Liu Yan's words debunk the truth: when people reach middle age, they are most afraid that their parents will become a picture.
Liu Yan's words debunk the truth: when people reach middle age, they are most afraid that their parents will become a picture.
The most regrettable thing in the world is never failure, but that I could have.

in the latest issue of Ace to Ace, each guest showed the old photos he provided.

when she came to Liu Yan, she showed a picture of her parents when they got married.

she said she had only seen her father wear a suit twice in her life, once at a wedding photo of her parents, and once at a ruby wedding ceremony held for them two years ago.

then she said something that made everyone present burst into tears:

my biggest regret is that I can't get my father to wear a suit to my wedding again.

because, a month after the marriage ceremony, her father was hospitalized with stomach cancer and died soon after.

program, she even put her P in her parents' wedding photos, sighing:

you see, all the people in the picture are here, so happy

relatives should cherish

"the tree wants to be quiet but the wind does not stop, and the son wants to raise but not wait." there is nothing more than grief in the world.

it seems that many people think that there is no need to worry about filial piety, and parents will always be there.

do not realize that in this world, every minute and every second, parting takes place.

those who thought they would come tomorrow are likely to freeze at a certain moment and have no chance to come again.

Life comes and goes, and the days to come are not long.


parents go, we face loneliness

Sanmao said: "our parents are stars, and they will always be there when we go home."

but if one day, they are gone, who should we share the gains and losses, joys and sorrows in our lives?

in the TV series "Please answer 1988", President Jin is a very optimistic and easygoing person.

but every year when it comes to President Kim's birthday, he is always listless and uninterested no matter what he does.

No one knows why, not even himself.

once on his birthday, his wife took out the tape recording the interesting stories of his two sons' childhood, and the family gathered around to listen and recall.

but President Kim's eyes moistened as he listened, and he murmured:

"it's my mother's voice."

when President Kim and his wife were lying in bed at night, they both had no quarrel or amusement.

"I know why, why I became so depressed on my birthday, and now I seem to know why."

"it seems that I miss my mother. I thought I wouldn't, but I still unconsciously thought of my mother. After all, it was my birthday. Even if I called my mother, there was no place to call." I really miss her. "

when our parents are alive, we don't feel how happy it is to have them.

it's just that when they leave, this yearning and loneliness are engraved into the bone marrow and immersed in the pulse, and they are unaware of it.

the year she graduated from high school, Ikezi's mother suddenly had brain cancer, and it was useless to have an operation, so she had no choice but to "wait to die" at home.

he watched his mother begin to walk unsteadily, slowly unable to stand up, and then couldn't even lift her hand.

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when he was in front of the stage, he was often laughing, talking about jokes with delight, and it didn't matter when he got off the stage.

so Jiang Sida later asked him, how much of your smile in the program is true or false?

the post-95 big boy just replied with a smile that nothing in the world has touched his heart since his mother left.

some people ask: what is true loneliness?

I think it is when you wake up to find that on the battlefield of life, the parents who once stood in front of you and the building generally existed collapsed.

you have no choice but to be at the top of the line and face death.

A person's life is like a kite in the sky, no matter how high or far he flies, he will not be afraid, because as long as the spool called parents is gently pulled, there is a way home.

but if the thread is broken, the kite will lose the direction of life.

it took half a lifetime to understand that the greatest happiness in one's life is nothing more than a cry of "Mom and Dad".

when our parents are around, there is still a place in life; when our parents are gone, we can only face loneliness.


the most regrettable thing in the world, I could have

missing often does not happen in an instant, but in every ordinary day, pulling out bones and flesh, slowly pulling out the pain.

A year after his mother's death, Kanghui recalled in his new book, "I was still thousands of miles away when my mother's farewell ceremony was held."

the death of his mother is the most regrettable thing in Kanghui's life.

when his mother was seriously ill, he had to go abroad for work reasons. At that time, he had a fluke in his heart and felt that his mother would make it through it.

the last time he saw his mother, he leaned in his mother's ear and said, "Mom, you must wait for me to come back."

A casual goodbye may never be seen again, and a casual farewell may be goodbye.

just like more than a decade ago, he was unable to work.Just as I rushed back to see my father for the last time, my mother didn't make it until he came back.

since his work, he has spent less and less time with his mother to show filial piety, and the most common sentence he hears when meeting his mother is:

"you go about your business."

he said he could have seen his mother one last time, could have been with her in the last part of her life, and could have listened to her more nagging.

but he didn't do anything. It was not until his mother was gone that he realized that he didn't even have a picture with her.

in fact, most of the time, what we can't let go is not the departure of our parents, what we really can't forgive is the regret that could have been perfect.

you will find that time is a thief who steals your most precious things and takes away the people you love most.

and those who do not have time to do, those who do not have time to love, those who do not have time to say, in the confrontation with time, all will become unfinished.

filial piety can't stand waiting. The most regrettable thing in the world is never failure, but that I could have.


time is not slow, don't fall in love too late

such a formula has been circulated on the Internet:

if your parents are 60 years old now, the remaining life expectancy is 20 years. You don't live with your parents. You see your parents for about 6 days a year and spend about 11 hours a day together.

then, the only days you can get along with your parents are: 20 years x 6 days x 11 hours = 1320 hours.

that is to say, you have only 55 days left to get along with your parents!

We always think we are young, but in fact, decades have passed by in the blink of an eye, and it is not until one day our parents suddenly die that we realize that our love is too late.

A few years ago, I read a story in the post bar.

"the day my mother died, it was her 50th birthday. Before she could receive the birthday present I bought for her, she saw her lying alone in a cold bed and lost her body temperature."

when she was shopping with her mother two months ago, her mother tried on a mink coat and looked back and forth in the mirror several times.

she saw that her mother, who had been industrious and frugal for half her life, liked it very much, but after asking about the price, her mother immediately took it off and pulled her away.

when she can get a quarterly bonus, she will give her overcoat as a birthday present to her mother.

it just didn't work out. Two weeks later, my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and left early on her 50th birthday.

Bi Shumin said in her article "filial piety is priceless":

"I believe that every sincere and honest child has made a grand wish of filial piety to his parents from the bottom of his heart. I believe that the future will grow, that it will come naturally, and that one day when he will become famous and return to his hometown, he will be able to fulfill his filial piety.

it is a pity that people forget, forget the cruelty of time, forget the shortness of life, and forget that life itself is vulnerable to one blow. "

you said that when you grow up, you can take your parents to eat all the delicious food;

you said that when you grow up, you can buy a big house for your parents to live in.

you said that when you grow up, they can go anywhere they want, because you will have the ability.

but these waits often turn into regrets that can never be realized in the end.

the older you grow up, the more you understand that you can wait for anything, but you really can't wait to love your parents.

so, no matter how tired we are, we should cheer up, and no matter how busy we are, we should spend more time with them. They can't afford to wait for our trip home only once a year.

for the rest of our lives, while we can still fulfill our filial piety, don't let that filial piety come too late.