Of the 16 characteristics of high EQ, more than 10 are great.
Of the 16 characteristics of high EQ, more than 10 are great.
A few tips on high EQ, are they talking about you?



Daisy Witch




at the end of each year and the beginning of each year, I review and set goals for my life, including but not limited to:

work /study direction /living habits /interpersonal circle /character shaping /style change, etc.

Today, I would like to talk to you about the interpersonal circle.

I have always stressed to you the importance of running a high-quality circle of friends. If you can, you must try your best to make friends with high EQ and strong ability.

most of my friends are such people, because in the process of observing and deliberately learning to imitate high EQ friends, I find that:

they will make a big difference in your whole life.

their excellent qualities will virtually shape a better you and push you to a higher level of the world.

so in this article, I summarize some of the characteristics of my friends around me. You can read and compare to see if you or the people around you are right on the following signs.

if there is, it means that ta is very likely to be a person with high EQ.

Don't miss it when you meet. It will be very helpful for you to try your best to be friends with ta.


when touching a personal bottom line, be unkind

smile like a boy /girl next door in front of strangers and give gently to friends.

only in the face of hurting ta and advising ta to be magnanimous and play emotional cards, he will never say a trace of affection.

people with high EQ ≠ know this very well. If they don't do so, they will fall into the bottomless pit of being oppressed.

in the face of unreasonable requests, gently and firmly refuse, not only to respond to yourself, but also to stay away from those who are not worthy.


take good care of the emotions of the people around you

can see the situation and background clearly, and won't do anything to embarrass yourself.

for example, in front of single friends, they will not complain that their boyfriend is too clingy and too kind to her;

in front of low achiever, I can't say that the exam is really easy, and there is no pressure to get a full score.

people with high EQ can take good care of other people's emotional sensitivity and try to avoid mentioning that every minute they spend with ta is very pleasant and reassuring.


when you praise others, you can always boast to the bottom of your heart

for example:

when I saw your name, I thought I was a pretty beauty, but I didn't expect to know that I was wrong until we met. It was absolutely beautiful.

when I first saw you, I was amazed at the fact that the counselor sister was so young. She must have been very good. Only when I came into contact with her did I find that my sister was not only capable, but also very nice.

in fact, people with high EQ also have a little secret, that is, progressive praise:

first boast a common point, and then magnify the degree to continue to strengthen the boast, the effect is comparable to the rainbow missile, storage makes the other party very useful.


is very independent, but he doesn't express his opinions easily

people with high EQ, they understand the truth that disaster comes out of the mouth.

in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, we don't express too much opinions on things we don't know enough, no matter how others complain.

especially when other people ask ta an unwanted answer, or say something that will spoil the atmosphere, they will pretend to be silly, play or deal with it humorously.

for example, a colleague complains about someone who doesn't know him very well:

colleague: the car to pick up xxx has changed again. This world is unfair. As long as you are good-looking, it doesn't matter if you don't have the ability, don't you think?

she: Oh, I don't know. Hey, your eye makeup looks good today. Is there a tutorial?

for example, people say, "look at your successful career now, do you have a sense of expansion?"

she: yes, if you look at the little meat on my stomach, you can see that I am so swollen.


will never deny what others say, it is very comforting

for example, when you talk about love beans, they will open your eyes and say:

ah, it turns out that xx is such a beautiful person, I should have missed such an excellent Aidou before!

even if you complain about your ex-boyfriend, you will only sigh slightly, touch your head and gently say:

you are so good that he doesn't deserve you. He should be glad to have you.

when chatting, you can always find out the advantages of each other right away, and one sentence makes the atmosphere move towards happy new year.


always emits warm light, especially in trivial matters

for example, when receiving a gift, the first reaction of people with high EQ is:

Ah, isn't that what I've been salivating for a long time? That's great. Sure enough, you know me best! Moza!

chat on weekdays, and some people talk

, ta will immediately pick up the topic and wait for you to continue with interest.

spending time with such treasure friends is like being in front of a fire in winter, never worrying about being left alone.


is always calm and confident, open-minded and transparent

people with high EQ have long known that the most important thing to live in the world is to make peace with ourselves, and that reading is the best way to help us know and find ourselves.

when you are in trouble, watching funny movies is a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. You really want to live a more comfortable life by reading books, Chinese and foreign classics and philosophy.Psychology, novel history, humanities education.

when you read more books, your horizons will be broadened and your thinking will be clearer. You will have an epiphany, and your original troubles will be no more than that.

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even a very curious kitten,

can also control mouth and hands

for example, if you don't care too much about other people's emotional and personal affairs, when someone shows them one photo, they won't swipe to see the next.


be generous and aboveboard, never beat around the bush

people with high EQ are very independent, they will not hide any ideas, and understand that the best solution is to speak out generously.

especially emotionally, they will gently talk about the problem, and then solve it together, instead of sulking, crying and other blind guesses.

their emotions are completely in their own hands, either hiding them completely so that others can't perceive them, or come straight to the point and solve problems according to their emotions.


No matter how big or small things are, there are always scales in mind.

seldom bother others with their own affairs

once you have fallen into a trap, you will always keep it in mind, reflect on the reasons, and never complain everywhere like Mrs. Xianglin.

even if you have to ask for help, you will try your best to simplify the steps and improve the pleasure of others to help yourself.


is good at asking questions

enjoy chatting with people with high EQ, not only ta can get your points in a second;

also because ta thinks about every question and helps the other party figure out the way to answer in advance, which greatly reduces the cost of communication.

for example:

ordinary people: what's wrong with this product /manuscript /event for me?

people with high EQ: please take a look at this product /manuscript /event. Is the effect all right?


in case you praise ta, OK, large businesses will immediately praise each other on the spot

for example:

others: you are really good at makeup.

Gao Qing businessman replied: but what I envy most is that you look good without makeup like you.

praise is tantamount to extolling people to the altar. People with high EQ will certainly bring each other to the altar in order to eliminate the sense of alienation between them.

and the best way is to double boast back, come on, boast group chat.


knows how to measure, cares but does not interfere with others

there is a classmate in the university who often walks alone, but everyone has a good opinion of her and can hardly hear anything negative about her.

then I got in touch with her so much that I finally understood what was going on:

when you talk to her, she never asks about other people's privacy, and even if she talks about different views, she won't impose her own ideas on others.


knows right and wrong very well and never scolds others indiscriminately

people with high EQ are more likely to look for solutions than blame reasons.

especially when the incident is out of line with the original plan, it will not be very noisy and strange, and do something that will add to the chaos.

how do you do things? Can this all be wrong? And you, you can't do such a simple thing well, is your head a decoration?

No matter who listens to this, he will leave a small pimple in his heart, won't he?


Chao will look for sense of security

people with high EQ have long known that they are the only ones who can give sense of security in this world, and that trying to make money to ensure material life is the biggest source of sense of security.

when the rich second generation is eager to spend money on gifts, she can give back gifts of the same value without blinking an eye.

when breaking up and lovelorn, she will not hide in the lessor to cry, but Sydney, New York world tour.

Financial intelligence is as important as emotional quotient, which is the optimal solution to achieve wealth accumulation when you are young.


Last point:

will thank you very seriously,

even if it is too small to be too small

the more trivial the details, the more people with high EQ will not forget, making you feel that ta has a delicate mind and will always remember you.

they don't take the goodness of others for granted, and they always thank those who have helped them in time.

for example, when others help you with takeout and express delivery, you inadvertently say thank you, which is a great encouragement to others.



Thank you for making me laugh for days.