Low-level people are complex, high-level people are simple.
Low-level people are complex, high-level people are simple.
The most important thing in the wisdom of life is to keep your heart and return to it.

Lin Jinglang



the way to be a man:

low-level people are complex, high-level people are simple

there is a saying in Daojing:

"five colors make people blind, five tones deafening, five tastes refreshing; gallop field hunting, make people crazy; rare goods, people do harm."


if you think too much and calculate too much, you will be tired of life.

in the increasingly complex modern society, being a simple person is the real high realm.

simple people think less, pay more attention to one thing, and don't beat around the bush.

simple people don't care about other people's comments, but follow their own hearts.

simple people know how to control complexity with simplicity and keep peace of mind in a complex world.

be the simplest person, eat the simplest meal, and live the simplest life.

A really good life is simple, but mediocre is true.

the original meaning of life is in the field of poetry and wine.

the most important thing in the wisdom of life is to keep your heart and return to it.

the way to deal with the world:

low-level people are strong, while high-level people are easygoing

Laozi said that it is as good as water.

easygoing people are like water. Although they are soft, they can contain all things.

in the Book of morality, it is said that "the husband does not fight, so there is no special". The easygoing person is like water, which looks soft, but hides infinite power.

be easygoing and leave leeway for others to speak and do.

if you are easy-going and easy-going, others will have a good impression of you. If you have a good impression, you will have good popularity. As soon as your popularity is good, the road will be wide.

strong people are too sharp, often do not pay attention to words and deeds, it is easy to hurt others, and this kind of injury is also a kind of making enemies.

be an easygoing person, keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile and easygoing heart.

of course, easygoing is not an unprincipled compromise.

Laozi said, "all things lose yin and embrace yang, and they think they are harmonious."

Harmony is not static harmony, but a state of balance in competition.

problems of principle should be argued on the basis of reason, and should not be treated as grass on the wall, and should not be mixed with mud.

this is really easygoing.

the art of scheming:

low-level people "receive", high-level people "release"

if you want to achieve great things, you must be able to gather people. If you can gather people, you must be able to manage them.

A good boss, a good entrepreneur, and even a good parent should all know how to manage.

what kind of management is good management?

Laozi said, "Tao gives birth to one, one to two, two to three, and three to all things."

"Tao" derives everything from few to many, from simple to complex.

this kind of "birth of all things" is a kind of nature, natural development and growth, is the nature of all things.

whether it is corporate governance, family management, or children's education, the nature of this kind of development should be released.

therefore, in the management and governance of enterprises, not suppressing this nature is the greatest success.

the same is true of children's education.

"Education is growth",

A good education should not be blindly tightened, but should know how to relax.

Let the child find his own suitable field, do not set too many rules to limit his development, let him follow his own nature.

grow up freely, this is a good education.

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