Men who are really capable have these three characteristics and must make deep acquaintances when they encounter them.
Men who are really capable have these three characteristics and must make deep acquaintances when they encounter them.
Only when you are sincere, can you gain a bosom friend, keep your word, and win the hearts of the people.

there was a hot topic on Zhihu: "what is a capable man?"

there are different opinions below.

some say that "having a rich family and having a car and a house is the most important hard power of a man"; others say that "being able to speak well and have a wide range of contacts is the foundation for a man to settle down."

in fact, capable men do not rely on their parents, luck or eloquence, but on their strength, self-cultivation and quality accumulated over the years.

if a man wants to gain a foothold in society, he must have the following four characteristics!

keep a low profile and humility, do not show off

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the low ground becomes the sea, and the low man becomes king."

the sea is wide because it is low-lying enough, and people stand out and become king because they are humble enough.

in this world, there are people outside people and days outside the sky.

complacent success is just the insight of a frog in a well, and a low profile standing at a high level is the ladder to a higher peak.

through the ages, those who achieve great things must be modest, courteous and humble.

some time ago, Chen Daoming became a hot search again with his superb acting skills in Qingyu years.

in the play, he plays a thoughtful emperor, restraining and performing at a level, so that everyone goes deep into the scene and shudders.

some people sigh that Chen Daoming is hot again, and some people marvel that Chen Daoming is so good at acting.

as a matter of fact, when it comes to curry position, this uncle is not defeated at all.

the young man who was once in high spirits became popular by virtue of the Last Emperor and half the sky because of the besieged Fortress.

for so many years, whether it is a protagonist or a guest star, he will seriously polish every role and strive for perfection.

having won numerous film and television awards, he still keeps a low profile like an ordinary person on the set.

even if he doesn't have his own part in the play, he will sit by and watch silently and ponder over the acting methods of young people.

when it comes to dealing with others, he always keeps his character.

backstage at a Golden Rooster Award not long ago, Chen Daoming met the veteran artist Mr. Niu Kui.

from the crowd a few meters away, he began to bow and bend over.

and take the initiative to shake hands and say hello, with respect and respect all over the face.

in Chen Daoming, strength and fame have not become the reason for his arrogance. He is still the low-key and humble teenager he used to be.

living in a busy city, he has a touch of literati temperament, with a sudden sword air, and prefers to live in a simple place.

as David Hanson said, "people who really have knowledge and self-cultivation will not deliberately show off themselves."

keep three points in everything, do not underestimate others, let alone overestimate yourself. After all, if you walk too fast, you are easy to fall, and you are too crazy to be a human being.

modesty can fly higher, and keep a low profile can go further.

when people live all their lives, there is nothing to show off, much less to compare. You have your fame, I have my direction.

being humble, not arrogant and complacent, not teasing and showing off is the wisest principle of doing things.

steady and steady, not angry

as the old saying goes:

first-class people, capable, no temper;

an average person with ability and temper;

the last person is incompetent and has a temper.

keeping emotional stability is a basic feature of ability.

the more capable a man is, the less grumpy he is, because he knows clearly that it is much more reliable to be calm than to panic in the face of difficulties.

and there is no point in being angry except to make things worse.

emotionally stable men, such as the warm mountain wind, give sense of security.

A man whose emotions are out of control is like an indefinite time bomb that fills your life with a sense of crisis. Every day, it is like walking on thin ice. If you are not careful, it will be doomed forever.

when my friend Yaya first graduated, she had a boyfriend, and in the eyes of outsiders, she had a good figure and family.

at first, the two were attracted to each other and envied.

but the good times did not last long, and before long, Yaya found that her boyfriend was not only small-minded and low-minded, but also always lost his temper, often making people around him unable to get off the stage because of some small things.

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once, when I was driving out to play, the traffic jam was so bad that my boyfriend immediately swore, constantly plugging in the car, honking the horn, and yelling to get out of the car and beat people up.

as a result, there were so many people in the other party's car that his boyfriend could not beat him. Instead, he was beaten up.

