Not to take advantage of is education, human contact is self-cultivation
Not to take advantage of is education, human contact is self-cultivation
Know how to reciprocate, is the highest wisdom.

as the saying goes, "not taking advantage is self-cultivation, while human contact is self-cultivation."

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likes to take advantage of others because of the narrow pattern;

knowing how to reciprocate is

top-notch wisdom.

in dealing with people, what is revealed behind one's way of doing things is cumulative self-cultivation.

not taking advantage is breeding

some time ago, there was a dispute between a man and a woman on a blind date, which caused a crowd of onlookers.

for this blind date, they arranged a dinner and opened four tables, which looked very ostentatious.

but at checkout time, the man ran away with oil on the soles of his feet.

the woman lashed out at the man on the Internet, but she attracted ruthless ridicule from everyone.

the thing is, the two met for the first time, because it was agreed that it would be the man's treat, and the woman called 23 relatives in one breath.

at dinner, these relatives did not treat themselves as outsiders, chose the most expensive food, ordered a lot of high-priced tobacco and alcohol, and ate and drank.

after a meal, I actually ate 19800 yuan!

when the man checked out, he saw that the bill was dumbfounded and ran away.

afterwards, he contacted the woman and said that he was willing to pay 4398 yuan for the two tables, while the other tables would be borne by the woman.

the woman had no choice but to AA her relatives.

but relatives are not happy: "you asked us to go!"

some people say: "stealing chicken does not lead to the loss of rice, a blind date, exposed the most embarrassing appearance."

this farce seems ridiculous, but in real life, such examples are not uncommon.

some people always think about how to take advantage of others, but they don't realize that they end up cheating themselves.

it is said that selfishness is human nature, but being able to think of others and not taking advantage of others is a person's greatest upbringing.

I remember something my friend Nannan said to me some time ago.

she went to work in Beijing alone, rented a house there, bet one for three, and spent a lot of money.

but a week after joining the job, she had to resign and go home because of a temporary family emergency.

in order to sublet the house as soon as possible, she is willing to charge less the current month's rent and only get back the deposit and two months' rent.

it so happened that a colleague wanted to change the house. After seeing the house, he decided to rent it.

Nannan offered to reduce the rent for the month, but her colleagues insisted on counting the remaining days and transferred the money to her.

my colleague said, "anyway, after you moved out, I moved in. I can give you as much as I should. I can't take advantage of you."

Nannan felt very moved by the words of his colleague.

in life, people who like to take advantage always have a small abacus in mind.

and those simple and honest people always make people feel full of sincerity in their speech and behavior.

I always believe that not taking advantage of others is a person's upbringing to the bone.

A man of kindness is bound to be blessed.

Human contact is self-cultivation

it is often said that human contact is a very troublesome thing.

in fact, this just reflects one's self-cultivation.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "reciprocity is reciprocal." It is not polite to come but not to come, and it is not polite to come but not to go. "

A relationship between Gu Jia and Wang Manni became a story in the hit TV drama "just Thirty" some time ago.

Wang Manni, a salesman of a luxury store, was almost dismissed by the leader because of a misunderstanding. fortunately, Zhong Xiaoqin came forward to help her clarify.

since then, Wang Manni has been grateful to Zhong Xiaoqin.

later, Gu Jia wanted to buy a Herm è s bag, and Zhong Xiaoqin introduced them to know each other.

Wang Manni is very sincere. Although she owes Zhong Xiaoqin a favor, she also spares no effort to help Zhong Xiaoqin's friends.

even if we meet for the first time, we still treat each other as friends.

because the bag was hard to get, Wang Manni called her former colleague and put in a good word.

when a colleague asked the person who bought the bag, Wang Manni blurted out, "it's not my guest, it's my friend."

Gu Jia is also very considerate. Apart from her bag, she also bought some other things at the same time, just to increase the performance of her colleagues and not to make it difficult for her.

in addition, she carefully told Marnie, "Don't worry, it's within my ability."

it is also because of this experience that the two have become sisters who talk about everything.

there is a saying in A Dream of Red Mansions: "the world is enlightened and learned, and human experience is an article."

Granny Liu is a person who knows human feelings in this work.

Grandma Liu's family was hungry and cold. In order to survive the winter, they had to go to Jia Fu, a distant relative, to borrow some money.

from winter to spring, when the melons and fruits were ripe in summer and autumn, Grandma Liu came again, but this time she did not come to "fight the autumn wind", but to repay her kindness.

she carried two large bags full of melons, fruits and vegetables just picked from the ground.

Grandma Liu said, "give the girls and wives who usually have delicacies a taste of something fresh."

although she is an old woman in the countryside who can't read big characters, she can do so.Knowing etiquette and human feelings, it is no wonder that even Wang Xifeng was moved.

later, the Jia mansion fell, the trees fell and scattered, and only grandma Liu came forward without hesitation to rescue the daughter of Jia mansion who was in distress.

have heard a saying:

"all feelings in the world are mutual. Giving and receiving is the best way to maintain a relationship."

in this world, no one owes us, let alone has the obligation to help us.

therefore, don't take other people's good for granted.

maybe the person who gives you a helping hand is not looking forward to your return.

but being able to repay kindness actively is one's real self-cultivation.

only by remembering the goodness of others can you warm your heart.

only when you know how to reciprocate, can a relationship last a long time.

I have read such a story on the Internet, which is quite warm.

I remember that when we were young, when we were young, our family would borrow 100 jin of flour from our neighbors.

when the wheat is beaten down and returned in time, it will be paid back 10 jin more each time.

Grandma always says that 100 jin is reasonable and 10 jin is love.

sometimes I wonder, just pay back as much as I borrow, and even if I don't pay more, the neighbors won't say anything.

but Grandma doesn't think so, she said. You lend me an emergency and I'll give you a thank-you gift. It's a rule to borrow less and more. This is reciprocity.

there is a good saying: "people who come and go have more and more friends; people who are selfish naturally die alone."

as I get older, I understand more and more that human kindness is a precious asset.

if you spend it blindly, there will inevitably be little left in the end.

only by keeping it with your heart can our friendship last for a long time.

you know, there is never a good thing in the world that takes but does not give.

those who like to take advantage are bound to lose their character.

reciprocity is the oldest wisdom, but it is never out of date.

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