Men miss you, but do not contact you, most of them are like this.
Men miss you, but do not contact you, most of them are like this.
There is a kind of love that is full of blessings except fulfillment.

thinking of you is like running water, there is no time to be poor.

usually when a person has thoughts in his heart, he can't help but want to get in touch with each other, or even try to see him.

like some men, they miss you very much but don't contact you. Most of them have such a mentality.

it's not that I don't miss you, but I'm just afraid of disturbing you

when a man has true feelings for you, he will contact you from time to time, talk to you a lot, and even want to stay with you 24 hours a day.

but very often, because you are too concerned about your feelings, you will become cautious and dare not disturb you easily.

Kobayashi has been in love with Shanshan of his company for many years.

later, due to the need of work, Shanshan was transferred to the branch office. The two began a long-distance relationship.

long-distance love is very difficult, it can be said that the endless distance is far, endless is the bitterness of lovesickness.

that's right. The deep yearning for a loved one can only be expressed through Wechat or the phone.

one night, Xiao Lin called Shanshan. Shanshan was riding home on her bike. She was holding a mobile phone in one hand and the handle of the bike in the other. She accidentally bumped into a pedestrian, but fortunately nothing happened.

after Xiao Lin learned about this, no matter how much he missed Shanshan, he refrained from calling Shanshan at will.

gradually Xiao Lin contacted less and Shanshan felt the change of Xiao Lin, so she called to blame Xiao Lin.

Xiao Lin said to Shanshan:

"I miss you more when I don't contact you, but when I think of you busy working or walking on the road, I don't dare to disturb you for fear of causing you chaos."

in a relationship, a man who cares about you always hides his emotions and puts your feelings first.

if contacting you will bring you trouble, then he will refrain from missing you and not disturb you.

at this time, women will think that men don't love them.

in fact, it's not that men don't love you, they just care too much about you and care too much about your feelings and emotions.

if you feel that a man's connection is not superfluous or disturbing, respond positively and make him feel your need.

as long as you live well, it's enough

people will be reunited and separated, the moon will be full and missing.

in real life, there are always some couples who clearly love each other but fail to come together for various reasons, so they can only put their thoughts at the bottom of their hearts.

this is the relationship between Huang Zongze and Hu Xinger.

they had sweetness and heartbreak, and then they ended their eight-year relationship.

Huang Zongze once said on the program:

"I really want her to be happy and have a good life.


even if separated, the person he loves most is still her, and the person he misses most is her. It's just that this miss has become the most sincere blessing.

in the end, they all learned not to disturb and let go, as Hu Xinger said:

"Adult feelings are very simple and don't need too much concern."


she also buried the last affection in the bottom of her heart.

some people, miss, miss, unable to chase, can only keep that beautiful in their hearts.

maybe he will still pay attention to you silently and miss you, but he will not contact you, disturb you, or enter your world again, but wish you happiness with a smile.

if you really love someone, you will become very selfless. No matter what kind of relationship you are now, I hope you are better off than him.

as long as you live well, it will be enough.

the thoughts in my heart are silently watered down by time

each of us is looking forward to beautiful love, hoping to have you all our lives, kiss you before going to bed, hug you in the middle of the night, and wake up with you.

however, real life is cruel and will never make your feelings plain sailing.

Qian Zhongshu once said:

"Love is mostly unsuccessful, either suffering from the boredom of getting married, or suffering from the sorrow of not getting married at last."

just like the love between Lin Jianqing and Fang Xiaoxiao in the movie "later We", there is a kind of sadness that we can't get married in the end.

on a Spring Festival travel trip, Lin Jianqing happened to pick up Fang Xiaoxiao's ticket to rescue Fang Xiaoxiao, so he met.

then the two people rented a booth in the mall to sell accessories, lived in the basement together, knew each other, fell in love, and the two hearts slowly stuck together.

when the love was deep, Fang Xiaoxiao joked: "you say, we are so happy, will we break up in the future?"

Lin Jianqing told her disapprovingly, "No."

after leaving each other, they saw prosperity and met many different people.

but slowly, they all find that they are still missing each other.

however, no matter how much I miss it, I can't get together. Lin Jianqing formed his own family, and Fang Xiaoxiao is going to pursue his own happiness.

since then, the two people have become familiar strangers, no longer contact, no longer disturb.

the missing and love for each other in my heart can only be watered down by time.

Let bygones be bygones, memories are just memories. No matter how reluctant to give up, we can only give up; if we can't let go, we can only put it down.

after all, there is still a way to go.

as Tagore said:

"if you cry when you miss the sun, you will miss the stars again."

so, put aside your deep thoughts, hide your love, and don't look back. Your happiness is the best blessing for the past.

Wang Xiaobo once said in his book "loving you is like loving Life":

"if you want to, I will love you forever. If you don't want to, I will miss you forever."

A person misses you but doesn't contact you, mostly for fear of disturbing you, or if he loves but can't, he can only let go of himself and fulfill you.

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as the saying goes:

there is a kind of love that is full of blessings except fulfillment.

so, not all misses are hidden in contact, and there is a kind of extreme yearning called silent blessing.

as someone said:

"the best love is probably to wish you happiness, even if it has nothing to do with me."

, good night.

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