Nine metaphors, talk about life (incisive! )
Nine metaphors, talk about life (incisive! )
The best work in my life is myself.


Life is like a play

"at the end of life, the road of life is long."

Life is like a big play, there is no rehearsal, there is no script, every day is live, full of shock and surprise.

in the ups and downs, we are directors, screenwriters and actors. Over the years, our roles have changed, either as a father as a son or as a mother as a wife and a daughter.

along the way, there is a lot of responsibility and pressure, and there are small episodes from time to time, which let us constantly practice our hearts and our acting skills.

put on the mask, sore into the stomach, tears flow to the heart, but try to smile, occasionally deceive others, occasionally deceive themselves.

in the hot summer and cold winter, get up early in the morning and night, crawl and roll, move forward steadfastly, no longer care about other people's comments, no longer wait for other people's approval.

stand on your own stage, give your heart, act as you are, enjoy yourself, and get better.

Life is like grass

"Let the wildfire burn forever, the spring breeze will still flourish."

in this life, how much wind and sun, rain and thunder, in the face of ups and downs, we constantly adjust our mentality, do not admit defeat, do not give up.

take root silently, heal yourself, always believe that the world is worth it, if you go on, there will be spring.

it is increasingly clear that there is no need to compare with others. Flowers have the beauty of flowers, trees are as tall as trees, and as grasses, we also have our own unique flowers.

in an ordinary post, if there is a piece of light, it will give out a minute of light, and if there is a part of heat, it will spread a part of heat, and there will be no self-contempt or complacency.

keep one side of the Pure Land, be at ease with the circumstances, and live every ordinary day with great vigor and vitality.

maintain humility, maintain self-discipline, maintain a tough heart, believe that all the hard work will not be disappointed by the years, those difficulties and setbacks will only make us stronger and more optimistic.

pay courage, sincerity, adhere to germination, growth, will certainly be able to usher in green grass and vitality.

Life is like chess

"Human feelings are like sheets of paper, and the world is like a new chess game."

there is a long way to go in life, and once you fall, you cannot go back on your promise. Every step you take, you should be careful.

especially when it comes to reading, getting married, and having children, you must not act impulsively and hastily.

look before you leap, so that you will not suffer great losses and encounter the tragedy of "one careless move will lose the whole game".

there are inevitably many temptations in this black and white chess game. Remember to follow the right path and don't squander your future at will.

give up something in order to gain more. Do things with your feet on the ground, be upright and upright, and don't think about the ill-gotten gains that fall into the sky.

in terms of financial management and investment, we should take a more comprehensive view of the overall situation, take a long-term view, do not care about temporary gains and losses, and do not care about contention for a corner.

in the face of all kinds of hardships, adjust your mindset, learn to enjoy these small challenges, and continue this game of chess with a smile.

Life is like a boat

"the solitary sail is far away at the end of the water sky, only to see the flow of the Yangtze River."

after a thousand sails, I suddenly look back and find that loneliness and parting are the normality of life.

even if do not give up, some fate, can only accompany us, the rest of life, or have to rely on their own ups and downs.

within a few years, my classmates and friends changed their status. some were busy getting married and having children, and some were busy paying off debts to the bank.

and we are also rowing our own oars, trying not to be eliminated by the tide of the years.

or work conscientiously for love, do not dare to relax; or cross the sea, dream the same, and strive to be your own ferry man.

along the way, I have touched rocks, encountered rapids, crossed dangerous shoals, stumbled and experienced growth, pain, tiredness, despair, and crying.

later found that safety and health, is the life of this ship will not fall down the mast, cherish the present, can better reach the other side of happiness.

Thank you for the friends who are in the same boat, the lovers who never give up, and the parents and family for being our harbor forever, accompanying us to save us from danger and helping us to turn the corner.

