Love is to take care of, love is to make you comfortable
Love is to take care of, love is to make you comfortable
Love will make people selfish, but love must be selfless.

in a relationship, some people leave not because they don't love enough, but because they love too much.

We often struggle with the difference between love and love, and always feel that love seems to be more sacred and greater than love.

who says not? a person who likes you may give you the best he can, but it is not necessarily what you want.

and if a person loves you, he would rather suffer than make you feel uncomfortable.

I have heard such a saying: those who like you will take good care of you, while those who love you

some people will open the chair for you on a date, order a table for you on their own, and come downstairs with a handful of roses.

some people will be afraid that you will feel embarrassed, the menu will be handed to you to let you come, you do not like the food, he will silently write down, send you to the community to leave silently.

it's a slight difference, but the former has to be embarrassing. He may have spent a lot of money and thought he took good care of you, but he didn't even ask what you like and didn't know you were allergic to roses.

the latter looks unknown, but his every move proves his love, but it makes you feel at home every second.

then you took the man by the hand and took him home on your own initiative. You felt so happy with him.

when you ask him, "when are we getting married?" he smiled shyly and said:



it turns out that he has already made up his mind to take care of you for a lifetime, not for a while.

to put it more popularly, love pays more attention to subjective feelings, while love cares more about each other's feelings.

A female reader left a message with me the day before yesterday that I was a very independent person. I was probably used to being alone, and now suddenly someone came into my life and didn't get used to it.

she said: in fact, I don't hate him, so I try to get in touch with him slowly, but I feel more and more that his kindness to me seems to make me more and more uncomfortable.

before confirming a relationship, I don't like to spend each other's money, so I AA with him every time after dinner, but he always prevaricates, saying that I will be a girlfriend anyway, telling me never mind.

he will buy me all kinds of cosmetics and clothes, and whenever he is free, he wants to make a video call with me, never thinking about my time.

he said that he cares about me, likes me, and wants to take good care of me. I feel a lot of pressure. Am I too sensitive?

I say that love makes people selfish, but love must be selfless.

his goodness must be based on respect for you. If you like him, you like him. If you don't like him, you will never force him.

I have always felt that it is actually a kind of self-moving to be kind to the person you like in the name of love.

the consequence of this is that it will not only push the person you like further and further away, but also make her hate you more and more.

the most basic premise of loving someone is to respect and respect her feelings and preferences, rather than trying to move her with the so-called care.

if a person wants a truckload of pears, even if you give her ten carts of apples, she will never fall in love with you. Instead, she will feel disgusted, uncomfortable and even feel unnecessary guilt.

so if you love someone, you should give her "what she wants", not what you think "she needs".

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if you fall in love with someone, if you want to take care of her all her life, you must first take care of her feelings before you have a chance to take care of her life.

, it is more exciting than uncomfortable love, comfortable and proper love.

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