May there be someone who understands the pain behind you.
May there be someone who understands the pain behind you.
In this life, some people understand that it is luck, and to be understood by others is happiness.

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alone, because no one understands

writer Liu Liangcheng once said:

"We can't see all the snow that falls in a person's life. Everyone spends the winter alone in his own life. "

along the way of life, we will meet all kinds of people, some of whom can be accompanied by each other, while others are drifting away.

the reason why we often feel lonely is not because there is no one with us, but because no one understands.

have you ever had a moment like this:

sometimes, when I am in pain and helpless, I want to talk to someone, but I hold it back on the tip of my mouth.

in the face of other people's "what's the matter with you", he just smiled back and said "nothing", which covered up all the scars.

everyone wants to be understood and seen through, but how many people can really understand themselves?

people, the older they get, the more they like to hide all their emotions and swallow all their grievances slowly.

because I don't want to disturb others, and I don't want to be a joke.

as the saying goes:

in this world, some people live in tall buildings, some people are in deep ditches, some people are naked, some people are covered in rust.

but no one told you how the building was built, how people climbed out of the ditch, and the glowing man lost several layers of skin before he took off his rust.

in the world of mortals, everyone is walking alone.

at some times, I also want to be as presumptuous and noisy as a child, but no one can disturb the address book of thousands of friends at will, and few people who can listen to their own thoughts know very little.

in this life, some people understand that it is luck, and being understood by others is happiness.

Heart is better than appearance, understanding is more important than love

Shen Congwen said

Guo: "the highest state of marriage is to understand."

if you get married just to find someone who can watch a movie together, not to share your movie experience, then you will just make do with it.

in any long-term relationship, only by understanding and understanding each other, can we accompany each other for a longer way.

I have read such a story on Weibo.

the girl works as a clerk in an enterprise. she likes photography on weekdays. In her spare time, she will go to the streets to collect customs and record the beauty of life with a lens.

but her ex-boyfriend is dismissive of her hobby of photography:

"earning a little salary every month is not enough to buy equipment. It's better to save some money and discipline yourself. It's really humiliating for me to take you out to meet your friends."

the girl just listened to it as a joke, but she didn't pay much attention to it, but her ex-boyfriend got worse and made a mockery of her.

later, after breaking up, the girl met a boy who likes playing basketball.

Boys like rock climbing and swimming, and know nothing about literature or photography.

but every time a girl shares a picture with him, he listens with interest and sometimes sincerely admires it.

the girl said:

"when I was with my ex, I was often ridiculed for making bad movies, and I was so depressed that I wanted to give up photography.

but now he is willing to take the time to understand my hobbies and listen to my troubles. This warm encouragement supports me to become better and happier. "

it is really a kind of happiness to meet someone who is willing to understand you in your life.

as Liao Yimei said:

"in this life, it is not rare to meet love and sex, but to meet understanding."

people who understand you, no matter what happens to you, will be silently by your side, understand your desire to stop, and appreciate your eloquence.

Life is a hard journey. If you meet someone who is not tired and understands each other, even the barren road can blossom.

the best relationship is that I understand you

when it comes to Zhang ailing's bosom friend, Yan Ying has to be mentioned.

she is the most important confidant in Zhang ailing's life. Yan Ying was the witness of Zhang ailing's two marriages.

later, Zhang ailing met a bad person and lived a miserable life, hoping to get Yan Ying's care.

it never occurred to me that every time Yan Ying wrote a letter to Zhang ailing, she couldn't help showing off her good life and beautiful love, regardless of the immediate feelings of her friends.

this makes Zhang ailing, who is already sensitive, even more frustrated. The two people who used to be best friends have no contact with each other in the end.

Song Qi and his wife, another friend of Zhang ailing, never pry into Zhang ailing's privacy or make money from her fame, but stand behind her silently and lend a helping hand when she needs help most.

Zhang ailing, who is unsociable, was so moved that she even told Song Qi and his wife about her death.

in fact, what Zhang ailing really needs is someone who understands her.

and Song Qi and his wife precisely understand Zhang ailing's pride and self-esteem, as well as her weakness and unbearability.

as I get older, I have experienced the ups and downs of life and tasted the ups and downs of life before I gradually understand:

the best relationship is that you can see through my disguise, and I know it's not easy for you.

I remembered that before, a girl said that she was tired of shopping with her friends and was ready to go to dinner. She thought it was an ordinary restaurant, but when she looked at the menu, they all turned pale.

so the girl tactfully asked her friend, "I thought you said"Can I help you? let's have dinner when we're done. "

the friend also understood and hurriedly said, "Oh, let's go quickly."

when the two escaped, they teased each other that they were poor, without swollen faces and fat faces, and had nothing to lose face.

as the saying goes:

ordinary company, the most peace of mind; those who understand you, the warmest.

the encounters between people are full of twists and turns. Fortunately, I have met someone who understands you.

when you are most distressed and helpless, he listens to your complaints, gives you a hug, and accompanies you to slowly digest the worst emotions.

he is like a warm light in your life, allowing you to build up the strength to move forward.

May there be someone who understands the pain behind you

there is a hot topic on Zhihu:

what kind of people should we find for the rest of our lives?

some people say, "I'm tired enough to be alive. I just want to find someone who warms me."

some people say, "in the final analysis, love still needs to return to fuel, rice and salt. I want to find someone who can make a living."

I like one of the answers very much:

"I hope to meet someone who understands me, because my life is too long, I don't want to make do with it."

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people live through all their own joys and sorrows, but they still hope to meet someone who knows how warm I am and who understands my joys and sorrows.

because you know that even if you don't say a word, even if the mountains and rivers are long, as long as you look back, there will always be someone waiting in the same place.

in this world, there are always some bumps and bumps, and the trenches are caught off guard.

if one person's pain is shared, no matter how tired it is, it can be halved; if one person's happiness is shared by two people, it will be doubled!

what is the rarest thing in the world? Probably just got it.

for the rest of my life, may there be someone who understands all the sufferings behind you, depends on your soul, and will be in the same boat from now on.

although, the years are long, and you are worth waiting for.