Let happiness become a habit! (good text in depth)
Let happiness become a habit! (good text in depth)
When a person is used to smiling, the world will fall in love with him.


what is the best appearance of life?

a desperate love that burns one's bridges? Or is it the calmness of the clouds, the calmness of the wind, and the indifference of being happy?

in fact, the definition of life is simple: learn to smile.

as the saying goes, it takes less than ten years to smile; when you are sad, your head is white.

there are three thousand things in the world, with an indifferent smile.

smiling is the most indispensable mentality in life.

he who knows how to smile knows how to live.

smile at your lover

my friend Xinxin is a sensitive and fragile girl. She has been in love twice before, but ended up in vain.

someone asked, "Why him?"

Xinxin smiled and said, "We will have an argument, but the next second, he can make me laugh."

No wonder she laughs more and more after falling in love, and the whole person becomes more optimistic and cheerful.

people who love you will always tolerate your childish emotions, tease and play in turn, and instantly make you forgive all the difficulties in life.

some time ago, at a forum, Zhong Nanshan, who was usually unsmiling, suddenly sprinkled a handful of dog food to everyone when he mentioned his lover:

"I haven't been to Africa, but my wife has. Fifty years ago, she went to Africa as a member of the Chinese women's basketball team and visited many places. "

he said and drew with gestures, his face brimming with a happy smile.

Zhong Lao unwittingly reveals his true feelings, but let us see the sweetest appearance of love.

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good love is when you think of you, the corners of your mouth begin to rise unconsciously.

the love of the older generation is love with a nod, one hand with one heart, and one engagement with one heart.

but now it seems that not all feelings can start and end well. Men like to complain that women are not as gentle and virtuous as they used to be, and women like to accuse men of being more and more indifferent to themselves.

how can people who really live at home spend as much time as TV dramas?

Men and women are originally from different planets, if both sides can not properly express their feelings, it is easy to fall into the quagmire of not being understood.

Love, thinking about it, is full of smiles that cannot be hidden.

it was eighty years old and still had the love of eighteen years old.

only when two people sympathize with each other and greet each other with a smile, can they see the true meaning of a happy marriage in the years of long flow.

smile at illness

in Wuhan Fangdang Hospital, patients carried out sports and sports activities such as singing and dancing under the guidance of medical staff, and laughter spread throughout the hospital.

I never thought square dances were so beautiful until they sounded in the square cabin hospital in Wuhan.

seeing smiles coming back to his face, Fang felt that apart from life and death, everything else in the world was trivial.

across the screen, netizens have left messages:

when they jumped and laughed, we seemed to be one step closer to victory.

people in this life, can not be completely satisfactory, illness or suffering, always unexpected.

pessimists are always decadent and depressed, or even depressed, while optimists can blossom even in a quagmire.

when you can't change the facts, change our attitude.

Su Dongpo once wrote a poem: "it is not evil to be idle because of illness, but it is even more effective to have peace of mind."

extends to today, that is to say, optimistic and cheerful is a wonderful medicine for health care and longevity.

on the contrary, the mental path becomes narrower and narrower, and all the backward roads will soon be blocked.

there is a family in which father and son depend on each other.

after the father died of illness, the two sons also went to the hospital for an examination. Due to the doctor's negligence, the two brothers' test sheets were confused.

the examination results show that the eldest is normal and the second is ill.

after going back, the second was restless all day long, and as a result, he was really ill, while the eldest was optimistic and at ease, and eventually recovered.

the most terrible thing about people is that they like to scare themselves.

Don't think that life will forgive you if you cry. If you are not strong, no one will be brave for you.

when you are in good health, you never think you will get sick, but when you get sick, you must keep an optimistic attitude.

because smiling is the cure for everything.

smile at life

recently, a video of "workers breaking into the street to shoot" on the streets of Chongqing has warmed countless netizens.

A model in a cheongsam was standing under the city wall. A group of migrant workers came head-on and realized that they had mistakenly entered the camera. They took cheerful small steps, waved sheepishly to the camera, and quickly walked out of the camera.

in the sun, the faces of models and workers are brimming with bright smiles, not dreamy, not gorgeous, but so simple and warm.

there are many beautiful pictures in the world, but the fireworks in the world are the most "provocative" people.

this group of migrant workers, life may be very difficult, but still carry that joy and curiosity about the world.

for contemporary adults, the road ahead is indeed very important, but if you only look up and move forward, it is easy to lose the insignificant happiness around you.

Life is like a hurdle. You think it has hit rock bottom, but it is far from it.Too bad; you think the day is over, but it can go on.

this is the way life is. We can't satisfy people everywhere, but we can't live in a mess just because we are dissatisfied.

psychologist Matthew. Hutton Stein said:

"A positive attitude can bring many benefits. Both the early and present psychological conditions of our lives can predict what will happen years from now. "

so, no matter what bad things happen, don't forget to smile. People must not let their mood get sick.

A person who often wears a bright smile on his face is always more likely to be happy than a person who is sad all day long.

the road of life comes out; the sweetness of life comes out of a smile.

only when you learn to accept the sudden loss and calmly face the unexpected outcome, can you cherish the unexpected surprise.

the greatest praise for life is not to cry when you can laugh.

smile at yourself

"A little girl who still loves life although she has a little flaw."

this is the evaluation of Chen Xiaoting, a post-90s one-eyed female teacher.

many people may feel surprised, even a little scary, when they see Chen Xiaoting at first glance.

when she was a child, her right eyeball was removed because of a tumor, and her right eye socket was empty, but she did not give up her life because of it.

as she said,

Life is a process of accepting, appreciating and liking yourself. Even if there are some small physical defects, but we accept that we can live a better life.

many times, we don't hesitate to give strangers a big hug, but we are stingy to give ourselves a sweet smile.

over time, bitter and astringent climb up the face, the whole person looks very haggard.

Research shows that it takes 14 muscles to smile and 72 to frown.

smile is not only a natural health product, but also a person's invisible wealth.

when a person is used to smiling, the world will fall in love with him.

there are still many beautiful things in life worth pursuing. No matter where you are, no matter how bad the weather is, please learn to smile at yourself.

because when we smile, we can not only forget the pain, but also meet a better future.

people who love to laugh, even if they don't get the gift of fate at the moment, happiness comes when you forget your sadness and face the sky.

remember, no one can stop you from smiling at yourself, including yourself.

Today is World smile Day. Please give a smile to the people around you and give yourself a smile.

May you be your own sun. You don't have to rely on anyone's light. Even if you are alone, you must have the strength to warm yourself.