Never blame anyone in your life.
Never blame anyone in your life.
May you and I spend the rest of my life with gratitude, free and easy relief, no regrets, but perfection.

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keep meeting and parting with other people along the way.

come and go, stop-and-go, everything is doomed.

instead of struggling with bad memories, it's better to let go of all the experiences.

just like this sentence:

"No matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life and will teach you something."

beloved, make life better; passers-by, make your will more tenacious.

so never blame anyone in your life.

people who help you make you grow

when you are alive, you meet thousands of people.

not everyone will take care of your feelings; not everyone will take you to heart.

someone once said: "the warmth of the heart is what everyone yearns for, but it is always rare."

in this world, treating each other sincerely is the most difficult to find.

because of this, those who can give us help and warmth in desolate years are even more precious.

some time ago, I watched the variety show "actors please get in place". There was a scene starring Wen Zhengrong and Huang Mengying.

Wen Zhengrong can obviously understand the character more quickly than Huang Mengying, who doesn't have much acting experience.

so when she was filming, she worked as a director and an actress, teaching Huang Mengying when to exit and when to speak.

even dragged Huang Mengying in costume, rehearsing over and over again, striving for every look and every body in place.

the best relationship between people is to achieve each other.

if you are lucky enough to meet someone who can give yourself a hand at a critical moment, your life will be pleasantly surprised.

there is a poem that says, "when you meet a bosom friend at the end, your belly is hungry."

those who help you in your life are the ones who come to ferry you.

they reach out when you are in distress, accompany you when you are sad, and help you when you are poor.

not only gives you material help, but also gives spiritual encouragement, stimulates your motivation and illuminates your life.

because I met them, I learned to be grateful, to be strong, and to grow up.

the person who hurt you gives you experience

No one can be plain sailing in his life.

someone loves you, someone hates you; someone helps you, someone hurts you.

ups and downs, ups and downs, is the normal state of life.

but there is a good saying: "without wind and rain, how can you see a rainbow?"

only after experiencing betrayal can one learn to mature; after experiencing lies, one can learn to distinguish; only after experiencing injury can one learn to be strong.

is the so-called bath quenching, Nirvana transformation.

I have heard such a story.

A woman, after the death of her mother, encountered the cheating and betrayal of her lover and the estrangement between brother and sister, so she never recovered and washed her face with tears all day.

it was not until she was completely alone that she realized that she had to extricate herself from the pain.

she actively searches for materials, reads hiking guides, attends first aid training courses, and prepares to begin a difficult hiking journey.

she is Cheryl Streeder.

it was that bad experience that gave her more courage.

after that, she picked up her writing dream again and wrote out of the Wild, an autobiography that swept 17 Book of the year Awards.

there is a saying in the book: "Great disillusionment should give rise to greater hope."

all the injuries in life will eventually turn into armor and become the strongest place on your body.

therefore, there is no need to complain about those who hurt you, because experience can be gained in them.

when I met them, I honed my mind, enhanced my wisdom, awakened my self-esteem, and inspired my potential.

Don't be grateful, but learn to let it go.

after all, it is those experiences that make our lives more complete and tenacious.

people who love you give you warmth

years are ruthless and life is desolate.

but there are always some people who come with warmth across the vast sea of people;

there are always some people who walk through the warmth of the world and accompany you gently.

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in the dark, they lend a helping hand, comfort and encouragement;

when they are sad, they never give up and give care and love.

such love makes people warm.

just like the writer Xue Xiao Zen once said:

"the more you go forward, the more you find that you want to be with a warm person who gives you energy and time to make you feel grand in this world.


A netizen once talked about his own experience.

she passes through the same street when she commutes to work every day.

there is a Chinese restaurant where the owner burns pig's feet with a small gas tank every morning.

the sound is very loud, and the spark is frightening.

so every time she passed by, she covered her earsHey, trot, let's go.

he didn't start his spraying work until he watched her go a long way.

that feeling, like the March breeze, blows gently on the cheek, without trace, but warms the heart.

the greatest luck in life is to be loved.

No matter how cold the world is, as long as there is such love and warmth, it is worth living with tears in our eyes and smiling.

never blame anyone in your life.

in the world, all encounters are fate.

they will teach you something that, whether it is good or bad, will become an integral part of your life.

so don't worry, don't be obsessed.

what should be left will not be separated, and what should be left will eventually go far.

the only thing we need to do is to learn to be bearish and not to struggle or complain.

know how to return and be grateful to those who help you;

in the face of those who hurt themselves, know how to let go and turn around;

in the face of those who warm themselves, know how to pass and cherish.

in this way, in the world of mortals, we can use time as a matchmaker to achieve perfection.

May you and I spend the rest of our lives feeling grateful, free and easy, no regrets, only perfection.

the book is published under authorization.