Life is really hard, you have no choice but to make it by yourself.
Life is really hard, you have no choice but to make it by yourself.
The road of life is full of hardships and joys and sorrows.


there was a hot topic on Zhihu:

Why do you like posting moments less and less?

there is a high praise answer that is really heartfelt:

the joys and sorrows of human beings are not the same. Your joy may stimulate the grief of others, and your sadness may be submerged in the laughter of others.

I think so.

everyone is busy in their own world, who has time to talk to you.

walking in the world, whether it is good or bad, bitter or sweet, is the condiment of life.

all you can do is to rein in your emotions, hide your worries, grit your teeth and struggle while carrying a heavy load.

as we get older, we will eventually understand that life is lived by ourselves, and no one can bear it for us.

the road of life through wind and rain, hardships and joys on their own, and learning to be the ferryman of their own life is enough to illuminate the dark time.

there is no empathy in the world

have seen such a fable:

when a little monkey was looking for food, he was accidentally scratched by a branch and was in pain and bleeding.

but instead of dealing with its own wounds in the first place, it tries to seek comfort from others.

every time it meets someone, it painfully opens its own wound and confides to each other, "come and see my wound, it hurts too much."

in the face of the crying of the little monkey, everyone did not take it seriously: "with such a small wound, there is nothing to make a fuss about."

did not expect that the little monkey not only did not get sympathy and help from others, but because of this repeated toss, resulting in wound infection, and almost lost his life in the end.

people always encounter such moments in their lives, longing for someone to understand our "pain".

but the truth is often:

everyone is too busy to take care of themselves, no one has no obligation and no time to comfort your pain and grievance.

most people are just bystanders in your life, cheering on the highlights and leaving at any time.

likes a sentence very much:

"one of the signs of maturity is to understand that 99% of what happens to you is meaningless to others."

think about it.

there is no complete empathy in the world, there is only cold and warm self-knowledge.

pain, just say it once is enough, not to mention that your earth-shaking pain may not be worth mentioning in the eyes of others.

when you pour out your pain, others think you are hypocritical; if you share happiness, others think you are showing off.

instead of trying to pray for the salvation of others, it is better to heal yourself in silence.

there is no one who doesn't work hard, but doesn't want to shout pain

the way of life in wind and rain, there are sweetness and bitterness; in the long years, there are laughter and tears.

in this world, no one lives easily, no one lives easily.

it's just that some people have long been accustomed to biting the bitterness of life into their stomachs.

it's not that it's not hard, it's just that they understand that everyone has their own bitterness and tiredness, so why bother others?

in the program "Dear Please relax", there is a clip that makes my uncle feel deeply.

Zhang tearfully accused Yang Mi of not comforting people, saying, "I am posting a long circle of friends, counting my hard struggle over the past two months, but you only replied"? "."

he asked Yang Mi, "are you not very good at saying things like 'you've worked so hard'?"

Yang Mi was just plain, pointed out the window and said:

"do you think people who deliver food don't work hard?

isn't it hard to go out and help our staff just now?

isn't it hard for the program group to squat on the ground for half a day?

so, why do you want others to know about your hard work? Because everyone works hard. "

when you look around, you will find that despite the surging crowds around you, there is nowhere to complain, and you can only bear the sadness in silence.

just as Mr. Ji Xianlin said in "joys and sorrows":

"on the road of life, everyone is a lonely traveler. There are thousands of things in the world, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, but there is nothing others can do to help. "

when you see this fact clearly, your heart will be much brighter.

instead of always hoping for a savior, learn to save yourself and become strong.

after all, only you know the ups and downs of life.

when you are born as a human being, you will inevitably encounter a difficult time. Don't lose heart, don't complain, grit your teeth, stand still, and you will have a sunny day after the rain.

Do you want to buy the stylish lace wedding dresses and accentuate your slender and beauty? They are perfect for any occasion.

everything is bitter, but you can only do it by yourself

speaking of Hui Yinghong, everyone should be no stranger, and many people are impressed by her superb acting skills.

in fact, her life is much more wonderful than the movie.

young Hui Yinghong took her sister to the streets to beg for a living when she was three years old.

at the age of 13, under the duress of life, she became a dancer despite the opposition of her family, and her small body endured hardships beyond her age.

she practiced hard every day and finallyShe stood out from all the dancers and was spotted by the director Zhang Che, who shot "shooting Sculpture" and became famous.

since then, the 22-year-old won the first Academy Award for her film Elder.

it is a pity that fate is perverse and rapidly changing.

martial arts films are no longer what they were in those days, and literary films began to be popular. There is no doubt that she was deeply implicated, and her career began to decline.

the cruelty of reality caught her off guard, suffered from severe depression and even attempted to commit suicide by swallowing medicine. Fortunately, she was finally rescued.

as she narrowly escaped death, she regretted it. "Why can't you get over it just because you don't have a job?"

later, she actively treated her illness, applied for college performance, and restudied acting.

wander among various roles, conquering the audience with acting again and again.

28 years later, he returned to the top and stood on the brightest podium.

she told us with experience: life is a marathon, cross the past, and then look back, the suffering will be your gift.

the sea of life will inevitably encounter ups and downs and difficulties. When you are overwhelmed by reality, don't resent your life, let alone be beaten by fate for too long.

get up, pat the dust on your body, and start again.

although there are often sorrows in the years, we have worked hard and there is always a way to get through it.

as Lu Xiaoman once said:

"there is no one in the world without hurt. At any time, you have to believe that you are the only one who really heals yourself."

people live in the world, all by themselves.

maybe life won't be better, but at least it's not as bad as you think.

people who are willing to cross by themselves dare to face the difficult times, break the difficulties of life, be their own ordinary heroes, and live into a dazzling sun.

you will eventually dispel the fear of the dark years, step by step into the light, and reap a hot life.

Bonnie once sighed in "Strange work":

"how can people who have a lot of bitterness in their hearts be filled?"

Ma Dong replied, "people who have a lot of bitterness in their hearts can be filled with a trace of sweetness."

in fact, there is no skill to live a good life, the only thing you can do is to endure it slowly.

if life is hard, I hope you learn to cross it by yourself.

in lonely days, try to find a little sweetness for life, live up to your time, and become a better self.

all your experiences are marks of growth and precious gifts in life.

at that time, you will find that everything is clear and life has something to look forward to.

, may we all have the courage to shake hands with the past and make peace with the past. if our hearts are sunny, there will be many beautiful things to look forward to and yearn for.