Never marry a man like that!
Never marry a man like that!
A person's attitude towards housework determines the temperature of a home.

M á rquez once said: "Daily trivialities are more difficult to avoid than the great disasters of marriage."

and housework is undoubtedly the most trivial worry in an intimate relationship.

A person's attitude towards housework determines the temperature of a home.

for a time, a variety show "Men who do housework", which focuses on men doing housework, frequently appeared on the hot search.

the most typical of them is the Wei Daxun family.

in order to avoid housework, Wei Daxun and his father fought wits with Wei's mother, preferring to walk out rather than go home to work.

back home, father and son "fancy" sofa paralysis, reflexive paralysis, free paralysis, curly leg paralysis …... The interpretation of strength can lie down and never sit.

Father Wei even made a lot of mistakes in mopping the floor. he even poured the water that had washed the mop into the kitchen sink and staged "Elder Buzz Di" in the kitchen, which made the guests laugh.

in fact, whether stars or ordinary people, doing housework has always been a headache.

in the words of Father Wei, "it's not that I can't do it, I just don't want to do it."

but the real marriage life is not only piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops, but also endless housework in addition to firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea.

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however, in many families, men and women do not pay equally in housework.

data show that most women in China not only have to take part in work, but also devote more time to housework than men.

Men with low EQ take this for granted. Inside and outside the woman, the woman should do the housework and the woman should take care of the children.

there is a question on Zhihu: what are the triggers of family conflicts?

some people say

because of money




because of the child's educational concept

but not

, others say

the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the culprit







there are only two words,

was praised

at most:


if you want to say the most conciliatory

people hate

housework, that mop can definitely be pushed into the top three.

even if you want to sweep the floor before dragging, you have to keep dragging

bend over, change water, wash mop

, if you have to rub hard when you encounter stubborn stains, the old waist will be wasted, which is really tiring.

do people who have children or pets at home have the same experience--

when the floor has just been dragged, there is no time to dry it, and the bear child steps back and forth with footprints. In case he stumbles accidentally,

is even more worrying.

for me, who is slightly addicted to cleanliness, I really resist washing the mop, let alone the dirty water after washing the mop.

but complaining is inevitable. Who doesn't want to have a clean and tidy home? All we can do is to make the housework easier.

try not to use manpower if you can give it to the machine.

at this point, foreigners can be said to be exquisite. When we were still using traditional mops, people already used electric mops.

Today's recommended

Shark small whirlwind electric mop


it is popular in many countries in Europe and America,

before it was useless, I questioned the IQ tax. After using it, I immediately bought one for my mother. Blood is thicker than water, and I can't enjoy good things alone.

I don't have a fancy experience. To sum up, there are three points--

1. Rotate the mop at high speed without stooping.

it usually takes an hour to mop the floor, but now it only takes 10 minutes.

2, super love

automatic cleaning mop function, you can shake it dry after washing!


can be mastered with one hand,

every time mopping the floor is like taking a walk, the child can also operate it.

some people may say that the electric mop should also be operated by hands, so wouldn't it be better to buy a sweep-mop robot?

it's really convenient to sweep and drag all-in-one robot, but no matter how intelligent it is, no one is smart.

cannot identify complex household blind spots such as stairs and nooks and crannies.

another thing is that it is expensive. The average price on the market is three or four thousand,

but for small households, there are not many cleanable areas.

is a bit "overqualified".

now the functions of smart home products are becoming more and more gaudy, what Bluetooth technology what sterilization and elimination of mites, the price is also raised a lot, but in fact, many functions are IQ tax.

so now I don't believe what the advertisement says, nor do I expect an electric mop to create any tricks.

just drag it clean and easy.

talk about cleaning power first,

Shark small whirlwind can rotate 150 times per minute,

compared with manual mopping, the efficiency is not the slightest improvement.

High-speed rotation brings strong cleaning power, even if

Kitchen grease

, it's also a piece of cake for Little whirlwind.

nextTest upgrade, clean bear children

graffiti under Mark's pen,

is also easy.

of course, the traditional mop can be cleaned with a little effort.

but as long as the electric mop slides gently, you don't have to bother.

because high-speed rotation will produce forward traction, you only need to gently hold and control the direction, and you can even play with your mobile phone or read a book while mopping the floor.

without having to bend down as hard as before.

use a very vivid metaphor,

mopping the floor becomes as easy as walking, and children can also control it.

Electric mop comes with water tank,

as long as you pour a glass of water before dragging, you can drag the complete house.

such a design saves the need for

change water frequently

this is a big problem.

I also share my tips here--

the weather has turned cold recently,

catch a cold

enters the high incidence period, so I will add

disinfectant, sterilize the home

; if you have a wooden floor at home, you can also

add wax, mop the floor and maintain the floor at the same time,

Don't mention too much trouble.

encountered some stubborn stains,

you can also press the sprinkler button,

it's really convenient.

the point is that unlike ordinary mops, the mop is still wet no matter how dry it is. Shark small whirlwind can not be said to dry immediately, but because of the lack of water,

No water stains or footprints will be left after dragging.

for families with children or the elderly, the hidden danger of slipping is also solved.

here is specially enlarged and thickened, because I want to introduce the shark small whirlwind super poke my automatic cleaning function!

Let's first take a look at the mop that finished the floor.

come on, be talented. Wash the bottled water, put the small whirlwind down, press the cleaning button, and it will "whoosh"

wash the dirty mop.

A minute later, when the LED light is on, you need to move your little feet and step on the dehydration pedal, and it will "knock"

shake off the mop.

figuratively speaking, it is like a "washing machine".

Let's take a look at the cleaning effect, and finally solve the century problem of "why the mop can never be washed clean".

my family is not big, and there are many furniture and appliances, so

Wireless design of Shark Little whirlwind

pokes me, too. You can run all over the house.

the handle can be rotated flexibly,

so it can be dragged to some clean corners such as the feet of the table, the corner of the wall, the bottom of the sofa and so on.

it takes 60 minutes to recharge electricity,

for the ultimate lazy person like me, it is not very strong, but I have learned that the electric mop on the market usually lasts 30 minutes, which may be a technical barrier to the industry.

according to the calculation of procrastination for 10 minutes, this battery life is enough, at least you don't have to recharge every time you use it.

installation is also very convenient,

they are all stuck and do not need to be screwed.

the mop is thick,

it's okay to use it for a year,

loading and unloading is also very convenient.

many people may not be familiar with Shark, but it is

Foreign brands with top sales of high-tech cleaning products even surpass Dai * and become popular

9 countries-including China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

has a 22-year history, and the R & D team is from Boston. Its products include vacuum cleaners, steam mops, electric mops, floor-sweeping robots, etc. More than 78 million products have been sold in North America in the past 10 years.

this is equivalent to an average of 1 out of every 2 North American households who have purchased Shark.

finally, when it comes to price, it is not cheap. But in the selection and purchase of household appliances, I would rather spend more money to buy high quality, because the quality does not pass this and that problem before long, it is very outrageous.

of course, I will not say "make you fall in love with mopping the floor" empty talk, after all, I, like you, do not like to do housework. It's just that it makes it easier to mop the floor, so put it this way--

I usually mop the floor for at least an hour, but now I use it to finish 200 square meters of house in 10 minutes.

the time and energy saved to do what you like, I have to say, smells good.

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