Mothers love to dress up, which is the blessing of their children all their lives.
Mothers love to dress up, which is the blessing of their children all their lives.
There are no ugly women, only lazy women.


there was a hot topic on the Internet before: do you think it is necessary for a woman to dress up after having a baby?

mothers said one after another: "how do you have time to work hard to do housework and take care of children every day?" Children don't know about beauty and ugliness, and they don't need to dress up. "

it is said that children do not dislike their mother's ugliness, let alone ugliness, but they do not realize that children are far more sensitive than you think.

looking at it, which child doesn't want his mother to be beautiful and delicate?

loving beauty is the nature of children

colleagues have strong business skills, but the desktop is always a mess.

once the bid PPT was messy and unclear, and she was advised to pay attention to the board and logic, but she said:

"as long as the content is fine, the appearance is flashy, so there is no need to care about it."

in fact, if you peep into the details, you will find that Duoduo is not only careless in work, but also disorganized in life, let alone grooming yourself.

the most impressive thing is her long-lasting oily hair.

sometimes colleagues jokingly mentioned, Duoduo always said: "washing hair is too troublesome, stick to it, wash once a week."

as everyone knows, at work, her irritable hair makes her thinking more confused, so that she does things carelessly.

every time she has a meeting, she always scratches her head and gets distracted, and the boss often politely advises her to pay attention to her image and concentrate.

these bad habits in adulthood are largely due to the imperceptible influence of parents in childhood.

Duoduo was taught by her mother when she was young that "those who are well-dressed are indecent women". They always pick up clothes that have been worn by others, even if they occasionally buy new clothes, considering that they are longer, they also buy them two sizes bigger.

the children's love of beauty faded in the broad and dirt-resistant clothes. In the growth career, Duoduo gradually become self-abased and unconfident, and even take chaos and ugliness as the standard.

in fact, for children, clothes do not need to be gorgeous, but they should be clean, neat and decent within their ability, because it conveys a love of life

you can't draw a big picture on a blank sheet of paper in your child's life, but don't splash ink on the life at the beginning and overturn the color palette.

Don't think that children are young and don't know anything. In fact, children also distinguish between beauty and ugliness, and they also know good and evil.

psychologists have done an experiment that shows that children already have an aesthetic similar to that of adults in infancy.

and with age, children's thirst for beauty will increase day by day.

many mothers may have this experience:

will put on my mother's high heels and pretend to be an adult.

these are all manifestations of children's pursuit of beauty, which is the result of their nature.

as the child's first teacher, a mother should correctly educate her child on the definition of "beauty".

teach patiently and lead by example. Don't stifle a child's beauty-loving nature.

mothers like to dress up, while children are more confident

A friend who is a kindergarten teacher said that after working for a period of time, you will find that there are two situations when a mother goes to pick up her children.

one is that when a child sees his mother, he runs to beg for a hug and introduces his mother to his classmates.

the other is that the child walks slowly out of the classroom and is told by his mother to hurry up, but does not want to listen, but silently bows his head and is not even willing to hold hands.

and most of these two situations are related to the dress of the mother.

many parents do not care about the external image, but do not realize that your dress affects their children's self-confidence invisibly.

the mother is untidy and untidy, which will deal a blow to the child's self-esteem. If it is serious, it will also cause the child to have a sense of inferiority and even begin to dislike the mother.

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if the mother is well-dressed and well-dressed, the child will smile on his face, be full of pride, and be brimming with self-confidence.

as psychologist Zhang Yiyun said, "the more fashionable the mother is, the more confident the child is; the better the mother is, the prouder the child is."

A mother who knows how to dress up is a role model and pride for her children.

of course, dressing up doesn't mean how gorgeous decorations or expensive brands are. If you look closely, you will find that the praise in the child's mouth is all due to the mother's clean and tidy dress:

as long as it is in line with their own temperament, simple, generous and neat dress, it will always brighten people's eyes and make children happy and satisfied.

the mother is the "reference" of the child's life. The child is just like the mother.

if you are untidy, TA will also be dirty and untidy.

if you are out of order, TA will be out of order and out of order.

you are neat and self-disciplined, and TA is naturally exposed, clean and bright.

A mother who likes to dress up can set a good example for her children and make them more confident, which is a blessing for their children all their lives.

Love to dress up is the cure for everything

there are always people who say that life is too difficult and fate is too bitter, but because of this, we should learn to be happy.

combing and washing carries the pursuit of beauty.

one by one, it conveys the attitude of not giving up.

put it away, it is full of love for life.

Guo Wanying was called the last aristocrat in the Republic of China.

even in the trough of her life, she still tidies up properly, wears an elegant cheongsam and combs her hair in a neat bun to brush the toilet.

in this terrible environment, everyone is waiting to see this rich joke, but she leads a good life with her children.

steaming cake on the stove in an aluminum pan;

put the picked wild flowers into the glass bottle in the house;

buy a chick as a pet for your son and tell him to take good care of him.


this diamond-like woman, never as low as dust, engraved her delicate pursuit of life in her bones. It is this pursuit and love that makes all the tribulations less difficult.

also because of the influence of the mother, the children have added a lot of happiness, even in the face of setbacks and difficulties, still full of hope and positive face.

if you want to have a beautiful life, the first thing you need to do is to make yourself look good.

A person who loves to dress up pursues a sense of ritual in everything and is passionate about the people and things around him. Even if he encounters tribulations, he will directly attack difficulties and get rid of misfortune.

A person who doesn't like to dress up may not be very sloppy, but they lack passion for life, lack of feelings about their surroundings, and will not bring joy and happiness to the family, so their children will not have a sense of happiness.

only when you love yourself can you love life; only when you love life, life will be kind to yourself.

you might as well dress yourself up so that you have the mood to keep your family clean and tidy, when you spend a lot of effort

, they will make themselves more happy and create a warm and comfortable environment for their children.

Life never abandons a person who has demands of himself.

if you want to be respected by life, you must first respect life, dress appropriately and dress well, which do not seem to be worth mentioning.

, in fact, it is the cure for all bad emotions.

after all, there is nothing more joyful than being beautiful!

as the saying goes: there are no ugly women, only lazy women.

A mother who loves to dress up not only makes her eye-pleasing, but also wins her child a business card that is close to and recognized by others.

for children, dressing up is not only enlightenment, but also guidance.

Mom should make a good demonstration to let them understand and understand beauty, so that they can learn to pursue the quality of life, improve their sensitivity to beauty, and become a person who understands, appreciates and creates beauty.

encourage each other!