Making money can cure all hypocrisy.
Making money can cure all hypocrisy.
Go to bed early and make more money when you have time.

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recently, a stem of "Shenzhen Girl" is popular on the Internet.

it is said that "Shenzhen girl" is a little different from other girls, other women are talking about dating, scolding men, parents, entertainment gossip.

what do Shenzhen girls get together to talk about?

how to make money!

for example, which fund has gone up again? Where can I get a house? What projects are more profitable? What sideline can make more money?

when I forwarded this stem to moments, many female friends resonated and came to leave messages:

"where only Shenzhen girls are making money, we XX girls are also making money crazily."

all of a sudden, I found that women are really different.

basically all the women around me are making progress, promoting and making money.

my college classmate bought a house in Hangzhou with a down payment a year ago.

there is also a female boss who is about to get married, who is about to get married and is still flying all over the country to find clients and talk about projects.

my best friend, she used to flash immediately when I had a Wechat. Recently, I called her, but she couldn't tell. She was get with new skills. She learned a promotion and a raise to make more money.

even my sister-in-law, a full-time housewife in my hometown, sells brand discount clothes on Wechat in order not to ask her husband for money and to make money for herself.

the slogan of "independent women" has been shouted for so many years, women have begun to awaken generally.

in the past, Zheng Xiuwen shouted "marry a rich man" in the movie, but now women are becoming rich on their own.

because money is the strength, money is sense of security, money is freedom. Money is the right of choice.

make money desperately and give yourself a place to live

A few days ago, I saw a big emotion on the Internet

@ Sister Bo Yan

posted a video story that struck a chord with many women.

having dinner with a friend, the friend congratulated her on bringing up her new house.

sighed: "the little girl is very good. She saved enough down payment in such a short time."

the girl thought of her love. The man who was about to get married didn't come home every night and let her go out as soon as he quarreled.

because the house belongs to someone else, and their name is in the room book, so what does she have?

she was so angry that she packed up and went back to her home, only to find that her room had become a nephew's utility room.

Mom said naturally, "you're getting married. When you come back, just make do on the sofa for one night."

that's when she realized:

it turns out that when girls grow up, they will have no "home".

in my mother-in-law's house, my husband's house does not belong to you. Quarrels can drive you out. No matter how good it is to you, he treats you as an outsider.

go back to your mother's house, love your parents very much, after you leave home, but put away your room, and then come back to be guests.

Why do you try to make money and buy your own apartment no matter how hard it is?

because one day they find that men are unreliable and their parents can't stay, so they can only find a place for themselves under the boundless heaven and earth.

according to research data, the proportion of women buying houses has gradually exceeded that of men in recent years, especially after 2018, the proportion of women buying houses has been maintained at more than 50%, and is increasing year by year.

in first-tier cities, with the exception of Guangzhou, there are more female home buyers than men in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Why are women trying so hard to make money to buy houses?

because, when they work hard to make money and buy a house for themselves, when they are unjust in their mother-in-law's house and have nowhere to go, they can have a place to hold unspeakable tears and grievances in their hearts.

work hard to make money and buy a house of their own, so that when the ideas of the people around her force her into her marriage, they have a way out, which is their reason to resist the world.

now women finally understand:

trying to get money is more important than having sex with a man. Having money yourself is 100 times more important than asking others for money.

make money to buy a car, give yourself the freedom you want

some time ago, the news that 56-year-old Su Min drove away from her marriage hit the WeChat moments.

56-year-old Su Min wants to live bravely for herself after she has finished her job as a wife and mother.

she drives a car worth tens of thousands of yuan bought by herself, starting from Zhengzhou and passing through Sanmenxia. Completed a woman's escape from marriage.

looking back on Su Min's marriage, it is simply depressing.

the husband is extremely selfish, mean and stingy. He has been married for decades and has to get even with her AA for every stitch.

and his desire for control is so strong that Su Min has the right to use sofas and televisions only when he leaves the living room.

since marriage, marriage has not become a shell to protect and nourish her, but a cold, hard wall.

others have not hurt her, on the contrary, the wind and rain are all given by the man in the marriage.

if she doesn't have a car of her own, she may be stuck in marriage and spend the ordinary life of countless women.

but she isI saved a sum of money and bought a car.

she wants to see the outside world and live a life she has never experienced before.

so she set out, breathing the wind of freedom all the way.

some people say that Su Min, who has fled, will eventually return to marriage.

then, what's the point of her escape?

We are absolutely sure that Su Min after her escape is definitely different from the former Su Min.

have heard a saying:

married women, you must learn to drive.

when you drive your own car and drive on the road, you drive a car and get freedom.

you can take yourself wherever you want to go, without letting a man take you anywhere.

think of a true story before.

after retiring, an aunt wanted to travel outside. She asked her husband to take her, but her husband kept putting her off.

