Men miss a person crazily, will not contact frequently, but …
Men miss a person crazily, will not contact frequently, but …
Love is never about words, but about practical actions.

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in the new season, debater Liang Qiuyang has a passage that impresses me:

"if there is one thing in this world that should not pursue efficiency, it is love."

after we work overtime, what makes us willing to put down our phones and forget the fragmented entertainment so that we don't have to rush to pursue a little bit of pleasure?

is our partner and lover.

when we know a sweet person, we can do nothing and smile in bed.

just look at the chat notes with her, you can see the whole voyage. "

Liang Qiuyang's words reveal the appearance of love.

when we love someone and miss someone crazily, we may not contact each other frequently, but we will do the following.

work hard for her

A reader once asked me:

Uncle, I have found a boyfriend and I feel quite good to me, but he refuses to go out and find a good job. He only knows how to play games at home every day. He spends his parents' money and hasn't changed after saying it several times. Can such a person be married?

I euphemistically gave a negative answer.

because in mature love, there must be a good man who is positive and progressive.

Life is not only romance, but also firewood, rice and oil. If you are determined to take care of you for the rest of your life, why not redouble your efforts to make yourself stronger?

I remember watching the TV series "Beijing Love Story" many years ago, in which the protagonist Cheng Feng was idle all day and was a veritable playboy.

however, after catching up with her true love, Shen Bing, the whole person has a complete makeover and works hard.

it is an instinct to love you and naturally want to make your life better.

he will not only be willing to be the man who spends 99% for you, but will work hard to become the man who has 10000 and spends 9999 for you.

pay special attention to her

I don't know if you have any such behavior, pay special attention to someone's moments or Weibo.

Yes, "special attention" is synonymous with care and love.

I know a guy who added his beloved girl's Wechat.

dare not disturb him all the time for fear that the other person will find him too annoying. But set her to "special attention" and strong reminder, the message must be back as soon as possible.

every one of her developments will seriously comment and like, and many of her moments are visible only to the other person.

as Duras said:

"if a person loves you, there will be love in his eyes. If not, there is only desire."

listen to the concern of all sides, panoramic tenderness, the right person, will rub love into the dribs and drabs of daily life.

there is only one you in your eyes and dreams.

boo her for warmth

without the feeling of care, it is like an expired cake, which is tasteless and a pity to eat.

when you are in trouble or difficulty, it is impossible for people who really have you in their hearts to turn a blind eye to it.

like Lu Licheng in Tonghua's works, after falling in love with Su Meng unconsciously, he always cares about her silently.

sold stocks for her, accompanied her to visit her parents in the hospital, and did everything a boyfriend should do.

love humbly, be careful, take care of yourself silently, and put up with yourself.

in the TV series, Zhong Hanliang performs such an infatuated man incisively and vividly.

tough guy Wu Jing said:

"the standard of a good husband is to find out your partner's needs like a follower, and give for her and satisfy her."

I think so.

caring about each other's thoughts, caring about each other's body, taking care of the cold and asking for warmth are all essential in the relationship.

Love is never about words, but about the above-mentioned performance.

, may you and Ta feel so excited that you are lucky to meet among thousands of people.

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