Most of the men who have this habit at dinner have bad character and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
Most of the men who have this habit at dinner have bad character and are not worthy of deep acquaintance.
There are many people who can eat together, but few people can eat together.


some time ago, my good friend Maomao went on a blind date.

the blind date is Dawei. He has a good family and looks good.

the two talked to each other very much on Wechat. They hit each other's eyes and made an appointment to meet for dinner.

but when you eat like this, you will have a problem with eating.

it turns out that Mao Mao has a light taste and is usually a vegetarian. But Dawei didn't ask her what she liked at all, so he took her to a Chongqing hot pot restaurant.

this is not over.

after sitting down, Dawei took the menu by himself because he was a regular customer, and while he was talking about the recommendation, he waved the dish with a big wave of his hand, and did not ask Mao Mao's advice at all.

when Mao Mao picks up, good guy, what spicy pot bottom, beef and mutton shrimp, duck intestines and pig liver …... He ordered a pile full of Dawei's favorite meat, but symbolically added a small cabbage.

Mao Mao doesn't have to be spicy, and he feels a little uncomfortable before he picks up a few bites.

while Dawei didn't notice, he was still eating excitedly, stirring it around in the soup with chopsticks and spitting residue and bones all over the table.

when eating, she keeps picking up food for Mao Mao with drooling chopsticks, advising her to eat more if she is too thin.

Maomao lost his appetite and a meal could only be broken up in discord.

at the end of the checkout, Dawei came out with a pile of colorful coupons, chatted with the merchant for a long time, and finally stared at the bill and murmured:

"if I knew I didn't order so many dishes, women just love to waste."

Mao Mao was so angry that as soon as he got home, he transferred the meal money to Dawei and put the other party on the blacklist.

can't help but make people laugh or cry.

A short meeting for dinner makes it so unpleasant that if you spend a long time together, I believe Mao Mao will still have to bear it.

in this case, it is better to stop the loss in time and get out as soon as possible.

maybe many people think that it's just a meal, it's no big deal.

but if you ask me, the knowledge of eating is very great.

you might as well observe more of the people around you while eating:

when ordering food, people who only think about their own preferences and seldom take into account the feelings of others, most people are very selfish in life and put themselves first in everything. When you are sad, he doesn't care, what he wants, you have to do.

the food is very ugly, and people who always eat and spit should live a very sloppy life, even if they look like people on the outside and make a mess behind their backs.

A person who only cares about petty gains and knows all kinds of concessions, but is reluctant to give up as soon as he gives money, is probably a cheapskate, not only about money, but also about a lot of things.


you see, what a person does when he eats is what he does in his life.

as the saying goes: eating is more likely to reveal your true self than your appearance.

so, if men have these habits when eating, and most of them have bad character, please stay away as soon as possible.

female writer Chi Li once told such a story:

she worked in a hospital when she was 27 years old. By chance, I became acquainted with an engineering man.

the other person is tall and handsome, the family condition is very good, and he has a bachelor's degree. He also likes sports, basketball and swimming. Chi Li was quickly moved, and the family was almost decided.

however, even so, the two didn't make it to the end.

the problem still lies in eating.

after the two fall in love, engineering men often come to Chi Li's unit canteen to eat, but they don't spend their own money, but Chi Li's meal ticket.

sometimes when the meal ticket is used up, Chi Li has to take a salary to post it, but the other party has no intention of compensation.

that's fine.

occasionally, they go out to eat out. The first time, Chi Li rushed to buy the bill, the other party was unconscious; the second and third time, Chi Li continued to pay the bill, the other side unexpectedly got used to it.

when you finish eating, the other person wipes his mouth, withdraws first, waits directly outside, and smokes on his own.

the performance at the dinner table made it clear to Chi Li that she was not a beloved person. Sure enough, later piles have also proved this point.

she spent more than two months' salary to buy a bed of Xiang embroidered satin quilt to make a wedding quilt, but he didn't even look at it.

