No pattern is more terrible than having no money.
No pattern is more terrible than having no money.
It is not talent or birth that determines a person's fate, but the pattern.

as the old saying goes: no matter how big the pancakes are, they are no bigger than the pancake pans.

No matter how great a person's achievement is, it is not as great as his pattern.

therefore, it is not talent or birth that determines a person's fate, but pattern.

the bigger the pattern, the better the mentality

Man + Mountain = Immortal, Man + Valley = vulgar.

the height is not high enough, all you see are problems. The pattern is too small and all the entanglements are trivial.

people who really have a big pattern have a broad vision, have lofty aspirations, and never struggle with trifles.

Zeng Guofan performed meritorious service in countering the rebellion and was promoted to a senior member of the second grade.

according to reason, his official sedan chair should also be changed from blue sedan chair to green sedan chair in order to show his identity.

Zeng Guofan didn't think it was necessary, and he didn't want to make it public, so he didn't let his servants change it.

the green sedan chair was annoyed at the fact that a blue sedan chair on the other side did not give way. The servant rushed up angrily and dragged Zeng Guofan out.

the curtain of the green sedan chair was also opened, and the senior officials in the sedan chair wanted to see who was so bold and dared to stand in his way.

when I looked at it, I found that it was Zeng Guofan.

the man hurriedly rolled out of the sedan chair, knelt down in front of Zeng Guofan, kept knocking on the ground, and said again and again, "your excellency atonement, your excellency atonement!"

although Zeng Guofan was insulted, Zeng Guofan was not angry. He picked up the official and comforted him that he didn't have to worry about it.

Wang Yangming said: holding on to your will is like heartache.

stick to your ambition, just like heartache. Between thoughts, focus on the pain, where do you have the time and energy to gossip and meddle?

people with a really large pattern are emotionally stable, have a good state of mind, do not entangle, do not care, and concentrate on doing what they want to do.

for this reason, Zeng Guofan created an officialdom miracle of ten grades in nine years, and finally became a generation of famous officials.

the larger the pattern, the higher the knowledge

the so-called pattern, "case" is the "case" of knowledge, which means knowledge and knowledge.

A person's insight often hides a person's pattern, and the size of a person's pattern also determines the level of insight.

founder of the two-person strategy

there is a big difference.

Zeng Guofan never fought a wave war. Whenever he went to a stable camp, he first sought to be invincible, so he acted slowly.

Zuo Zongtang was more bloody and flexible in fighting, so he often scolded Zeng Guofan for causing delays in his fighter planes.

the two people have different patterns, so they naturally have different experiences.

Zeng Guofan is looking at the general trend.

at that time, Hong Xiuquan was addicted to pleasure and constantly engaged in infighting. As long as he kept steady, the enemy would be finished.

Zuo Zongtang looked at the gains and losses of one city, one pool, and the victory or defeat of one or two battles.

but it never occurred to him that the strategy is based on the harmony of time, place and people, and most of the time they have to fight for their character.

instead of relying on "wave warfare" to gamble, it is better to honestly stabilize the camp and besiege the enemy. As long as you do not make mistakes, you will be 100% victorious.

Mencius from the Heart says:

Go for the fashionable long sleeve maxi evening dress only at a cheap and affordable price. Spend time and consider this selection.

"Confucius climbed the East Mountain and Xiao Lu, climbed Mount Tai and made the world small."

only by climbing high can you see far away.

A person stands high enough and the pattern is big enough to be in a strategically advantageous position and have great insight.

the larger the pattern, the farther you can see

Mr. Qian Mu, a master of Sinology, visited an ancient temple and saw a young monk planting oleander, an ornamental plant next to an ancient pine that had been weather-beaten for a century.

the old man said with emotion:

"in the past, when monks planted trees, they already thought of the vision of the temple a hundred years later, but now, when the little monk is planting flowers here, his vision is only to think of next year!"

Zeng Guofan said: in order to make great achievements, the most important thing is the pattern.

it is difficult for a person to accomplish great things, not because of insufficient talent and opportunities, but because the pattern in mind is too small.

Xiao Shami grows flowers and only thinks of enjoying flowers next year, while monks plant pine trees to see the vision a hundred years later. This is the difference in knowledge.

some people do things, only looking at the immediate interests, while others do things, but look at the development of decades.

when playing chess, the real master has to look back a few steps, think in advance of where the opponent may fall, and find a way to deal with it.

and the so-called smelly chess basket is to take it one step at a time.

one can only go far enough if one sees far enough.

those who plan big things need to lay out the big picture. For this game of chess in life, the first thing we need to learn is not skill, but layout.

the big pattern is to have a big enough perspective to look at life, to stand higher to see farther, and to have a big pattern to achieve great things.