Men do not want to love you, will frequently say these four words to you!
Men do not want to love you, will frequently say these four words to you!
His attitude towards you is the temperature of loving you.


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it has been said that if a man falls in love with you, it must not be hidden, not in words, but also in other actions.

you can't hide the same truth if you don't love it.

the beginning of unlove is that he first breeds dislike in his heart. He will no longer tolerate you and understand you as before, but dislike you in words, indifferent to you in attitude and ignore you.

as Moroya said:

"nothing in the world can last long in forgetting and abandonment. Houses will collapse when they are abandoned, cloth will decay when they are abandoned, friendship will be weak when they are abandoned, and love will dissolve when they are abandoned."

when a man abandons his feelings and begins to dislike you and often says these four words to you, then he really doesn't want to love you anymore.

"are you bored? stay away from me"

there are thousands of ways to fall in love, one of the best of which is that two people have endless topics to talk about, endless lives to share, share everything with each other, and never get tired of each other.

when you know that the latest movie is good, share it with him, and he will respond enthusiastically to you;

when you know that a new gourmet restaurant has opened near here, tell him that if you want to go with him, he will cater to you;

when you complain to him about your unhappiness at work, he will solve your problems and make you happy.


when you fall in love with him, you are naturally willing to share what you have seen and heard and some thoughts with him, and he will listen carefully to your sharing and respond positively to you.

teacher he Jiong once said:

"in a relationship, the most important thing is not appearance, nor bread, nor even loyalty, but sharing."

indeed, sharing is the bond in the relationship, which binds the independent me and you into a close us.

A person who is willing to listen carefully to your sharing and respond enthusiastically, there is no doubt that he loves you.

however, when a man no longer wants to love you, his attitude towards you will change 180 degrees.

he is no longer enthusiastic about your sharing, but irritated; all your instructions sound boring to him, and even subconsciously say to you, "are you bored? stay away from me."

he begins to hate you and stops expressing his love to you. He will reply to your messages more and more slowly and often do not answer your phone calls.

when you see his performance and feel his indifference, don't give foolishly, because he is not worth it.

"Why are you so useless"

everyone is an ordinary person, not all things can be done, everything is done well.

there are times when you can't do well and make mistakes, which is perfectly normal.

but the scariest thing is not your mistake, but the incomprehension of your closest lover.

when you fail to do a good job in a moment of carelessness, he always makes a mockery of you: "Why are you so useless and can't even do such a little thing well?" then you must think carefully about whether he really loves you.

after all, a man who loves you is tolerant and understanding, and is willing to help you with that, rather than saying to you, "Why are you so useless?"

A man who often says this to you may no longer love you in his heart, just want to seize the opportunity to hit you, dig at you, and let you leave on your own.

as Zhang ailing said:

"when a man no longer loves a woman, it is wrong for her to cry, it is wrong to be silent, it is wrong to breathe alive."

when you love you, no matter how bad you are, he will tolerate you and take care of your feelings.

once he doesn't love you, no matter what you do, he can find fault and think you are a useless person.

when he always treats you like this, you should leave quickly so as not to get more hurt.

"what does this have to do with you"

two people who really love each other are each other's strongest backing and most loyal comrades-in-arms.

as Shu Ting said in to the Oak Tree:

"I must be a kapok near you, standing with you as the image of a tree."

"Roots, clenched in the ground, leaves, touch in the clouds."

two people go forward hand in hand, face ups and downs together, and meet the tests of life together.

once someone says, "what does this have to do with you", it is equivalent to drawing a clear line between him and you, so that the originally intimate relationship begins to be separated and the original strong relationship begins to become rusty.

your well-intentioned reminder will be superfluous because of his "what does this have to do with you"?

your caring question will be affectionate because of his "what does this have to do with you?"

sentence, "what does this have to do with you", pushes each other away and becomes two unrelated individuals.

seems to tell you, you go your way, I take my log bridge, from now onDon't be two wide.

maybe it was an angry remark that blurted out, but it was enough to make two people estranged.

if a man often says this to you, there is no doubt that he is giving you an eviction order.

because he no longer thinks about your feelings, no longer needs your care, and doesn't want to love you anymore.

"I've really had enough of you"

Lu Xun once said:

"Silence, silence, do not break out in silence, perish in silence."

and the sentence "I've really had enough of you" is the most hurtful word that breaks out in silence.

most of the time, the communication between lovers, as long as you encounter this sentence, no matter how good the relationship will be torn open and can never be healed.

those who really love you will always pay attention to their words, control their emotions, and will never say this to you and break your heart.

although there are many unsatisfactory things about you, even though you have done a lot of wrong things, the people who love you will still communicate with you well, even if they quarrel, they will not say hurtful words.

because he knows that all problems should be solved by communication, not by evil words or quarrels.

Communication requires both sides to be honest with each other, that is, two people have to communicate from the bottom of their hearts.

make it clear if there is a misunderstanding and if there is a grudge.

instead of saying "I've really had enough of you" in a few words.

if you meet a man who does not communicate well with himself and often says this sentence, I am afraid he has already given birth to two hearts and no longer loves you.

only men who no longer love you will lose patience, speak coldly to you and hurt you wantonly.

in heterosexual relationships, his words and deeds can reveal his attitude towards you.

his attitude towards you is the temperature of loving you.

therefore, you must open your eyes, observe the other person's words and deeds, and find that he often says these four words to you.

you should know that love is restraint. If the other person doesn't have you in his heart, he will open his mouth and hurt you wantonly.

since this is the case, you might as well let go early and give yourself a new future.

the sea of life, you are bound to meet the partner who tolerates you, understands you, dotes on you, and lasts forever with you.

, good night.


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