she handed over her own handwritten novel, which he was not interested in, but flipped through a few pages perfunctorily.

she had a serious illness and didn't even have a pair of slippers in the ward, but he was out drinking and didn't even think of buying her slippers.


the so-called details can be seen in the character, but in the habit of seeing the hearts of the people.

if he is selfish and stingy at dinner, how can you expect him to be gentle and patient with you in life?

with such a man, a woman will live in a sea of misery all her life.

as Zhang Xiaoxian said: "Love begins and dies from the dinner table."

three cups of two small wines, two bowls of a plate of rice, eating, the nature will be exposed.

there is a cousin in the family. Before the engagement, the boyfriend came to visit and the family went to have dinner.

it was supposed to be a pleasure between the host and the guest, but when the meal was full, the waiter accidentally spilled soup on my aunt's skirt.

my boyfriend was furious on the spot, not only asked for a change of food, but also forced the waiter to apologize, and finally even the table manager was alarmed.

Auntie and father came home and had a sleepless night after tossing and turning, thinking about telling the watch.Sister, I don't think this man can marry.

but my cousin and her boyfriend have been in love for many years, how can they believe this evil?

my cousin's husband has a growing temper and is apt to get angry when he comes across a trifle.

the two had a big quarrel every three days and a small quarrel every two days. My cousin did not know how many tears she had shed, and in her bad marriage, she was tortured into aged woman.

nothing more than because the table is a magnifying glass.

details that you don't normally notice can often be magnified during a meal.

people who are selfish at dinner will only be more selfish in life;

people who are considerate at dinner will be more considerate in their feelings.

therefore, when eating, it is necessary to observe each other's habits, see clearly each other's character, and then decide whether this man is worthy of deep acquaintance.

otherwise, you will regret for the rest of your life.

the so-called life is nothing but eating and drinking.

if you want to have a long relationship, you can't open your stomach and stomach.

most of the time, we are looking for lifelong lovers, in fact, we are also looking for lifelong dinner friends.

so at this time, his habits at the dinner table are very important.

know a young couple. The man's hobby is light, while the woman's love is not spicy. The two tastes are poles apart, but the relationship is sweet and sweet.

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it was only once when they were the host to treat me to dinner that I understood the secret.

at the dinner table, the husband asked the guest to order first, and when he went all the way back to his hand, most of the menu was light.

and him? Instead of placing an order directly, she took into account his wife's taste and made up two of her favorite Mapo tofu and rattan pepper fish.

during the meal, the husband is even more considerate. First set the table carefully, and then skim off the floating foam on the soup noodles, while chatting with friends, while not snubbing his wife.

the dinner table is so sweet, let alone in life.

it is said that when they eat at home, the husband always prepares two bowls:

A bowl of chili noodles is put, the dish is light, and the wife dips some chili herself.

put a bowl of water, the dish is spicy, he rinses it in the water.

even if all the romance returns to diesel, rice, oil and salt, the little life is still peaceful and beautiful.

see the whole leopard at a glance, and know late autumn by seeing a leaf.

although the habits of eating are only the smallest details, between a bowl of chopsticks and a vegetable can reveal a man's true character and let you see whether he is worthy of deep acquaintance.

eat, eat in the mouth, is the ups and downs, taste the heart, is the joys and sorrows.

Don't be blinded by sweet words, just look at his performance at the dinner table.

A man with a really good character will take care of your feelings and understand your emotions.

if every time you have dinner with him, you will feel relaxed and happy and look forward to the next dinner.

then you can live happily every day of your future life.

as said in "unparalleled in the World":

"the so-called affectionate love is that you have me in you and you in me. It turns out that eating alone is not as happy as having dinner with two people."

for decades of life, there are many people who can eat together, but very few people can eat together.

Don't be impatient if you don't meet.

if you meet, don't miss it.