

at the critical moment, she also responded by "pretending to be stupid".

when she was a housekeeper, the eldest wife and Lin Xiaoniang both sent their own "spies" to spy on her. she was like a mirror, but she took the act of "pretending to be stupid" and allowed the two servants to bully her. Finally, the aunt couldn't watch it and took care of everything.

as the ancients said, "if the wood is beautiful in the forest, the wind will destroy it; if the pile comes from the shore, the current will be turbulent."

people are so top-notch that they are either hated or defensive, so really smart people know how to hide their edge so that it can be done.

A person who pretends to be a fool knows how to see through but not to tell

Zhang Qixian, a native of the Song Dynasty, held a family banquet. One of his subordinates saw that the tableware at the banquet was exquisite and there was no one around. He quickly took a few and stuffed them into his arms.

Zhang Qixian saw it and felt that there was something wrong with his character, but he didn't break it. He kept it in his heart for many years.

later, Zhang Qixian became prime minister and promoted all his other men, but did not promote the silverware thief.

some people have some things, just see clearly, there is no need to point out. Because the point is broken, it will only embarrass it and can't change anything.

sentient beings in the sea and sea, with complex relationships, it is wiser to use "pretending to be stupid" to gain insight into personnel than shrewd and exposed ones.

even in the closest relationship between husband and wife, it is best to pretend to be confused in order to reap harmony and happiness.

A wife loves beauty very much and often buys new clothes for herself. For fear of her husband complaining, she always puts the new clothes in the wardrobe for a few days and then puts them on.

when the husband asks, "did you buy new clothes again?"

she would reply, "No, I bought it before."

the husband smiled and didn't pursue it, but he knew it in his heart, but he just didn't point it out.

as for the husband, in order to facilitate the use of money, he saved some private money and put it in the information book that his wife usually did not turn over, but he was inadvertently found by his wife when she was cleaning.

the wife thought it was funny, but she didn't ask her husband, and put the money back in the same place as if she didn't see it.

this couple is a pair of "confused" smart people.

just like the line in the movie "the Beauty of Yu's blooming Hillside":

No one is a fool, but sometimes we choose to play dumb to feel what is called happiness.

"you can't say what you say about the world, but don't say it." sometimes people and people have the same IQ, but really smart people know how to play dumb about some things.

Zheng Banqiao once wrote:

"it is difficult to be smart, especially to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused."

the most important thing is that people are seldom confused.

A person who pretends to be a fool gives people a step down

when he was a mentor at The Voice of China, Li Jian made a deep impression.

in the blind election stage, a girl who ran for the election obviously felt uncomfortable when asked what she did and whispered, "I am an active singer."

everyone is very confused, do not understand what is an event singer, another mentor Harlin explained: "is the opening of the building, ribbon cutting and other commercial activities, to do entertaining singers."... "

before Harlin finished, Li Jian said faintly, "Oh, that's about the same as us."

after hearing this, the girl disappeared with an uncomfortable look on her face and immediately smiled and said, "how can I be like you?"

an awkward scene was calmly resolved by Li Jian.

this is just the right way to play dumb, which is the performance of a person with high EQ.

some people say: "cleverness is a talent, but playing dumb is a philosophy."

people who are really wise will benefit a lot from being confused when they should be confused.

people who are really wise know how to live inWhen others are in trouble, find a way out for them.

it is not only convenient for others, but also convenient for yourself.

do not expose people's injuries, do not laugh at people's shortness, pretend to be a little silly at the right time, and help people out of danger and difficulties in a "traceless" way, which is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also the pattern of life.

there is a saying in Daojing: "know what you know, go up; if you don't know, you are sick."

means that pretending to know without knowing is a fool's disease, while knowing and pretending to be stupid is the wisdom of the superior.

as Shakespeare said, "it is better to be a smart fool than to be a stupid wise man."

in many cases, learning to pretend to be a little stupid is actually a sign of wisdom.

the highest state of life is: if you are foolish, if you are wise.

learn to play dumb, and you win.


by: Ai

this book is published under authorization.

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