Mentality is the best capital.
Mentality is the best capital.
If the heart is clear, there will be no rainy days in life.

when I was young, I always thought that happiness was a thing, and when I had it, I was happy.

when you grow up, realize that happiness is a goal, and when you reach it, you will be happy.

until mature, only to find that happiness is a state of mind, understand happiness.

Dickens said: "

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A sound mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.


the biggest difference between people lies not in their intelligence, stupidity, wealth or inferiority, but in their mindset.

what kind of mentality you have, what kind of person you will become.

if you want to do well in this life, you must first have a good state of mind.

have a bigger heart

have seen such a story:

an old lady gave birth to two daughters, the eldest daughter married the umbrella seller, and the second daughter married the straw hat seller.

as soon as it was sunny, the old lady sighed and said, "it must be hard for the eldest daughter to sell umbrellas in such a big sun."

on a rainy day, she thought of her second daughter: "how can I sell my second girl's straw hat in such a heavy rain?"

so whether it's sunny or cloudy, the old lady always looks sad.

later, a wise man listened to the old lady's worry and comforted him:

"you should be happy, old man. You think, your eldest daughter's umbrella will be sold on a rainy day, and your second daughter's straw hat business will be very good on a sunny day. "

the old lady thought, yes, she will never be sad again.

most of the time, we are always like this when things happen. We like to cut corners and turn ourselves around to a dead end. But in fact, in a different state of mind, all problems can be easily solved.

you can't change the weather, but you can control your mood.

you can't control the environment, but you can adjust your mindset;

you can't extend the length of life, but you can expand its width.

state of mind, taken apart, means that the heart is a little bigger.

when you open your eyes to everything, you must be happy wherever you can.

stay optimistic

Life's ups and downs are common, and life is full of good and bad.

in times of grievance or misfortune, despair and decadence do not help. It is better to smile and shake hands with life.

Don't take it seriously with others, because it's not worth it, don't take it seriously with yourself, because you can't afford to hurt. I am the author of life, so there is no need to make the script miserable.

if you are under too much pressure and feel that you can't make it, find a comb and patiently comb your rough hair.

or stay in bed, listen to some favorite songs and let the music wash away the tiredness of the day.

as Roman Roland said, there is only one true heroism in the world, which is to recognize the truth of life and still love it.

if you have something to say, do something slowly. No matter what happens, remember to take care of your stomach first.

take a stroll around the steaming market, cook some of your favorite dishes, give yourself a small gift you've loved for a long time, and re-feel the little happiness that can cure you in life.

believe in yourself, you must be able to handle the chicken feathers properly, and you will be able to see the rainbow light after the rain.

everyone is tired sometimes, you should learn to cheer yourself up.

be happy every day and please yourself more in order to reap more gifts from fate.

learn to back down

if you want to be happy for longer, you must learn to comfort yourself and make more concessions.

in the face of the aggressive "garbage man", lose his temper and hold back his anger.

keep an open mind, look a little farther, and remember that it is a blessing to let one step be high and treat others with leniency.

be more considerate to those who are closest to you. It doesn't make much sense to spend time arguing about who is right and who is wrong.

if you want to go to the end with the one you love most, you should know how to give in moderately when you quarrel, and still cherish and be grateful after getting love.

it's not enough to fall in love, where do you have time to complain and blame? How can you resist the ups and downs of the world if you can't even be calm to the people you are closest to?

Let, not a kind of yield, but a kind of magnanimity; let, may be temporarily aggrieved, but can reduce conflict. Will let, you are the winner, give way, you are the wise man.

make way in front of friends, friendship will be more stable, in front of family, family will be more harmonious, and in front of colleagues, work will be easier.

A gentleman gives way to villains, courtesy; good people give way to bad people, give way to goods; men give way to women, give way to love; women let men give way to love.

those who smile and bow their heads are really smart people.

get out of the way, reduce unnecessary troubles in your life, and make your life more visible and beautiful.

Happiness is actually very simple

as the saying goes: things change with the heart, circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the heart.

the pain of life comes from having a hard time with yourself.

the heart is a collection of happiness, do not trap your heart in the calculation, and finally filled with pain; do not always indulge in difficulties, squeeze out the happiness that originally belongs to you.

learn to accept reality calmly, learn to say to yourself and let nature take its course, learn to face misfortune calmly, and learn to look at life positively.

Bai Luomei said:

"A game of chess in life, there is nothing we can do about winning or losing. When you are lost, you are mostly in the bureau, and when you realize it, the person is already outside the bureau.

If you look at everything in the mortal world with a peaceful state of mind, it is simple and clear; if you look at the world with a complex state of mind, you will be fascinated by the world. "

May you have a good mindset and store more happiness for the rest of your life.

remember that there is no impassable thing, only an impassable mood, if the heart is clear, there will be no rainy days in life.

May you always be in a good mood, be a happy person, read, run, work hard, care about your health, and become the best person you can be.