No matter how good the relationship is, you should stay away from the people who consume you.
No matter how good the relationship is, you should stay away from the people who consume you.
​ take good care of your own heart, those who consume you, please stay away.

Laozi Daojing




Zhuangzi said, "Don't go against your heart, so you can be friends with each other."

Friendship is Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) only if you know each other from the bottom of your heart and have no disobedience.

encounter is fate, fate is good and evil, good fate should be guarded attentively, but evil fate should be untied as soon as possible.

people who consume you, no matter how good the relationship is, no matter how much you like it, you should stay away from it.

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abandon what I have passed away, I will not allow

the ancients asked, "how can you return good for evil?"

indulgence will foster adultery, and those who deviate from virtue must be on guard.

there is a saying that to be kind to bad people is to be grateful for your own cruelty.

the cuckoo is widely known, but little is known that it is still a "parasitic bird".

the cuckoo lays its own eggs in the nests of other species of birds and throws away the original eggs from the nest.

other birds will unknowingly hatch young for cuckoos.

and the hatched cuckoo will also unceremoniously squeeze other eggs and chicks out of the nest.

until the cuckoo grew up, the "parasitic" birds had no idea that they were raised by other people's children.

as the saying goes, "if you are not of our race, your heart will be different."

some people are destined to consume you.

you put in a lot of energy, others may just play games; you try your best with enthusiasm, but you end up making wedding clothes for others.

A true friend is a hypocritical person who supports each other and never gives up. Once you have no use for it, you will turn your head and leave you.

it is said in the Book of morality: "he who knows others is wise, and he who knows himself is wise."

when you get along with others, you must learn to observe what you say and distinguish between good and evil.

people with ulterior motives always get out of the way, so be sure to stay away as soon as possible.

those who disturb my mood are not afraid of those who come

Zhuangzi said, "A husband's sorrow is greater than his heart's death, and death is the second."

it is easier to escape from external evil than to get rid of inner pain.

what is more terrible than physical death is sadness, discouragement and discouragement.

Tao Yuanming, a great poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, wrote in his self-sacrifice essay before his death:

"Life is hard, but what is death like?"

if a person regards death as a relief, it is conceivable that his life is not happy.

he is a gentleman who does not bend over five buckets of rice, the result of which is that he alone bears the consequences of not being able to open the pot at home.

he planted beans in Nanshan and picked chrysanthemums in the east hedgerow. the bean fields were deserted and the chrysanthemums were bald, leaving him alone to force a smile.

the world thought that he had escaped all the people and things that consumed his life, so he said, "Jielu is in the human world, but there are no chariots and horses." How can it leave on me no trace? The mind is far away from the side. "

but did not think that what he could not escape after all was the sensitivity and fragility in his deep heart.

Laozi said: "living in a good land" is nothing more than "benevolence is beautiful" and "pro-virtuous officials are far from villains".

but he also said: "the heart is good", but it tells us to practice an invincible mind.

people who are harmful and useless sometimes leave scars in their hearts even if they avoid them.

he who learns to "live in harmony with his light and his dust" and still be harmonious but different is the one who has a realm.

Please stay away from those who take good care of your heart and consume you.

it is said in the Qian hexagram of the Book of changes: "one voice corresponds to each other and demands in tandem."

what kind of person you are, what kind of person you attract, what kind of person you will be with.

when you are alive, it is not necessary to invite everyone into your own life.

the person who accomplishes you can be met but not sought. When you encounter it, you must cherish it.

the person who consumes you is not worth wasting your life, so remember to stay away as soon as possible.