Men really care about your appearance, there is only one word
Men really care about your appearance, there is only one word
The more you care, the more distressed you are.

in a relationship, a woman always wants to measure her weight in a man's heart and judge how much he cares about him. In fact, it is not difficult. The word "pain" is obvious.

when men really love you, they will love you from the bottom of their heart, want to give you warmth, protect you well, don't want you to suffer, make you feel meticulous care, and take care of you all the time.

as the saying goes:

"to the world, you are only one person, but to those who love you and care about you, you are the world."

Life is not long. Women pursue love and yearn for marriage. In fact, they just want to find someone who "loves" them for the rest of their life.

Love you is to "hurt" you from the bottom of your heart

writer Zhou Guoping once said:

"to love someone is to love someone. If only infatuation, not distressed, such love still stays in the senses, not deep into the heart, often can not last. "

that's true.

my friend Swallow suddenly posted a wedding invitation in moments yesterday. When she sent her best wishes, she also shared her happiness with us. She said:

"when my husband courted me, even though the company was not on his way, he still picked me up from work, saying that he didn't want me to squeeze the subway.

he always has flat shoes and a thick coat in his car, saying that he is afraid that my feet will be tired if I wear high heels for a long time, and it is easy to catch a cold when it is cold.

now in order to let me sleep a little longer, he contracts for breakfast every day, does housework with me after work, and gives me a massage. "

We are all very glad that the swallow has met a beloved, because we really care about her, so we will think of her from her point of view, understand her, spoil her and love her.

tenderness can be camouflaged, vows can be fabricated, appearance can be modified, but love is out of a person's most instinctive, direct and sincere emotion and action.

A man who loves you will "love" you from the bottom of his heart, not on a whim or an empty promise.

but at the end of the details of life, in the daily fuel and salt, share your stress and pain, and give you warmth and happiness.

the more you care, the more distressed you feel

it is said that the most obvious way to love a person is to protect her everywhere, want to hold her in the palm of your hand, and don't want her to be hurt at all.

I still remember that the actress of the TV series "A Tree of Peach Blossom" met the man after her divorce. Unlike her ex-husband's constant demands and indifference, Tengyue gave extreme tenderness and encouragement to her life, career, and feelings.

he will help Sheng Kai wash her feet and buy Xiaolongbao what she wants to eat late at night.

he helped her out of the trough of her career and started a blooming pottery workshop;

he felt sorry for her inconvenience and bought her a car.

because the leap full of care, cured the blooming sensitive and fragile heart, so that blooming regained confidence in marriage.

say in full bloom:

"I used to love the wrong person and thought I was very tired, but now I understand that the person who really loves you and cares about you will not let you suffer."

in a relationship, a woman always yearns to be cared for and cared for, but a man who really cares about you will take action to meet your needs and give you the best he can if he doesn't need your reminders, waits or demands.

the more you care, the more distressed you are.

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he is afraid that he will not give you enough and take poor care of you, and he will take all your joys and sorrows to heart.

in this life, if you meet a man who loves you is the best blessing, you must cherish it.

the rest of my life is not long. Spend time with people who love you

the crowd is surging and the years are in a hurry.

those who don't care about you turn around and disappear into the crowd, while those who love you are unswervingly waiting by their side.

maybe he won't say sweet words, nor will he use the romance that moves you easily, but he will give you a lot of proper warmth and emotion.

he will rush to your office downstairs on an unexpected rainy day and hold up a reassuring and warm umbrella for you;

when you are uncomfortable during your period, he will take over the housework at hand and carefully cook a pot of light nutritious porridge for you.

when you are the weakest and saddest, he will stretch out his hands, hold you in his arms, and tell you firmly: "it doesn't matter, I'm here."


in front of those who are in pain, you don't need to hide your fragility, let alone pretend to be strong, just be who you really are.

he will silently support you, spoil you, give you support, give you shelter, give you relief, and shield you from the blizzard all over the world.

the rest of your life is not long. May you be with those who love you, cherish each other, be warm to each other, help each other, and stay with you until you grow old.

, good night.

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