Why do you go out and mess with her when she is so old?

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she asked her children to take her, and her daughter was so busy at work that she couldn't find the time.

Let her stay at home. It's not safe outside.

but my aunt doesn't want to spend her retirement like this.

later, the aunt simply took her driver's license, bought a half-new car, and drove herself to the place she wanted to go on her 60th birthday.

Women, you must make money and own a car of your own.

whenever you want to go, you have the ability, courage and courage to take yourself there.

Why are we trying so hard to make money

once saw a question: why should we try so hard to make money?

I try to make money, not because I love money so much. Because money represents the right to choose and a sense of control over life.

I once heard a girl say the reason why she tried to make money.

because I don't want to be with anyone because of money, and I don't want to leave anyone because of money!

when love and bread are in front of you and you have to make a choice, you have the courage to say:

"just give me love, and I'll buy my own bread."

my friends smiled that when they got married, they made their parents a little unhappy.

the boyfriend she insists on marrying, one is 8 years younger than her, the second has no house, and the third has no savings.

in smiling words, there is only one heart that loves her.

Xiaoxiao had made some achievements in her career at that time, and others advised her to think about it seriously.

but she said with certainty:

"Don't worry, I have a house and a career. He will be fine if he is with me.

one day he doesn't love me, and I had a wonderful love, didn't I? at least we're all in love now. "

the reason why Xiaoxiao is so strong is that he does not need to rely on what men do and choose who to be with. This is the freedom of life brought by his own money.

if you work hard to make money, you not only have more choices, but also build a moat of life.

Sister Li once told her marriage story. She got up early in the morning and worked late at night with her husband and started a business together. Only then did she have her present career and seem to lead a good life.

others asked her for marriage, and she said:

"nothing. Women should never give up their careers at any time.

if you just think about relying on men, you always have to eat poorly, your career will not always be good, and men sometimes want to rely on women. "

she told us that her husband had once deserted in his marriage, and his partner was a beautiful young woman.

at that time, there was something wrong with his company, and the woman not only swiped his card, but also lost her temper with him, and he realized that his wife was good.

so, take the initiative to break up with that woman, hand over the equity of the company, and ask for the help of his wife.

since then, my husband has been conscientious and conscientious, coming home on time every day, taking care of his family and acting like a good man.

I have heard a saying:

Don't try to test the human nature of men, to influence them, at critical moments, to use their needed values to enable them to overcome human nature and make their own decisions.

when people are middle-aged, you will find that there are not so many feelings and love in life, only who can not live without whom, and who needs whom more.

the reason why we strive to make money is that when we encounter risks in life, we not only have a way out, but also be able to calmly defeat external threats and keep our own happiness.

make money, cure all hypocrisy

making money is of course a different life from a woman who doesn't make money.

when you are hurting spring and autumn, others are in high spirits and flying all over the world, looking for good money-making opportunities and projects.

when you are in a relationship with your parents, people talk to each other and sign a cooperative business non-stop.

when you are bargaining, others are free to buy whatever they want by swiping their card without hesitation.

when the palm of your hand is up, the woman who makes money buys flowers and wears them herself, and life without looking at people's face is simply enjoyable.

Women, don't be hypocritical and try to get money.

when you spend those confused and empty time trying to find all kinds of ways to get money, you will find that you are not sad or confused. 99% of the missing regrets in life can eventually be compensated by money.

heard a joke:

when lovelorn, the poor girl can only stay in the room and cry. You can go to the Maldives and cry.To go to Paris to cry.

after crying, continue to come back to get the money.

how to get out of the pain of being lovelorn quickly? Answer: maybe he is rich.

Women must work hard to make money.

working hard to make money does not mean that we love money much, but because having money can make our lives less ugly and more beautiful and pure.

from today, start working hard to make money, how to start?

first, integrate resources.

carefully review and analyze what resources you have that can bring you and replace them into income, including not limited to contacts, funds, information, skills, etc., and make use of these resources to expand your income.

second, intensive business.

improve your irreplaceability, that is, increase your bargaining capital and make yourself valuable.

third, learn skills.

you can learn a new skill, increase your sideline, and allocate a variety of income, so that your life won't hit rock bottom because of a decrease in one item of income.

go to bed early and make more money when you are free.

making money can cure all hypocrisy; making money can get rid of all confusion.

, may every one of you who work hard to make money in the new year indulge in making money, unable to extricate themselves, stay away from troubles, and achieve sudden wealth.


by: Su Shanshu, kind writing, walking freely, on the earth

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the book is published under authorization.