Low-level people always like to show off these four things
Low-level people always like to show off these four things
He who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.

there is a folk saying called "every potter praises his pot, selling and boasting".

when you think about it, it makes sense.

if people who sell things say their things are not good, then who else will buy them?

however, proper boasting is an instinct, and excessive boasting is showing off.

people who like to exaggerate tend to show their appearance and have no real ability.

low-level people, love to show off these things, said you do not believe!

show off your cleverness

there is such a true story:

after graduating from college, the boy went abroad and started a part-time study abroad.

by chance, he found that the ticket office of the local public transport system is self-service, with no ticket gates, no ticket inspectors, and even very few random spot checks.

with his ingenuity, he estimated that the probability of ticket evasion was only 3/10000.

he was so complacent about the discovery that he often skipped tickets and got on the train.

four years have passed, the gold-lettered signboards and excellent academic achievements of famous schools have made him frequently enter the door of some multinational corporations and sell himself with pride.

but these companies are enthusiastic at first, but a few days later, they all decline politely.

this made him so angry that for the last time, he asked the manager to give him a reason not to hire him.

however, the ending was unexpected to him.

"to be honest, in terms of working ability, you are the person we are looking for.

but we checked your credit history and found that you have been punished three times for evading a ticket by bus.

first of all, you don't respect the rules; secondly, you can't be trusted. "

the young man is really smart and good at discovering loopholes in life.

but it was this cleverness that ruined his future.

Schopenhauer once said: "show off your talent, show off your shrewdness, but only laugh at the stupidity and incompetence of others."

it's good to be shrewd and capable alone, but too much calculation can be tiresome.

sometimes, inadvertently showing off cleverness, not only appears to be frivolous and proud, but also brings unnecessary trouble.

as the saying goes: if you are clumsy, you can argue if you accept it.

the really smart people look clumsy on the surface, but they don't show off; the really talented people look dull, but they don't show their edge.

people are most afraid of the desolate end of being "smart but misguided".

when a man begins to show off his talent, he becomes worthless.

show off your contacts

Wechat, there was a long line of "friends" in everyone's address book, ranging from hundreds to thousands.

there may be one or two people worth showing off, but in their eyes, you are not worth mentioning at all.

therefore, do not deliberately show off your contacts, encounter friendship, often the most unreliable.

A friend of mine made such a mistake.

during the reunion of several classmates at that time, an old classmate complained about his child's choice of school.

my friend got drunk and replied proudly, "it's up to me. I have acquaintances."

I didn't repent until I woke up drunk the next day and saw a text message from my old classmate.

in fact, his so-called acquaintances once met at the wine table and added Wechat without speaking for half a year.

Feel free to stand out in the crowd in one of our gorgeous cheap bridesmaid dresses. We are your one stop shop for a perfect choice.

as he could not wipe away his face, he had to think of a way.

in the end, it not only failed to solve the problem, but also delayed the best time for my old classmates to do things.

Cai Gentan says: "to make friends, you have to be chivalrous, and you have to be simple-minded."

everyone can't live without contacts.

but smart people often don't show off their contacts easily.

because this is not only a disrespect for others, but also a kind of damage to yourself.

networking is a mutually beneficial relationship between the two parties, not something you show off at will.

how about three thousand Wechat friends? the key is how many people are willing to lend a helping hand when faced with problems?

less hypocrisy to flatter each other and more sincerity to be honest with each other.

keep a low profile and be sincere, you can have a better future.

show off your achievements

the ancients said: the still water runs deep, but the wise man is silent.

really good people seldom show off their achievements, on the contrary, ignorant people like to talk the most.

there was such a photo that unexpectedly made Liu Xianlin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, an "Internet celebrity".

on the second-class seat of the high-speed railway, 78-year-old Academician Liu Xianlin is still writing continuously in order to make a good report.

netizens with sharp eyes also found that Mr. Liu was wearing a pair of old leather shoes, very simple, and could not help sighing: this is another master of the world who sweeps the floor.

all the things that we think we can show off are not worth mentioning here.

as the saying goes, "those who see themselves are unknown, those who are good for themselves are not obvious, those who cut down themselves are useless, and those who are self-reserved are not long.""

some people are arrogant and scared, while others are pretentious but do not realize that rice ears are bowed and barnyard weeds rise.

this is true of learning, and so is being a man and doing things.

whoever can withstand vanity and loneliness will be able to keep the prosperity and win more awards from fate.

therefore, do not blindly show off your achievements, because when you really have strength, you do not need to show off and will attract people who admire you and follow you.

show off one's wealth

Meleki, an Italian jewelry merchant, once went to London to attend a gem auction.

he saw an old man sitting next to him dressed in ordinary clothes, wearing a watch set with more than a dozen gems.

Meleki asked, "is your jewel watch valuable?"

the old man smiled and replied, "No, it's just an ordinary watch."

when Meleki heard this, he talked eloquently about how many precious gems he had and talked about the methods of identifying fake gems.

auction, Meleki sold a peacock sapphire for £50,000.

when Meleki got the jewel, he showed off to the old man again. The old man sighed and said,

"you have spent at least 20,000 pounds more on this jewel."

it was only later that Meleki learned that the elder was Graff, a £20 billion jewellery tycoon who tops the list of the richest people in the world's jewelry industry.

the writer Yi Shu once said that many people regard it as a classic:

"A lady with real temperament never shows off everything she has. She will not tell others what books she has read, where she has been, how many clothes she has, and what jewelry she has bought, because she has no sense of inferiority."

Yes, people with real strength do not need to show their sense of existence by showing off their appearance.

like a peacock with an open screen, no matter how beautifully the tail feathers fall, the rear buttocks are still naked.

maybe fate will make you rich today, but tomorrow will also leave you with nothing.

the most important thing in life is not the result, but the process by which you strive to earn wealth.

it is wonderful to be rich, but not showing off too much is also a kind of self-cultivation.

A person wants to be who he really is:

first, we should look down on the things outside the body; second, we should not be judged by others; third, we should let nature take its course and be at ease with the circumstances.

he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise.

when you are really strong, you never talk about it. Only by keeping a low profile and doing things sincerely can you gain a better life.

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