Liu Dehua, 60, took a private photo and was stunned by netizens: sorry, I'm going to take off the powder!
Liu Dehua, 60, took a private photo and was stunned by netizens: sorry, I'm going to take off the powder!
Maybe that's why we can like Andy Lau for so long.




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in the film, Andy Lau plays a disabled bomb disposal expert who has been blown off with a broken leg but is still in charge.

several action scenes are very hard-core. After watching the tidbits, we know that the man who is still flexible in wearing a prosthetic leg is actually Andy Lau who half knelt on the prosthetic leg all the time, and later eliminated the leg wearing green socks with special effects.

in this state, he finished all kinds of intense action scenes, even running cool shows on the roof, and was still as light and clean as a swallow.

you can imagine how much damage this action play can do to the knee.

one netizen sighed: Liu Dehua, if you do it again, I will take off the powder, because it is so distressing!

it is hard to imagine that he is already 60 years old in real life.

there is a very interesting comment on Douyin.

A netizen asked how Liu Dehua filmed this leg in "demolition 2". Someone replied that it was made by special effects, and it certainly wouldn't have been cut off.

as a result, another netizen replied: "not necessarily, teacher Andy Lau is very dedicated."

although it is just a joke, it can be seen that the image of Andy Lau is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Andy Lau is indeed famous for his dedication to his work.

in the bid, there is a scene in which he is dragged by a chain, which is filmed so violently that it directly leads to a fracture of Andy Lau's ring finger in his left hand.

in Save my husband, there is a scene in which my husband, played by Andy Lau, is almost suffocated by a wire.

in order to achieve a realistic effect, Andy Lau took the initiative to ask his opponent to really strangle himself with a wire.

in lost Orphan, Liu Dehua's father goes to Quanzhou to recognize his relatives, but he is blocked by the villagers and is slapped and shaved by a peasant woman.

when filming this scene, in order to be as real as possible, Andy Lau insisted on letting the extras really hit and hit so hard that his face was swollen in the end.

not only acting, but also Andy Lau is very dedicated to his singing career.

many singers use teleprompters when they sing, and it is common to sing the wrong lyrics.

but for Andy Lau, he doesn't want to look at the teleprompter, nor can he accept forgetting words or singing the wrong words. He must keep practicing for two or three months until he doesn't need to think about what to sing next.

he once said that if he made five mistakes in the concert, he would be annoyed for five months.

in order to achieve the best condition in the concert, Andy Lau not only has to rehearse every day, but also needs to maintain his physical training.

he once said in an interview that he ate cereal, plain cheese and a small amount of boiled chicken for three meals throughout the year.

ordinary people get tired of eating for a week, but Andy Lau has persisted for so many years and has so much self-discipline, no wonder he has been able to stay young all the time.

is not only desperate, Andy Lau's character is also obvious to all.

many stars have been helped by Andy Lau.

Zhang Weijian once mentioned on the program that when he invested in real estate, he encountered a financial crisis and was once on the verge of bankruptcy.

Human feelings are cold and warm, and I know what I have experienced. But when Liu Dehua learned about Zhang Weijian's difficulties, he gave him a check without saying a word to help him tide over the difficulties.

and he said a sentence that Zhang Weijian will never forget:

"teach what you learn and give what you earn.


and Lan Jieying, who used to be a "beautiful Wutai Mountain", was penniless when she fell down. Only Andy Lau gave her 100000 yuan and even helped her apply for a grant.

"Fat Cat" Zheng Zeshi also took the money away by the partners because of the poor management of the company at that time, and finally owed a debt of 20 million yuan.

for this reason, he had to take his family to move to the "slums" of Hong Kong, and life was once very difficult. Because of his huge debt, few friends are willing to help him.

at this time, it was Andy Lau who strongly praised Zheng Zeshi, recommended him the positions and roles of producers, and finally helped him through this hurdle.

until now, Zheng Zeshi mentioned that the person he was most grateful for was Liu Dehua.

Director Wang Jing once mentioned that Andy Lau is a very kind-hearted person and always tries to take care of those friends who are not well off.

it is easy to add icing on the cake, but it is difficult to send charcoal in the snow.

is not just about helping friends. Liu Dehua is also the ambassador of the Chinese Paralympic Games and vice chairman of the China Welfare Foundation for the disabled. Andy Lau has sponsored every year since 1996.

seeing here, I understand why Andy Lau has been so popular for so many years.

one netizen put it like this:

"not only because of his efforts and strength, but also because he has a heart that is good at thinking of others. He can hold all the people in his heart, that's why people like him so much. "

I think Andy Lau will never be too hot for the rest of his life to be so dedicated and good in character.

although inTo outsiders, Andy Lau is a very dedicated and hard-working artist. But for Andy Lau himself, he thought it was normal.

he once said this in an interview:

"maybe outsiders find it hard to be such a good person, but how am I?"

"it's not that I'm dedicated, but that the standards of actors have changed."

"punctuality is an advantage now, isn't it? Maybe even punctuality and memorizing lines are advantages. I think this needs to be redefined. "

Zhang Ziyi recently said this in a program:

"is acting a very low-level profession? Everyone wants a piece of the pie. "

now more and more young artists are using acting as a way to harvest traffic.

did not study and understand the script at all, let alone improve his acting skills. He often used a stand-in and filmed in a tricky way, which turned out to be ironic.

and whenever these young artists are criticized, their fans often like to say, "they have worked very hard." But he may work hard at singing and dancing, but what about acting?

most people work so hard that it's not their turn to fight for talent. If you really don't work so hard, don't make any excuses.

besides, isn't it right to work hard?

with a sky-high salary, you should make corresponding efforts to deserve this value, which can be worthy of fans and audiences.

maybe that's why we can like Andy Lau for so long.

because he never talks about hard work, but he works harder than anyone else;

never mention that he works hard, but he is more self-disciplined than anyone else.

never show off his achievements, but always give help to friends and the weak as much as he can.

maybe this is the charm of the older generation of stars.

times may have changed, but we will always like those stars who are really dedicated, strong and good character, so that they can be called idols.

as for those stars who do not rely on their works and strength to speak, it may be a flash in the pan in the era of traffic.

I hope that there will be more Andy Lau in show business and in our lives