Life is like wine

"if you get drunk today, worry about tomorrow and worry about tomorrow."

the sign of a person's true maturity is that he can bear the difficulties of life, and no matter how sad he is, he will not easily admit it.

there is always a lot of pain in my heart, and I don't panic and cry in front of people. I'd rather find a place where there is no one and get drunk.

shouting that my heart is so tired, after waking up, I still pile one by one and face it calmly.

more difficult things have been experienced, but they have become free and optimistic, drink to the past, and then love and hate the wind and frost.

once upon a time, the wine bureau was a social event, making staggered preparations, true or false, and saying something about the scene.

later, the wine bureau is sincere, three or five friends to drink, talk about troubles and heart to heart, I do, you feel free!

this day is like drinking old wine, the longer the better, the more authentic the taste.

Life is like a song

"how much is life when singing to wine?"

the age of ups and downsIn the month, some people sing joyous songs, all the way forward; some are humming minor tunes, laughing at the world; some are singing farewell songs, do not say goodbye; some are humming sad songs, bitter hearts.

Buy our modest prom dresses and enjoy the combination of their high quality and superior material. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

No matter how ordinary life is, it is worth singing all the way. We should be calm and accept the imperfect self and the imperfect life.

do not feel inferior, do not lose, do not complain, do not mind, the heart is simple, happiness is very simple.

in the dead of night, I once again think of the classic songs I loved when I was young. I was surprised by the tenderness and affection I had heard, joy, sadness, youth, regret, touching, and nostalgia.

those who do not understand the meaning of the song, now, every sentence is a story, every word is a mood.

Life is like the moon

"people will be reunited and separated, and the moon will be full and missing."

when I was a child, I always thought of a perfect happy ending. It was only later that I learned that it is not necessarily a pity to ask for it.

all experiences are wealth. Those who once thought that the "darkest hour" is another kind of gift.

Don't blame yourself, don't regret the past, everything has cracks, that's where the light comes from.

monthly gain and loss has its own reason, change the state of mind, learn to be relieved, accept the sudden loss, and let go of the feelings that are drifting away.

Life is not only full of white moonlight, but also full of sixpence. For the sake of the family, we should shoulder our responsibilities and forge ahead.

you don't have to cry about your grief to everyone. Everyone has the wind, frost, rain and snow on top of his head; don't easily show his fragility and embarrassment. Some words should be left to those who understand.

when I am tired, I look up at the bright moon and let the moonlight cure fatigue and restore peace of mind.

Life is like a flower

"one flower, one world, one thought, one dust fate."

Flowers bloom from time to time, you can be sad, but you still have to move on. No matter what happens, don't lose your enthusiasm for life.

make your life a little more beautiful like a flower. Do not make do with yourself, do not perfunctory life, no matter how busy, but also to leave some poetic, save some softness.

take good care of your daily life, live innocently, and greet every day beautifully.

after wind and rain, it will gradually become clear: instead of competing with others, it is better to blossom and precipitate yourself.

if you put down the pressure, you will be more open-minded: "picking wild flowers by the fence and accidentally seeing Nanshan" is not a pleasure in the world.

do not admire fame and wealth, do not admire flashy, and occasionally be a kind-hearted person who "turns into spring mud to protect flowers", and rewards goodwill to the world. Those tenderness and love will also give back to us.

in the years to come, watch a tree blossom, enjoy three meals and four seasons, and experience simple romance and beauty in smoke and fire.

this is a very good life.

Life is like a book

"in his career, he is full of poetry and books."

it is up to parents to decide the cover of this book of life, whether it is beautiful or rough, don't worry too much about it. You know, the best thing about a book is its content.

write your dreams from the bottom of your heart with a pure heart, and take every paragraph, every chapter, and every poem seriously.

Don't be annoyed by occasional wrong words and wrong sentences, be brave, pick up the correction fluid to correct it, and always believe that you can create a new plot.

ups and downs, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, these ups and downs, are all indispensable pages of life.

there is no need to pursue perfection. Sometimes, a small regret is the great perfection of life.

Don't expect everyone to be satisfied with us. After all, there are 1000 Hamlets for 1000 readers. Feel free to choose the genres we are good at and write prose, novels, plays and poems that make us happy.

love yourself, cultivate yourself, don't be sad for people and things that are not worth it, always remember: the best work in this life is yourself.