Never be too nice to a person.
Never be too nice to a person.
The thinnest feelings, the coldest but the hearts of people.

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once saw a post on the Internet:

# what is the reason to regret not knowing # earlier?

there are different opinions below, and one of them replied: "six percent drunk and seven percent full. Never be too kind to a person."

not everyone has this thing of sincerity. Leave it to those who are worth it, so that they will not be disappointed.

people who always think of others are often heartbroken and have no choice but to clean up for themselves.

in the relationship, come and go, keep in touch at the right time, the relationship between two people can be long and stable.

the thinnest feelings, the coldest hearts

it is said that people's hearts are mutual, and if you dig your heart out to a person, you will get a lifelong confidant.

but few people tell you that the lesson may be a lifetime lesson.

most of the time, you think that if you think about everything for others, others will cherish you, but the human heart is far from as simple as you think.

have seen such a piece of news:

A woman knelt in the street crying bitterly, clinging to another woman's hand:

"I lent you 600000, and if you give me back 500000, I won't say anything."

it turns out that the two men are friends and are very close on weekdays.

therefore, when a woman lends money to her so-called "best friend", she does not expect to write an IOU at all. As a result, the "best friend" does not admit it after receiving the money.

there is a piercing saying: "

now the people who borrow money are grandchildren, and it is the uncle who pays the money back. You were kind enough to help him, but what you got was bite the hand that feeds you. "

in this world, the thinnest feelings and the coldest hearts. That's about it.

think of an experience of the painter Qi Baishi.

Qi Baishi painted a picture of "loquat ripe" for "Old friend" for the first time. After the other party got the painting, he did not pick up the pen and said goodbye again and again.

the second time, when he came to ask for a painting, the old man Baishi had an idea and added a limerick to the painting to remind his "friend":

We met last year but asked for painting, but today we ask for fish.

to pay tribute to Li Jushi, a poem is a Dear John letter.

at this point, this "old friend" is no longer ashamed to ask Qi Baishi for painting.

A painting is a landscape to others, but to a painter it is a means of survival. Why don't you take it for nothing?

the ancients said: "the kindness is light and strong, and those who are strong first forget its benefits; those who are not strict and lenient should not be strict and broad, and those who are lenient before severe complain about their coolness."

the nicer you are to a person, the less he takes you seriously; the more you give without a bottom line, the more he will take it without restraint.

sometimes, refuse when you should, get angry when you should be angry, don't wronge yourself, and encourage each other's arrogance.

for those who don't know how to cherish and keep their palms up, it's okay to be a difficult person to get along with.

when you don't get a response, you should know that enough is enough

the book says: love does not know where it comes from, but it goes deep.

those who are passionate can live to die for love, and when they die, they can live for love.

what I fear most is that during this life and death, all the desperation is just your wishful thinking.

you know, there is really not so much heart-to-heart comparison in this world. The nicer you are to a person, the more embarrassed you will be when you lose. The more energy you put into it, the more painful it will be when you get hurt.

Love is a double dance. It doesn't matter if both of them don't dance well. Sadly, only one person is dancing and the other is standing next to him.

remember that Simon Bova once said something like this:

"I'm eager to see you, but it's only meaningful when you want to see me, too."

A good relationship is not blindly given unilaterally, but you come and go and miss each other.

if there is no reply to send a message, do not send a second message;

if there is always no answer on the other end of the phone, don't chase it.

in this era of mobile phones, it's not that he can't see your mind full of thoughts, but he just doesn't want to go back.

so if you don't get a response, that's enough.

the long-term and comfortable relationship between people depends on generality and attraction, rather than blindly giving and moral self-touching.

as the saying goes: people are afraid of indifference, the heart is afraid of hurt.

those feelings that come to an end without a disease get cold bit by bit in the cold.

there is no aloof person in this world, it's just an excuse not to love.

all gentle giving should have an affectionate response. If not, you should learn to stop the loss in time, be more self-aware and less affectionate.

May you no longer wronge yourself, please any indifference, and live up to your heart for the rest of your life.

this is the most correct way to deal with a relationship.

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there is a measure of being a man, and a degree of kindness

means to know how to grasp a degree in interpersonal communication. Beyond this degree, interpersonal relationship is likely to turn to the opposite.

in life, no matter whether it is friendship or love, we can not escape the law that care leads to chaos and that things go to extremes.

the more energy you put in, the more painful it will be when you get hurt.

it is precisely this reason that the so-called "raising rice to nourish grace, fighting rice to raise hatred".

I have read a story.

the beggar went to a house to beg, and the master gave him ten yuan. The next day the beggar came home again, and the master still gave him ten yuan, which lasted for two years.

suddenly one day, the man only gave the beggar 5 yuan, and the beggar was angry: "used to give me 10 yuan a day, but give me 5 yuan today. Where's your conscience?"

the man replied, "I'm married and have a lot of places to use money."

the beggar was unhappy when he heard the words. "how can you give my money to others?"... "

if you were that kind person, what would you do?

there is a classic saying on the Internet:

"if you give someone a dollar a day, as long as you don't give it one day, that person will hold a grudge.

give someone a slap every day, as long as one day does not give, that person will be grateful. "

if you dare to be good enough to be unreserved, others will dare to be unscrupulous; if you have an edge in your kindness, the bad guys will stay away from you.

there is nothing wrong with keeping a good heart, but it also needs to have a bottom line. If you give it to the wrong person, it will only encourage the arrogance of evil, and if you give it to the right person, you will not be disappointed.

the world is changeable and the human heart is unpredictable.

Don't be too full at any time.

leave some space for others and some leeway for yourself, so that life can advance and retreat freely and relax.

in the TV series "extended Jubilee Strategy", Queen Fucha asked:

"if you are good to a person, must you let him know?"


Wei Lulu replied:

"naturally, if I give three points, I have to let him see five points, and if I give five points, I have to give him ten points. Only in this way can I be fair and just. If I keep giving behind my back, no one knows how to cherish it."

if only one party blindly gives and accomplishes his or her feelings, the more likely he is to be disappointed in the end.

so, when dealing with a relationship, you should learn to "stop it".

as the saying goes, "when the moon is full, it loses; when the water is full, it overflows; when the flower is full, it declines, and when you love it, you are crazy."

the same is true of human feelings. Only when love is just right can it be filled with joy.

I hope you can understand that a comfortable relationship at any time is to let nature take its course and there is no need to please hard.

any relationship that needs to be flattered is not worth giving away.

May you not lose heart when you get hurt or give up in despair for the rest of your life. May you continue to have the courage to love and the luck to be loved.