"Let's get married."
"Let's get married."
There is always only love that should be married, and there is no age to be married.

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received such a message backstage:

I have been with my boyfriend for many years. Our relationship is very stable, and we think that each other is the one who wants to go to the end.

because I am not young, my family is in a hurry. But every time he discussed the topic of marriage, he was very resistant. It is always said that it is still early and not the right time. "

the beginning of every relationship is to get married.

but how long and how good is the relationship before you are willing to put on your wedding dress and get married with him?

many people are confused about this.

to what extent do you fall in love before you can get married?

collected some thoughts to share with you.

May all love take marriage as its final destination.

when the relationship is stable and approved by parents

@ clear

parents of both sides are satisfied and like each other.

@ Xiao Cheng

know each other very well, have a plan, parents approve, have a house.

@ En

both parents of the other party have witnessed it.

@ cute

when my eyes are full of you, no one else can enter my eyes.

when all our relatives and friends bless us.

@ it's not surprising to see more

two people are not tired to get along with each other, and both parents support it.

has a certain economic foundation.

@ Red Red

parents of both sides support and agree, tolerate and understand each other, and fall in love with each other.

@ Jasmine

both parties are suitable for life, have the same interests, and are willing to change.

@ cover

understand and accept each other's shortcomings.

@ Seven tones

both sides understand, parents agree, and both people can think of others.

@ I am your little sun

Dreaming to be the Cinderella on the high quality yet low price cute wedding dresses? We have something absolutely perfect for any occasion in your life.

when it comes to mutual love, feelings are in place, and parents are satisfied. It was just the right time and everything was ready.

@ Spring breeze

when I want to marry him and my parents agree.

@ Me

both know enough about each other's families, and both are fully prepared for the rest of their lives.

when two people live a better life than one.

@ km

two people are stable, have a certain economic foundation, and will not quarrel over chicken feathers in the same place after marriage.

when I am in the future plan, let me have sense of security

@ Ying

Let me have enough sense of security and be willing to marry him.

@ Rongen

can dispel my fear of marriage and make me free from stress.

@ foggy and lost

he is mature enough to be responsible for the future.

@ CC

both parties are able to withstand the practical pressure of marriage.

@ Xiao Jiang

have a house and a car, love me very much.

@ Zhu

when you are happier in marriage than in your partner.

@ Xiaomin

embrace each other's past and believe in each other's future.

@ where to find Guang Han

it's probably troublesome to fall in love and get married, but I still want to get into trouble with him.

@ secretly fascinated

will tolerate and understand each other, consider each other, and work together for an ideal life.

@ w

gave me sense of security so that I could have enough to eat and clothing.

@ Xiao Zhou

both of them put each other into their own future.

@ 99

both sides have the strength, ability, and willingness to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

@ Chyin

both people have each other in their plans, and the reasons for the problems are considered from each other's point of view.

as long as you love each other enough, you can do it at any time

@ Sun

talking about the fact that you two are getting closer and closer, you feel that you two must be together.

@ Shen

when two people can support a family together.

@ quietly

when he is willing to marry and I am willing to marry.

@ shrimp balls

when I look at the end of the day, I am willing to stick to my original heart.

@ A Xing

after fully understanding, looking at each other and thinking that it will be very happy and happy to spend the next few decades with this person.

@ fat snow

probably in a tired life, the thought of him is very reassuring.

just want to grow old with him hand in hand.

@ poco

when you meet the right person and get along for a certain period of time, you naturally want to get married.

@ not sweet

after understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, we can continue to tolerate each other.

@ Human missteps

you don't care about betrothal gifts, I don't care about dowry.

@ White

can lead a happy life, both of them are fighting for a family.

@ looking forward to love

@ strong

has a tacit understanding and is used to the feeling of each other together.

there is a topic on Zhihu: what is the meaning of marriage?

there is an answer that has a low approval rate, but it has won my heart:

"I feel deeply that I can't face all my life alone and can't give myself an explanation.

to do this, I need a unique partner for life. "

in my opinion:

the greatest significance of marriage is love and company.

and the person you love deeply, no matter how long you know each other, how long you fall in love.

when he can satisfy you at the same time, you will have the courage to hold his hand and toast the guests' wine.

everyone's perception of happiness is different.

you can get married as long as you think it's worth it.

but I hope everyone will remember: don't get married for the sake of getting married.

because there is always only love that should be married, and there is no age to marry.

May all those who love each other enter into marriage in the name of love.


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