No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife is, don't say these three words before going to bed. Only stupid women will keep saying.
No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife is, don't say these three words before going to bed. Only stupid women will keep saying.
A stable and long-term relationship depends on mutual attraction and mutual appreciation.

Shakespeare wrote in the futility of Love:

"your tongue is like a fast horse. It runs so fast that it runs out of strength."

thus it can be seen that speaking is a discipline, especially in marriage.

do not think that the relationship between husband and wife is good, so you can keep your mouth open, otherwise, even if you love deeply, you will be smoothed by hurtful words.

if you want to have a long marriage, you must know how to control your temper, especially when it comes to speaking.

No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife is, they can't say these three words before going to bed. Only then will stupid women have no scruples.

dislike each other's complaints

Happy marriages are all alike, and unhappy marriages have their own ways.

people are emotional creatures, and they have one thing in common, that is, love comparison.

from work to children, and then to men, it has undoubtedly become a topic for everyone to talk about after dinner, and it is inevitable that they are unwilling to compare with each other.

although marriage is a matter between two people, it often requires only one person's attitude to determine the quality of the whole marriage.

A reader in the background confided to me:

I have been married to my husband for three years, and I think I have a good relationship, so I blurt it out all the time.

her husband works very hard, but she likes to be lazy in housework. She hopes her husband can share it for her, but she always likes to compare him with others when communicating with her husband.

at first, the husband blamed himself, and later he complained more and more, and his rebellion became stronger and stronger, even saying, "you can go with whoever you like."

in the end, housework not only did not make you worry, but also caused conflicts between the two people.

Lin Yutang said:

"there is no couple in the world who have not quarreled. Assuming you don't even have any common sense, please don't get married yet. It's not too late to come back after a few years of experience. "

it is common for husband and wife to fight between teeth and tongue.

but quarrelling instead of quarrelling, never compare others with your partner.

every man has his own strengths, some are motivated in work, some are attentive to housework, you can get married, each other must have a reason to fall in love with you.

in this world, there are no great people, no perfect people, there are only mortals, do not see deficiencies and defects to complain about each other.

language is a wonderful thing. It is pale when it says love, but sharp when it hurts.

two people want to get along comfortably and remember each other's goodness in order to make life sweeter. On the contrary, complaining about each other's fault will only make the relationship more boring.

always remember: good words are always better than complaints; inspiration is always more affectionate than disgust!

criticize the angry words of my parents-in-law

people often say, "mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have been difficult to get along with since ancient times."

there is always a kind of person in the world who is someone else's wife who is always more considerate than her own daughter; other people's mother-in-law loves her even more than her own mother.

A dear mother is a real mother, and a mother-in-law is a mother-in-law.

there is no natural love or hatred between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

two strangers who are not related by blood meet each other because they love the same man.

if you want to treat your mother-in-law as a mother in the first place, you will be greatly disappointed.

when it comes to the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, my friend Miao Miao has deep feelings.

she said that when she first got married, the couple were very much in love, and her husband indulged himself everywhere.

it is precisely because the husband thinks of himself in this way, so he goes further by an inch. Any little thing that the mother-in-law does will be magnified by her own, and then complain to her husband.

when the bitter water poured out more and more, my husband's attitude began to change.

"whenever I mention my mother-in-law, no matter what is good or bad, he will say that I am idle and unreasonable all day long."

later, she began to reflect on herself. After she did not criticize her mother-in-law in front of her husband, not only the relationship between husband and wife gradually warmed up, but the relationship with her mother-in-law also eased a lot.

in fact, if there is a conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the husband will be caught in a dilemma like a sandwich biscuit.

he can't blame his wife in front of his parents, nor can he criticize his parents in front of his wife.

it is only natural that many men can tolerate each other's small temper and capriciousness, but can not bear her accusations against their parents.

some people may ask: are mother-in-law and wife really natural enemies?

I think there is a good saying: "if you can't be a wife, you can hide it from both sides."

A happy family is inseparable from a talking woman.

after all, mother-in-law is not a mother. She will not tolerate and forgive us unconditionally. Maintaining a certain sense of distance is the key to getting along well with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

although the "pillow breeze" is light, no one can stand it if it is always a "cool breeze".

cruel words about giving up marriage

"if you don't want to divorce, don't think that I can't find anyone without you!"

"divorce! I can't live with you anymore. "

"anyone who doesn't get a divorce today will be his grandson!"


similar words, you can hear the ear cocoons when you quarrel.

divorce seems to be the capital that can be discussed on the table at any time.

but forget to often eat in the same pot, how can there be a bowl that does not touch the dish and the dish does not touch the bowl?

husband and wife come ashore from the river of love and go into their parents' affairs. It is common for them to quarrel and contradict each other, but when they quarrel and say divorce, it is bound to affect the relationship between husband and wife and accelerate the demise of marriage.

see a story like this:

A couple has been married for several years, which is supposed to be the perfect time to run-in, but the two always quarrel over all kinds of trifles.

what bothers the husband is that his wife uses divorce as a weapon in every quarrel.

at first, the husband was very patient and said all the good words to appease his wife, but as he grew older, his work became more stressful and his life was not going well, and the husband was no longer willing to coax his wife.

when the wife shouted "I want a divorce", the husband no longer humbly asked for forgiveness, but agreed to the divorce very calmly.

even if the wife later admitted that what she said was angry, she did not save the marriage.

someone on the Internet asked: when quarreling, women often talk about divorce. Do you really want a divorce?

the answer is not entirely true.

Women say that divorce is probably in the hope that their partner will love them more, but this is a kind of harm to men.

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if you talk about divorce too many times, both sides will become numb, just like the wolf in the story.

two people have entered the marriage, experienced ups and downs, should cherish each other well, even if they are angry again, they should not threaten each other with divorce.

divorce is easy to say, but it is hard to take it back.

after all, when a woman says a hundred divorces, it may not be true, but once a man says divorce, he really wants a divorce.

Women must remember that marriage is not a family. Everything is mutual. If you respect your feelings, your feelings will respect you.

husband and wife want to have a harmonious relationship, and sometimes loving words are more effective than cruel words.

falling in love is luck, being together is the choice

Shakespeare said:

"an unhappy marriage is like hell, where a chicken fights for a goose all one's life and cannot live in peace. On the contrary, if you choose a satisfactory spouse, you will be in harmony and be happy for a hundred years."

two people need opportunities and fate to be together, but to get along for a long time depends on courage and business wisdom.

only by expressing love to your partner without stinginess can you stimulate each other's greater love.

on the contrary, cruel words, angry words and prison words will only make the distance between the two people farther and farther away.

May every couple stick to their original heart, know how to cherish, know how to manage, and let ordinary days blossom with love.