Life, as long as it suits you
Life, as long as it suits you
Suitable for their own life, is beautiful and poetic.

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as the saying goes, "tangerine is orange in Huainan and trifoliate orange in Huaibei."


the same seeds produce fruits with different tastes because of the difference in environment.

only in the right environment can sweet fruit be produced.

people. Only by living a life that suits them can we get real happiness.

what suits others may not be suitable for you

once read such a story on the Internet:

there are two tigers, one living in a cage and the other living in a field.

the tiger in the cage has no worries about food and clothing, while the tiger outside is free and unrestrained.

they all yearn for each other's lives. The tiger in the cage always envies the freedom of the tiger outside, while the tiger outside envies the comfort of the tiger in the cage.

one day, the two sides hit it off and exchanged lives.

the tiger that comes out of the cage runs desperately in the wilderness; the tiger that walks into the cage no longer has to worry about food.

but when the freshness wore off, both tigers began to face practical problems.

the tiger in the cage went to nature and was free, but lacked the ability to hunt and soon starved to death.

the tiger in the forest walked into the cage and gained comfort, but he did not live in a small space. He was depressed all day long and soon died.

the situation of these two tigers is distressing. If you think about it, is it not our current situation?

in life, we are often in envy.

envy other people's work, love, family. Fantasize about how good it would be if you were like that, but forgot to think about whether other people's lives are really suitable for you.

as the saying goes, honey of A, arsenic of B. What suits others may not suit you.

so, we really don't need to envy others!

Wordsworth once said, "A life that suits you is beautiful and poetic."

as far as we are concerned, instead of watching others waste time, we should find a lifestyle that suits us and live our lives to the fullest and happier.

Learning to be yourself is the best life

Haruki Murakami wrote in "Dance and Dance": you want to be a quiet adult and live another life. Not all fish will live in the same sea.

it can be said that the best way to live a person is to be yourself.

once there was a king who went for a walk in the garden every day.

one day, when he went to enjoy the flowers in the garden as usual, he couldn't help being shocked. The scenery of a hundred flowers competing for beauty in the past has disappeared, and all the eyes are withered and declining.

but in this desolate place, the thinnest and softest Xin an grass is full of vitality.

the king could not help asking, "Little peace grass, why have all the other plants withered?"

Xin Ancao answers:

"Dear King, oaks die because they are no bigger than pines, pines die because they cannot bear fruit, grapes die because they cannot stand upright and bloom as beautiful flowers as oaks, morning glory is dying because they cannot match the fragrance of lilacs, and lilacs weep because they are not as big as morning glory."

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the king said, "if that's the case, why are you still so alive?"

Xinan Cao replied, "because I don't want to be compared with other plants, I just want to be a grass, so I keep full of vitality."

everyone is unique and there is no need to compare with others.

if you are shorter than others, there is nothing to be proud of when you win; if you outgrow others by your own shortness, you will become more and more inferior if you lose.

just as there are no two identical leaves in the world, there are also no two identical people.

everyone has their own unique characteristics, which others do not have. Instead of consuming themselves in comparison with others, it is better to cherish their own personality.

when we know how to be ourselves, we will have the most suitable life.

think of a speech I read before, less than four minutes, but shocking enough.

A minute before the beginning, I told you about the perfect life like a textbook:

18-year-old adult, 22-year-old college graduate, 25-year-old stable job, buy a house before 30, get married and have children, life trajectory will be shaped after 35 years old.

but is this really the best life for us?

of course not.

as another person in the video said:

getting a diploma after 25 is still something to be proud of; not getting married at 30, but being happy is also a success; starting a family after 35 is fine; and buying a house at 40 is nothing to be ashamed of.

everyone has their own choices, and they don't have to live according to the same template.

according to your own rhythm, find a direction that suits you, keep working hard, and you will be able to get everything you want.

May we obey our hearts, know how to choose, and understand that fit is the best truth for the rest of our lives.

encourage it.