Never set the moments to be visible for three days!
Never set the moments to be visible for three days!
May the rest of my life be busy and record my life.

I don't know since when, many people's moments can only be seen for three days, and the relationship between people is becoming more and more strange.

moments can be seen for three days, just like you are at home with a lock at the door.

cut off the interruptions, but also the concern.

now I don't even like to post on moments

when Wechat was first popular, people often shared the joys and sorrows of their family, children, and even life on moments.

send a circle of friends to see who left a message and liked it. I think it's fun. Why are fewer and fewer people posting it now?

some people say: in the past, there were all friends in the circle of friends, but now there is everything in the circle of friends.

Yes, now there are not only friends, but also classmates, teachers, relatives and colleagues, and even peers and strangers in Wechat.

send a sad circle of friends to block relatives for fear that they will worry.

Look for fabulous pastel bridesmaid dresses and be the spotlight of crowed? This is the perfect place for your stunning collection!

post a circle of friends to block the boss for fear that the boss will be unhappy.

you have to think twice about posting family conflicts, negative emotions, and even posting pictures of yourself.

there are always too many rules in life, even if you post on moments or anything, there will be people pointing at you.

so, don't send it at all.

more and more people are getting tired of moments, and many of them are advertisements.

so, some people block, some block, some complain everywhere.

emotional disconnection will fade

do you have such a moment when you suddenly miss someone one day?

Open Wechat, find his profile picture, click on moments and see nothing.

I don't know how he's doing now, and I don't know how the topic begins.

so I silently turned off the chat box.

I think the saddest thing is that the person you care about suddenly ceases to be in a state and seems to disappear into your world.

there is no way to know if I want to see how he is doing, so there is less and less common topic until it drifts away.

the relationship between people is like building a house, which needs to be accumulated brick by brick and protected bit by bit.

there are some people you thought you could see whenever you wanted to, and some things you thought could be like yesterday as long as you wanted to.

We always think that the future will be long, but we forget that feelings and non-contact will fade away.

you can post whatever you want

once saw such a sentence:

"Don't worry about your image being ruined. People who know you know you, but those who don't know you don't know you."

Yes, in my own moments, I can post whatever I want.

Life also needs a sense of ritual:

when I see a piece of beautiful scenery, I want to share it for more people to see.

when there is a happy thing, I want to share my happiness on moments.

when I'm in a bad mood, I don't want to talk to someone. I just want to record my mood at the moment.

if the heart is simple, life is simple; if the heart is complex, life is full of pain.

whether it is happy or sad, whether it is proud or lost, I record it carefully and share it generously.

, may the rest of my life be busy and record my life.

when I am old, I sit in the rocking chair, watching the flowers blossom and recalling the past.