No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife is, once there are these four kinds of performance, the marriage is not far from breaking up.
No matter how good the relationship between husband and wife is, once there are these four kinds of performance, the marriage is not far from breaking up.
Although love is easy, marriage is not easy, and you can do it and cherish it.

writer Bai Luomei said:

"if there is fate, thousands of mountains of twilight snow, thousands of miles of clouds, will eventually meet again. If there is no chance, from then on, it will be difficult to meet at the ends of the earth. "

the fate of this thing, one day can not be reduced, one day can not be increased, the time limit is half a minute, no one!

between husband and wife, there are these four performances, indicating that fate has come to an end, separation is a matter of time, I hope there is no you!

lack of trust and mutual suspicion

Su Wu's "leaving another wife" said: "married as husband and wife, there is no doubt about love."

from acquaintance, acquaintance to love, what keeps this relationship together is love, but when you get married, you need to respect and trust each other.

Trust is like a piece of paper, once wrinkled, even if you try to smooth it, it will not return to the original flat appearance, but also will leave a wrinkle, lingering.

in the TV series "Chinese-style divorce", Lin Xiaofeng and her husband Song Jianping paid no attention to the eyes of others and "got married on a bicycle."

after marriage, Lin Xiaofeng quit her job and became a full-time wife in order to support her husband's career.

Song Jianping is a man with strong professional ability, because of his excellent performance, his career is becoming more and more prosperous.

because Lin Xiaofeng resigned at home, she felt that the gap between herself and her husband was getting bigger and bigger, and her paranoia became more and more serious. Checking posts became her daily routine.

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even though Song Jianping was on the operating table, her phone never stopped.

in the long run, Song Jianping was pushed further and further by this suffocating love.

it is really sad that the two men survived poverty but were defeated by suspicion.

but the truth is also clear: once the husband and wife lose trust, that kind of tiredness, even the internal organs are accompanied by pain.

think of a popular saying on the Internet: "No woman can come out of her husband's mobile phone with a smile."

although it is a joke, it is really intriguing.

some couples are often at loggerheads over looking at their mobile phones, with one side vowing to defend their privacy to the death, while the other feels that there must be something wrong with it.

the mobile phone is not so much the culprit, it is like a mirror reflecting the variety of marriage.

I like what Liu Zhenyun said very much: "the mobile phone is originally for the convenience of people. Without it, people are quite free. With it, people become kites. Don't blame the mobile phone is still a human matter."

when two people are together, only by trusting each other can they work together for the rest of their lives, otherwise the slightest anomaly will become a thorn in the flesh and a thorn in the side of this marriage.

no longer loyal, betrayed marriage

in marriage, once some mistakes begin, there is no turning back.

for example, cheating.

backstage received a message from a reader named Lin Lin, full of loss:

when Lin Lin and her husband first got married, the family was poor and destitute, but they were very much in love.

then they started from scratch and started a decoration company.

after several years, the company is finally on the right track, and the two are living a life with a car and a house.

I didn't expect that the day was better, but my husband changed his mind.

at the moment when she found out that her husband was having an affair, Lin Lin felt that her sky was about to collapse.

after a showdown with my husband, my husband unexpectedly used his children as a shield and was unwilling to divorce.

some people around her advised her: "which man doesn't cheat?" Just remember to go home. "

for some time later, my husband was really at ease, but it was like a thorn in her throat, and Lin Lin suffered a lot in her heart.

she doesn't know how long the marriage can last for the sake of her children, and she feels that the family is in vain.

there is a good saying: the three best words in life-reunion after a long separation, recovery, false alarm, but not a single word called "make up as before", so easy, such as the first how difficult!

it is said that men go bad when they have money. In fact, it is not money that is bad, but a restless heart.

two people have been together for a long time and are so familiar with each other that they even hold hands like the left hand and the right hand, without passion.

but true love is to slowly grind the spices given by the years in the days of long flowing water.

never abandon the lover who helps you because of the novelty of the moment. There is no turning back and there is no turning back in life.

the function of that marriage letter is not only trust, love, but also loyalty.

although love is easy, marriage is not easy, and do and cherish.

No communication, only cold violence

when a person chooses to get married, he must think that two people are happier than one.

with the baptism of years, many couples become strangers when they walk.

what exactly is the problem?

talk about each other's lives with a friend.

she sighed: "I used to think that when I got married, I could have someone to keep me company, but I didn't think it would be better to be alone."

I thought the two had a quarrel and made a few words of advice, but the smile on her lips became more bitter.

"I wish we could quarrel. Now we don't talk more than ten words a week, and we can't even quarrel if we want to."

in the eyes of most people, the longer two people spend together, the deeper the relationship should be.

but for many middle-aged couples, silence and non-response have become the main theme of marriage.

as the saying goes, "fight isLove, scolding is love, do not fight do not scold do not love each other. "

in marriage, what is more exhausting than cheating is endless cold violence.

in "No questions to the West and the East", Xu Bo is often kind to everyone, but turns a blind eye to Liu Shufen. The two have almost no communication, and even sleep in separate beds.

Liu Shufen, extremely disappointed, finally chose to jump into the well.

Thirty, Zhong Xiaoqin wants to communicate when he encounters a problem, but Chen Yu refuses to communicate and change. Even if he responds, he only gives a few cold explanations.

in despair, Zhong Xiaoqin chose to wave goodbye to this moribund marriage.

Robin. Williams said that the most terrible thing in the world is not to die alone, but to end up with the person who makes you lonely.

Cold violence is the chronic poison of marriage, which is not fatal at the moment, but it disintegrates each other's heart bit by bit, making the marriage go to death.

the rest of life is still long, two people who have nothing to say, how to get to white hair?

the three values are different, so it is difficult to run in

emotional expert teacher Tu Lei once said: love depends on facial features, marriage depends on three values.

A marriage with different values seems to be climbing over mountains and mountains, physically and mentally exhausted, so how can it last?

A foreign netizen shared a story of his own:

her mother likes to collect coffee cups. As a daughter, she often gives cups to her mother for her birthday.

but every time I bring a new coffee cup home, my father will be furious.

later, my mother finally chose to divorce.

one day, my mother's new boyfriend hit a wall and put all the coffee cups that my mother had always treasured on it.

she knows that her mother must be very happy now, because she has found someone who can really understand and appreciate her hobbies.

Mom's new boyfriend may not have a similar hobby, but he knows that his lover likes it, so he protects it with his heart.

there is a strong sense of love hidden in this wall.

there is a saying that if you do not agree with each other, you will never be the same person.

then what exactly is the disagreement between the three values?

probably, I said that the sea was beautiful, but you said that people had drowned in the sea, and then you stopped looking at the sea, and I forgot the purpose of coming to see the sea.

in our lives, when we encounter romance and vows, we are not rare. What is rare is that we have a connection with each other.

to put it bluntly, it is the collision of two souls that can eat together, play together, be happy together, and understand each other.

but most feelings are often crushed on an uncompromising chopping block.

Liu Zhenyun said in "10,000 sentences at a time":

"A person's loneliness is not loneliness, a person looking for another person, a sentence looking for another sentence, is the real loneliness."

the most beautiful ending of a love affair between two people is to cross the great ship of marriage to the other side through the oars of the three values.

if two people want to go to different places, they will never reach the finish line.

good relationships are cultivated, and good marriages are run-in.

if you are lucky enough to hold hands with each other, please cherish the long love for the rest of your life.

if you unfortunately lose your way in the marriage, please stop the loss in time. I believe that your fate will come.

, may you and I meet loved ones and love others in the sea of thousands of people. From then on, we will be of one heart and live up to Qing Qing.