One word is enough to change a person.
One word is enough to change a person.
Never think that talking is an unimportant thing.


German poet Heine once said:

"words are so powerful that they can awaken the dead from their graves, bury the living alive, turn dwarfs into giants, and bring down giants once and for all."

the power of language really cannot be underestimated.

A word that is appropriate will turn sorrow into joy; a misstep may make the heart cold.

there are many times in life, one word is enough to change a person.

less mean, more praise

as the saying goes, knife sores are easy to go, but evil words are hard to go away.

A person's physical wound will heal slowly over time, but if it is hurt by vicious language, it is difficult to eliminate, and even leave an irreparable wound.

host Liang Hongda once said one thing:

he went to the restaurant with a group of people, because they were not familiar with each other, and it was a little cold for a while.

so someone volunteered to liven up the atmosphere and told a few jokes.

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everyone was amused and praised what he said was really interesting.

the atmosphere that had just warmed up suddenly became cold again.

and the person who told the joke to liven up the atmosphere for everyone, his face blushed to the bottom of his ears, until after the meal, he said nothing more.

being kind to others is as warm as cloth. Hurtful words are deeper than spears.

A mean remark seems insignificant, but sometimes it is harder than a knife. If it is light, it will spoil people's fun, and if it is serious, it will break people's hearts.

people who are really "able to talk" tend to be well-intentioned. Every time they open their mouth, they must consider the feelings of others first.

in the variety show "CCTV host contest", many people were attracted by Dong Qing and Kanghui, two judges and teachers.

and this happens because they know:

what they say on the stage, every word with great energy, even a cough, will have an unpredictable impact on the hearts of the players.

if everyone is a tree, harsh words are like ice and snow in nine cold days, which can wither all the branches and leaves.

so when dealing with people, always keep a heart that is good at appreciating the advantages of others, and don't say mean things.

complain less and thank you more

complaining is the biggest negative energy in life.

especially for those close to us, complaining will only bring them pain and worry, and can only alienate each other's feelings.

such a thing once happened to the painter Miller.

one evening, he was painstakingly painting.

the idea of painting was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a friend, and Miller was very unhappy.

and the last time my friend came at this time, I asked him for help.

so he muttered softly, complaining about each other:

"there must be something to ask me for help. He is such a troublemaker!"

so, when he saw the friend who was anxious to come to him, he didn't look up, and his impatience came out of the vent:

"what can I do for you?"

the moment my friend pushed the door open, the smile on his face went away when he heard Miller's words.

he paused, but still explained his purpose:

"Dear Miller, I was so busy that I just remembered that today is your birthday and this is my birthday present to you. Since you are drawing, I will leave you alone. "

Miller felt a little ashamed when he saw the gift from his friend and his dim eyes.

he realized that instead of complaining about the "interruptions" of his friends, he should thank them for remembering their forgotten birthdays and came specially to express their greetings and concern.

A few days later, Miller gave his friend a gift with a note in it:

"Dear friend, thank you very much for remembering my birthday. Last time I had a bad tone. I apologize to you." Now please accept my apology gift. You are my forever friend. "

in life, many people begin to complain when they encounter twists and turns and difficulties, complaining that strangers are not good enough, complaining about friends and family will only cause trouble, but often forget to thank them for their care and help.

the so-called good words are warm in three winters. Instead of complaining and complaining about this and that, it is better to be grateful and find out what is good in others.

A "thank you" is not only the best sublimation of a relationship, but also the best return to someone who loves and cares about you.

less blame, more tolerance

the world is numerous and complicated. Living in this world, everyone has his own difficulties.

people are not perfect, things are not going well.

so you should know how to compare your heart to heart, learn to think from the point of view of others, less blame, more understanding and tolerance.

once read such a story on the Internet:

Judge Caprio, 82, became "unexpectedly popular" because of a live broadcast of a trial.

A truck driver who accidentally parked illegally was charged with a double fine because he did not receive the fine he had paid.

Judge Caprio acquitted him immediately after clearing up the misunderstanding in court..

but after the case was over, the truck driver did not leave immediately.

"you may not remember me, but I still want to say a few words."

in everyone's puzzled eyes, the truck driver told a story of the past;

20 years ago, he stood in this court before the age of 17, and the judge at that time was Caprio.

he lost his parents, came to the city alone from other places, and became a bad teenager in society-- he liked to drive fast and would make trouble everywhere.

some people accused him of not learning, others said he was a bad boy without parental control, but only Caprio did not blame him. After that trial, he asked him a sentence:

"son, what do you want to do when you grow up? You are still young and have a long life to live. "

unexpectedly, Caprio's tolerant and gentle words have become a force to change the lives of teenagers.

because this is the first time since he has grown up, someone is not blaming him, but is so concerned about his future.

when the truck driver said that the eye frame was already wet, he paused and continued, "you see, I am a truck driver now!"

in this world, there are many such moments, even if a word is insignificant to others, but it can let another person see the light of life and become his hope to move forward.

as Caprio finally said to the truck driver:

"at that time, you were at the bottom of your life, and it was not a crime that defeated your life, but a sense of guilt that you were unwilling to pick yourself up.

sometimes people criticize me for being too tolerant. I'm not being tolerant. I'm helping people and awakening something deep in their hearts. "

everyone has different positions and circumstances, so it is difficult to empathize with each other.

from another point of view, you will find that everyone is experiencing a different path of life.

sometimes, an understated accusation may be the last straw that crushes the mood.

and a word of tolerance and encouragement from others may be a lifeline to help a person escape from the whirlpool.

Life is impermanent, everyone has tears and sorrow, and every appearance has its roots.

between words, less sharp, less accusation, more tolerance, is the greatest kindness to a person.

some people ask: how powerful is a sentence?

A word of praise makes people happy, a word of tolerance warms people, and a word of criticism makes people chill.

what can expose a person's heart most is language, what hurts people the most, and what moves people the most is language.

so never feel that talking is an unimportant thing.

May you and I always have light in our eyes, love in our hearts, and warm sunshine in our hearts.