No matter what age you reach, there are six bottom lines to keep! (mind-wandering in every sentence)
No matter what age you reach, there are six bottom lines to keep! (mind-wandering in every sentence)
Only by keeping the bottom line can happiness come uninvited!




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as the old saying goes, "there is no square without rules."

when we are alive, we need to have a bottom line, which is not only our criterion of being a human being, but also our standard of dealing with the world, but also our self-cultivation.

Feng Jicai, a famous writer, once said:

"people's self-confidence is based on the bottom line.

only by keeping the bottom line can one achieve a successful self and a successful life. "

only by keeping the bottom line can we maintain our dignity as human beings.

only by keeping the bottom line can we keep the backbone in our blood;

only by keeping the bottom line can we keep our character in dealing with the world.

therefore, no matter what age you reach, you must stick to these six bottom lines!

No matter how difficult it is, you don't owe money and don't pay it back

Cheng Yi, an educator in the Northern Song Dynasty, once said, "A man cannot stand in the world without loyalty."

if a man is dishonest and unfaithful, he will not be able to gain a foothold in the world.

No matter how difficult it is for a person to live his whole life, he cannot fail to repay the money he owes. Everyone has a difficult time, and the person who can provide help in the snow is our benefactor.

to be a man, you can't be without credibility, let alone be ungrateful, and be grateful for the help of others.

always keep in mind that the money borrowed should be repaid in time when the agreed time comes, and one must not be unfaithful.

as the saying goes, "it is not difficult to borrow well or to borrow again." do not easily disappoint the kindness of others, knowing that trust is given by yourself.

to be a man, character comes first, be clean and do things in a down-to-earth manner. Only in this way can you feel at ease.

No matter how tired you are, you won't cheat.

Han Yu said in his "introduction to Learning": "Industry is good at diligence and lack of play, and doing is done in thought and destroyed at will."

study is constantly refined by diligence and abandoned by cheating and cheating.

No matter how tired you are, you can't cheat and cheat. No matter what you do, you must keep your feet on the ground and take it one step at a time.

as the saying goes, only through continuous accumulation can we make a breakthrough.

anyone who has achieved something can achieve success only through a lot of training.

cheating may succeed for a while, but it will only hurt you in the end.

No matter how bitter it is, you don't count your friends

Mencius said: "people's acquaintance lies in knowing each other, and knowing each other is valuable in knowing each other."

Friends are extremely important when they are alive. As the saying goes, they rely on their parents at home and friends when they go out. Friends are those who can add icing on the cake and be more able to send charcoal in the snow.

to be a man, no matter how hard you are, you can't plan your friends!

even if you can calculate for a while, you can't do it for a lifetime. If you do it over and over again, you will only lose the hearts of the people and hurt yourself in the end.

Friends are the precious wealth of our life. Calculating friends is tantamount to breaking our own path, calculating friends, is tantamount to calculating ourselves.

A man has a thousand calculations, and there is a plan in heaven. The more he calculates, the worse his fate will be!

No matter how poor you are, you don't blame your family

Buddha said: "if children do not complain about their parents for one year, they can put out 30 years of hostility."

in life, no matter how poor you are, you can't blame your family!

Home is our warm harbor, while our family is our warm support.

Don't vent your negative emotions and inner dissatisfaction on your family, so that your good fortune will be less and less, and your good luck will naturally go away.

the ancients said:

"parents are the greatest Futian in our lives, while filial piety to our parents is to plant Futian for us."

in life, the more people who know how to show filial piety to their parents, the more successful they are. On the contrary, life will get worse and worse for those who only know how to blame their families.

No matter how hard it is, don't lose your backbone

as the old saying goes, "Bamboo has joints, people have aspirations."

being a man is like bamboo, the backbone is like bamboo, the jointless bamboo is weaker than straw, and the boneless man is like a walking corpse.

therefore, no matter how difficult life is, don't lose your integrity.

Don't lose your principles because of money, fame and fortune, and don't be filled with desires and lower your bottom line.

in case of trouble, do not curry favor, do a good job of yourself, and follow the path of your life.

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people live a lifetime, only if they think highly of themselves, can others respect you; only when they have their own integrity can they get the respect of others.

No matter how rich you are, you are not arrogant.

the Book of Rites says: "A gentleman is not arrogant and does not honor his merit."

people who are really virtuous never praise themselves or boast about their exploits.

No matter how rich you are, don't be arrogant; no matter how powerful you are, don't be arrogant.

as the saying goes, "if the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and if the man is crazy, there will be disaster."

if you are too crazy, there will be disasters.

you should know that feng shui turns in turn, even if you can be crazy for a while, but you can't be crazy forever.

in life, the more real people are, the more they know how to keep a low profile and humility.

when you are alive, don't think highly of yourself, let alone look down on anyone. Only when you know how to appreciate and tolerate others can you continue to be good yourself.

the lower the water is the sea, the lower the man is the king, the more humble he is, the more successful he is!

people live a lifetime, no matter what, we must keep these six bottom lines. Only by keeping the bottom line can we embrace a wonderful life. Only by keeping the bottom line can happiness come uninvited.!





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