No matter how good the relationship is, don't call each other that on Wechat.
No matter how good the relationship is, don't call each other that on Wechat.
A sense of proportion is the greatest consciousness of adults.






Sanmao once said:

"No matter how close your friends are, you can't lose your line."

indeed, in heterosexual relationships, self-love and mutual respect are particularly important. For example, we usually chat on Wechat. Different names not only contain different feelings, but also reflect their status in each other's hearts.

most of the time, our relationship will change subtly because of the change of "address". Over a long period of time, it is easy to turn a pure friendship into an embarrassing ambiguity.

therefore, no matter how good the relationship between men and women is, don't call each other that way on Wechat, so that your heart has boundaries and you don't overdo it. Only in this way can your friendship last forever.

address "dear


between same-sex friends, there are not so many worries about what to say and how to address each other. Address plays a key role in the relationship between men and women and determines their identity relationship.

for example, the term "dear" seems to be all over the street, just like the "dear" replied by customer service. You may think it's just getting closer and have no superfluous thoughts, but it is extremely harsh in your lover's ears.

because of the ambiguity of a heterosexual friendship, it often starts with the small details of changing names for each other.

the word "dear" is already very ambiguous, and it is easy to be misunderstood by such a term between friends of the opposite sex.

so, no matter how good the relationship between men and women is, don't call each other that way. Only those who are closest to you can be called "dear".

the poet Tagore once said:

"A sense of size is a sign of mature love."

when we get along with other members of the opposite sex, we can't play ambiguous in the name of friends, let alone make friends in an ambiguous way.

A sense of proportion is the greatest consciousness of adults. Don't use your carelessness to delay other people's love.

"Baby" or "idiot"

this kind of address is often used in very close relationships such as lovers and husband and wife. In order to express their love, the two people will have a love name that belongs to each other.

for example, the title "baby" represents a unique identity, including each other's full of care, dependence and attachment. When chatting with the opposite sex, once such a title appears, the relationship between the two will be extraordinary.

there are also some people who often call each other "stupid" when they chat. At first glance, this is a derogatory term, but when you think about it, these two words are more spoiled and seem to be flirting.

do not know that men and women are different, if they do not avoid suspicion, because they are too familiar and have no scruples, it will hurt their partner, ruin a relationship, or even a marriage.

as the saying goes:

"when men have a sense of proportion, women have sense of security."

and vice versa.

there are always some people in life under the guise of "just friends", thinking that "the body is upright and not afraid of the shadow", but the feelings are selfish and there is no room for a grain of sand in the lover's eyes.

even if there is no infidelity in behavior, it has already been betrayed in words, which can be fatal to a relationship.

therefore, between the opposite sex, no matter how deep the friendship is, no matter how good the relationship is, you should not say ambiguous words, cross the line and lose your sense of propriety.

"I miss you", "it's good to have you"

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Han Han said a sentence:

"Women reject love with friendship, while men use friendship in exchange for love."

I think so.

the relationship between men and women is already very delicate, and some words are easy to make people think about it and make people think differently.

such words are like an invitation, which will make the other person closer to you and more considerate to you, and you will get closer and closer.

once you have thoughts and concerns for each other, it is bound to affect your heart, and sometimes it will even make you look more and more pleasing to your friends of the opposite sex, but more and more upset to see your partner.

not knowing how to keep a distance will eventually lead to a catastrophe, and if you don't wake up in time, it will hurt you even more.

although the friendship between members of the opposite sex is precious and rare, if you don't want to develop further, you must know how to restrain yourself, be sure to have a ruler in words and deeds, have a moderate degree of export, find your own position, and distinguish the relationship between each other.

the friendship between gentlemen is frank and magnanimous, their words are courteous and courteous, and they will not be vague or out of line, so that they can have a long and comfortable relationship.

A good relationship and a good marriage are inseparable from mutual loyalty.

friends of the opposite sex who are really worth getting along with each other on weekdays and don't address each other indiscriminately on Wechat will not affect themselves and each other and cause misunderstandings.

, good night.


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