One is enough for someone who can disturb at any time.
One is enough for someone who can disturb at any time.
I hope you will meet such a person in your life.


have you ever had such an experience:

encounter some annoying things, the mood is very bad, want to talk to someone, rummaged through the friend list, but can not find a suitable dialog box to open.

your recent contacts are either colleagues or clients.

what about having so many Wechat friends? No matter how many "friends", after all, can not be worth a bosom friend.

three thousand friends is not as good as a bosom friend

cousin Yao Yao posted a message on moments on the night when she was very depressed:

it turned out to be so sad for the migrant workers who went out alone.

that night, Yao Yao got drunk with her client, and when the dinner was about to end, her colleague reminded her to find a friend to pick her up as soon as possible.

after rummaging through the address book, Yao Yao found that she didn't have a relationship good enough to disturb her in the middle of the night.

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once upon a time, I saw her basking on all kinds of parties and activities. I only envied that she knew a lot of people, dinners she didn't have dates, endless friends, and there were always frequent and lively interactions in her circle of friends.

but I don't know that there is so much sadness behind that glamorous and good popularity. If there is not no one to talk to, who would like to reveal their thoughts in the moments in the middle of the night?

once I chatted with my colleagues and inadvertently mentioned "I have no friends in Shenzhen", and everyone nodded one after another.

the lights are bright and the traffic keeps flowing at night, but it can be sad that there is no one to tell about it.

A prosperous city, but we have become an isolated island.

as Yi Shu said:

"people in the city look glamorous, but in fact, they all hide loopholes. High-ranking friends are full, and guests come like clouds, but there may not be three or two who can really talk to each other.


when we were young, we were all keen on socializing, knew people in many fields, and cared if we had thousands of friends on Wechat, but we didn't know that most of the people we operated were actually useless socializing, and what we got was a kind of false excitement and prosperity.

those people come and go in your life, and the joys and sorrows of life can only be chewed by themselves.

but in many of the darkest moments, you also want someone to listen to and accompany you.

We all need a friend who can disturb us at any time

Mr. Zhu Guangqian once said:

it is a pleasure in life to have really good friends.

read a good poem, watch a good scenery, no one around can tell him: "this is really good!" In my heart, I feel like there's something wrong with it.

when you encounter a great happy event, if no one is happy with you, your joy will be reduced by seven or eight points.

when you encounter a sad event, if no one shares your grief, your grief will increase by seven or eight points.

A lonely person cannot sing, tell jokes, play ball, dance, fight or quarrel.

Last night, I received a phone call from my best friend A Qing. She was silent for a long time before she explained why she contacted me late at night.

A Qing's mother was ill and had a major operation, but the school only gave her one day off to accompany her in the hospital.

as the senior high school class director and English teacher of three classes, the students can't live without her, but as a daughter, she can't be with her when her mother needs it most. Ah Qing feels very guilty.

she choked up on the phone and said to me, "

Why do people have to bear so much when they grow up?


I understand the kind of sadness and powerlessness. Obviously, I am also a child who has just entered the society for a few years, and suddenly I have a lot of responsibility and helplessness on my shoulders.

after hanging up the phone, A Qing sent me a message saying, it's good to have you.

that night, I actually did nothing to help her, but for Ah Qing, there was someone on the phone who was trying to hold back his sleepiness late at night, wholeheartedly giving her care, understanding and comfort, and most of his sadness had been dispelled.

it's like every time I encounter difficulties, whenever I ask her for help, she will take the time to accompany me.

A true good friend is not necessarily the one who talks to you the most and likes the most in your circle of friends, but will be the first to come forward when you need it and give you encouragement and strength when you are in trouble.

We don't need to be friends with everyone, but we need a friend who can be disturbed at any time.

cherish the one who is really nice to you

there is a point in Forrest Gump, which I like very much:

I don't think that when you grow up, you will become more broad-minded and can accept everything. On the contrary, I think it is a gradual elimination process, knowing what is most important to me and what is not important.

cleaning up my friend list a few days ago, I found that I blocked a lot of people's moments and learned to block some messages selectively.

the older you get, the more you understand that true social interaction should focus most of your energy on the most important relationships. A couple of bosom friends is better than a thousand nodding acquaintances.

as Sanmao said, it's good to have one or two bosom friends, but you don't need too many. The joy of friends lies in being down-to-earth and trusting.

We will meet a lot of people, meet a lot of people and even become friends. But true friendship is as precious and extravagant as love.

those who are always consuming you and are not sincere enough to you, there is no need to make an effort to socialize; those who are not so close need not deliberately maintain a like acquaintance; those who do not agree with each other, or even those with negative energy, can choose to avoid.Far away.

people's time and energy are limited, we should leave our sincerity and enthusiasm to those who are really kind to you.

those who hold an umbrella for you in the heavy rain, those who chat with you all night, those who have cried with you, those who come to see you by car from thousands of miles, always take you as the most important person, make up 1.1 drops of warmth in your life. U3000

they make you feel the tenderness of the world and make you have the courage to resist the difficulties of life.

if you are a true friend, take the initiative to contact him, spend more time and thought, and walk into his heart and life. Friendship, like love, needs to be managed with heart.

there is a classic line in Friends: lovers come and go in life, but friends are always friends.

, I hope you will meet such a person in your life, who has been around for many years and is still by your side.

in front of him, there is no need to sweet talk, let alone deliberately please, he will share your joy when you are happy and give you strength in difficult times. U3000


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good news, I believe there is always a voice that warms you.