Life that works too hard is a disaster.
Life that works too hard is a disaster.
Don't try too hard and live a beautiful life that suits you.


A few days ago, I saw such a message on Weibo:

A draft contestant was taken to hospital by ambulance because he was overgrieved and fainted on the spot because he was eliminated.

in order to win a good place, I chose a difficult song that was not suitable for me. In a state of extreme tension, I sang to a broken tone, thus losing my qualification for promotion. It's really a pity.

but on the other hand, it also shows that losing the "degree" will fail.

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Kafka once said:

"if you work too hard, too hard, too naive, too inexperienced, cry, scratch, pull, like a child pulling the tablecloth, but get nothing, but pull all the good things on the table to the ground, and you'll never get it."

as the saying goes, "if the water is full, it will overflow, and if the moon is full, it will be a loss." A life that exerts too much effort will really be a tragedy.


go too far, learn to be moderate

such a story has been recorded in the Analects of Confucius.

Zi Gong asked the teacher which of his two classmates was better.

Confucius said that one has always done too much, while the other has not done enough, so they are not excellent, because the effects that exceed and cannot be achieved are essentially the same, that is, going too far.

I think so.

Huasao, the "famous mouth" of Zhejiang Satellite TV, should be familiar to everyone.

he, who once read advertising words quickly on the "The Voice of China" stage, is a completely different person than he is now.

the fat, fat-bellied, haggard face is no longer what it used to be.

in the face of the ridicule of the audience, Huashao revealed a poignant past.

for a time, he had to socialize every day for one of his own programs, constantly eating and vomiting, thus dragging down his health.

however, the show had to go on, and he insisted on not letting himself rest. As a result, he was so tired that his lung tube ruptured and vomited blood on the spot.

I can't help thinking of my friends around me.

in order to start a career, he worked day and night; in order to save time, he ate a few slices of bread when he was so hungry; he said, "Young, nothing," while taking stomach medicine.

in the end, there is everything but health.

people try their best to make a good life in this life, but forget that "health" is the greatest treasure.

excessive spelling is actually a kind of irresponsibility to yourself.

therefore, there must be two lines in everyone's heart: a bottom line and a critical line.

restrict yourself with the bottom line and suppress yourself with the borderline. Only in this way can you make your life more relaxed and limited.

only when you have a degree in mind and steady hands, can you really master this steering wheel, come and go freely, and enjoy your life.


correct your mindset and know how to let go

as the saying goes, sometimes you have to have it in your life, but don't force it all the time.

the source of many tragedies is that they can't let go.

three believers turned to the Zen master for help, hoping to be happy.

the Zen master asked, "then what do you have to get to be happy?"

A said, "with money, I will be happy."

B said, "I will be happy with love."

C said, "I will be happy with fame."

the three people were at a loss and said, "what should I do?"

the Zen master said, "money is not for storage or possession. You have to give to be happy. Love is not just for your own possession. Love is about giving. Fame is not for showing off. You have to serve the public in order to be happy. This is the way."

what we expect is like a chestnut in a glass bottle.

reach out to catch, always want to catch a little more, a little more.

the chestnut was indeed caught in his hand, but his hand was stuck in the bottle because it was too wide.

in this way, no matter how much we catch, we won't get a chestnut.

the only way is to put some of it down.

the Buddhist sutra also says, "how to go up, you have to put it down."

carrying too much baggage on your body will only be a burden; ill-fitting shoes will become a blade on your feet.

learn to let go, the body will be lighter; learn to let go, the heart will be more happy.

Let the past go with the wind, and the seeds will inadvertently fall into the heart.

the so-called intentional planting flowers do not blossom, inadvertently insert willow into shade.

sometimes, the unexpected appearance is the surprise; the unexpected harvest is the happiness.


Life is long, don't run too fast

many people always have a misconception: try their best to achieve success, so they want to release all their strength in an instant.

anyone who knows about a marathon knows that the first person to jump out after a gunshot usually doesn't make it to the finish line.

those who jog leisurely and constantly adjust their posture are more likely to reach the end of victory.

writer Wu Danru once talked about what happened to her when she was learning Japanese.

at that time, she had just been exposed to Japanese and thought that she must learn it best. If her roommate gets up early, she gets up even earlier; if her roommate studies for half an hour, she will study for two hours.

but her two little onesThe hour lasted only a few days, while the roommate's half an hour was every day.

in the face of this cruel result, she said with emotion: "the most important distance should be run slowly, not how fast you start."

it is easy for everyone to get into misunderstanding in making plans.

plan every minute in detail, or even make a full list of tasks.

casually say that it is a year or two, but ignore their own ability.

after all, half an hour becomes a habit and two hours becomes a burden, not to mention holding on for a year or more.

as the old saying goes, you have to stutter at a meal, and the road needs to be taken step by step.

the most important thing is to accumulate. Only when the product is thick, there is a thin hair.

the first 3 centimeters of bamboo takes 4 years; it can grow to 15 meters and takes only 6 weeks.

all the reasons are that it takes four years to extend its roots and accumulate its own nutrients.

eagerness for success indicates an unstable state of mind. If you fail, your mentality will be out of balance.

on the muddy road of life, you might as well try to slow down and move forward steadily and steadily.


Yang Jiang said: "We were so eager for the waves of fate that we finally found that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calmness and calmness."

facing the sea, the scenery of the huge waves slapping on the shore will only stay for a moment, for a longer time is the calm sea, the breeze is coming slowly, and the beauty is still the same.

relax, life is happy; relax, vision is broad.

Don't work too hard, you will have the energy to enjoy the scenery that belongs to you and live a beautiful life that suits you.