Yaya is very angry about this. Obviously, some troubles can be avoided, but because of her boyfriend's bad temper, there is no reason for harm.

Yaya tried to communicate with her boyfriend, but she was overwhelmed by her boyfriend's impatient attitude and irascible tone.

"that's what I do. You can put up with it if you like, and get out if you don't like it!"

Yaya was fed up with her boyfriend's hot and cold ups and downs and decisively chose to break up.

later, Yaya met the incumbent again, he is a gentle and mature person.

after confirming the relationship, Yaya took her current position to eat with us in the restaurant.

not long after eating, the waiter accidentally spilled a bowl of hot soup on Yaya's boyfriend. I even heard him hum.

the waiter, a new employee, was terrified when he saw it and kept saying he was sorry.

Ben Eya's boyfriend would blame and complain, but instead he comforted the waiter and said, "it's okay, don't worry."

I just went to the bathroom, cleaned up a little, and then came back to have dinner with us, calmly and calmly.

later, Yaya said that when she went back, she found that her boyfriend's leg was red and swollen, and she was so distressed that she asked him, "Why aren't you angry?"

boyfriend said: "everyone makes mistakes, anger will not solve any problem, and it will affect the mood of you and your friends, it is not worth it."

Napoleon once said, "he who can control his emotions is greater than a general who can take a city."

I think so.

A man who is emotionally stable, mature and stable, prioritizes and does things in good order, like broad shoulders, giving you warmth and support, tenderness and greatness.

in a good relationship, a man's emotional stability is the best betrothal gift for a woman.

such a man deserves to be entrusted by a woman for a lifetime!

be honest and trustworthy, do not deceive

in a very popular job search program, there was such a guest.

he is the sales champion, in the face of the boss's various tricky questions, the answer is watertight, the business ability is very strong.

when the host asked, "in your experience, what is the best proof of your ability?"

the guest replied triumphantly, "in a training institution, I successfully sold a set of more than 5,000 courses to a sanitation worker with a monthly salary of 2,000."

then a boss concluded, "I don't doubt your ability, but I don't like your character."

it is true that in this era of rapid development, too many people like great achievements and are eager for quick success and instant benefits.

do not realize that if you use too many tricks to harm others, you will certainly suffer the consequences. If you cheat heaven and earth, you will only miss your own future.

the person who has the last laugh must be a person with outstanding ability and good conduct.

in ancient times, after Meng Xin was removed from office, his family was too poor to open the pot.

one day, taking advantage of Meng Xin's absence, the family sold the only sick cow in exchange for some silver taels.

unexpectedly, when Meng Xin got home, he was furious and immediately chased to the buyer's home, asked for the sick cow, explained the reason to the buyer and apologized.

later, the story that Meng Xin did not sell cattle spread in the city. after hearing this, the emperor felt that Meng Xin was reliable and a capable minister who could be entrusted with an important task, so he called him to Beijing and reinstated him.

it was not until his old age that Meng Xin returned to his hometown and made a story.

there is a saying in Mencius from Lou Shang: "those who are sincere are the way of heaven, and those who think of sincerity are the way of man."

dishonest people may take advantage of temporary petty profits, but they will never be the winners in the end.

to cultivate oneself with sincerity and trust, can we gain the respect and trust from the hearts of others.

only when you are sincere, can you gain a bosom friend, keep your word, and win the hearts of the people.

A man's character is far more important than his appearance, money and knowledge.

A man with reliable character can give you a lifetime of happiness; a man with bad conduct will only bring you endless pain.

when you meet men who are full of lies and calculations, please stay away as soon as possible!

Confucius said, "Virtue is like the source of water, and talent is like the wave of water."

people with abilities must be virtuous and talented, but virtue is fundamental.

moral character is the foundation, superficial behavior is face-saving, and capable men first keep their foundation, and then pay attention to face.

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