Let (depth good text)
Let (depth good text)
Concession is high, leniency is a blessing.


there is a fable about the struggle between snipes and mussels in the Policy of the warring States.

there is a clam, leisurely basking in the sun on the beach. Suddenly, a snipe bird flew over.

it saw the fat and delicious clam and pounced on it, trying to take the clam away.

seeing the danger coming, the clam quickly closed its carapace and clamped the snipe's mouth tightly.

the snipe grabbed the clam desperately, and the clam also clamped the snipe beak hard. In this way, no one would give way.

at this time, a fisherman happened to pass by. when he saw the snipe and clam biting together, he stuffed them into his fish basket and took them home.

there is a good saying: "Let one step be high".

if both the clam and the snipe knew how to give way, they would not have lost their lives in the end.

but when you think about it carefully, aren't clams and snipes the true portraiture of many people?

in life, too many people get caught up in arguments with others because they refuse to give way. In the end, they often lose both sides.

do not realize that knowing how to make concessions is a kind of open-mindedness in doing things and wisdom in being a man.

Let, it is a kind of open-minded

the writer Ma de once said:

"No matter how complicated the human heart is, there are more profound thoughts. Don't get entangled in what other people say and do, let alone torture yourself with others."

in this life, people who have nothing to do with themselves should never worry about everything, let alone spend too much time arguing with others.

sometimes, if you take a step back, you can see the vast sky.

Chen Danqing went out with a friend when he was young. Early in the morning, because he was in a hurry to run errands, he and his friend casually found a stall for breakfast.

Business was so brisk in the morning that the two of them waited for a long time before a table was available in the corner of the door.

the man was so busy that he didn't bother to clear the table for both of them, so they couldn't wait, so they started to do it themselves.

soon after tidying up, an old man in rags came and reasoned to them: "before my meal is finished, you should clean up my meal. What should I do?"

Chen Danqing said, "Why don't I buy you one and make amends for you?"

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"No, my day's good mood has been spoiled by you. Give me some money as compensation." The man raised his voice.

looking at the man's unreasonable appearance, his friend thought it was ridiculous.

my friend is angry and doesn't understand why Chen Danqing did so.

Chen Danqing only said: "reasoning with an overbearing person is followed by endless quarrels." If I step aside, I can minimize things, so why not? Besides, we are in a hurry. "

many people think that concession is a sign of weakness. If you are not the party who is in the wrong, you must fight on the basis of reason.

this is not the case.

in the vast crowd, we will inevitably encounter some bumps and bumps, and there will inevitably be accidents that make people frown. If you care too much and don't give an inch, you can only get yourself into endless internal friction.

as the saying goes, take a step back and put up with calm for a while.

in many cases, making concessions at the right time can better reflect a person's open-minded mind.

people who know how to make concessions in everything are often able to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. while leaving some leeway for others, they also bring themselves a relaxed, comfortable and happy life.

Jean, it is a kind of wisdom

some people say that true love is not that two people can walk all over the mountains, lakes and seas hand in hand, but whether they can stand the trivialities after marriage.

I remembered that I had read a very popular story on the Internet.

A husband plays chess with his wife. After five moves, he is on track to win the game.

when the wife saw that the situation was not good, she was not happy, and then insisted that the horse could use the word "field" because her horse was Chollima.

hearing this, he smiled and endured.

he had to let the elephant cross the river. It was Dumbo, and he held back.

the most outrageous thing is that the gun can be fired without chess or more than two, because it is an anti-aircraft gun. He nodded, but resisted the impulse to argue with his wife.

what's unbearable is that the car can turn, and does the wife plausibly say that there is a car that can't turn? After thinking about it, he held back, so he gave way to his wife again and continued to struggle to lock in the win.

but in the end, the wife ate his general with her taxi. It was said that this was a spy who had been lurking for many years and was specially sent to work undercover.

because after winning the chess game, he saw his wife talking and laughing all day, happily busy with all kinds of things.

MiyazakiHayao said: "Love is not looking for a perfect person, but learning to appreciate the imperfect person with perfect eyes."

the so-called happy family is not the same values or the same channels, but just knows how to make concessions.

when two people live together, there is really not so much right and wrong worth debating, just some small things in life.

A wise man, in the face of his loved ones, will understand:

Love that knows how to give in can go happily for a long time.

Jean is a person's top EQ

Hanshan picks up the question record records a very classic conversation.

Hanshan asked Gidi, "what if some people in the world slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, despise me, hate me and deceive me?"

pick up and say: "just put up with him, let him, let him, avoid him, bear him, respect him, ignore him, stay a few more years, you can look at him."

when I read this passage when I was young, I thought it was too weak, but the older I was, the more I could feel the great wisdom in it.

knowing how to make concessions is a person's top EQ.

when Hillary Clinton's autobiography was about to be published, a well-known host once said mercilessly:

"I bet no one will want to read this book. If it sells 1 million copies, I'll eat my shoes."

as expected, the host received a pair of shoes.

but these shoes taste very special, sweet and soft, and have an unusual texture.

because this is a shoe-shaped cake specially made by Hillary for him.

in the face of cynicism, Hillary Clinton was not unreasonable and forgiving, but resolved the contradiction in a humorous and tolerant way.

such a high EQ response. Not only let the other party keep its promise, but also give the other side a step down, let countless people feel that Hillary Clinton treats others in this atmosphere.

there is a saying:

"Let people have nothing to lose, and let people have nothing to lose."

too much emphasis on gains and losses, honor and disgrace, do not give an inch, but will magnify the conflict and bring things to a bad end.

in life, in the face of those innocuous offenses, do not take it too seriously, sometimes laugh it off and make everyone happy in one step.

the longer you deal with others, the more you can understand and know how to make concessions, which is a person's top EQ.

"when you plant green seedlings all over the field, bow your head and see the sky in the water. A pure mind is the way, and retrogression turns out to be forward. "

when farmers plant rice seedlings, they fall back at the same time. When there is no way to go back, it is time to plant rice seedlings.

as the saying goes, "concession is high, leniency is a blessing."

it's the same with people. Concession is not mediocre, it is the indisputable wisdom, is a kind of life attitude, a kind of life realm.

I wish you and I can hide the mountain and sea in our hearts, stay a little generous, a little sober, and roam wantonly in the long life.

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