Only people with bad character will chat with others like this on Wechat.
Only people with bad character will chat with others like this on Wechat.
Chatting reveals a person's character.

appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.

No matter how good a person is, how eloquent he is, or how capable he is, no one will come close to him once he lacks character.

as the saying goes, "horses look at the dental board, people look at words and deeds."

language is the most intuitive way to expose a person. As long as you speak, others can understand you.

although it is sometimes packaged and covered up, over a long time, there is always a time to relax.

people with bad character will chat with people like this on Wechat.

once you meet someone who is chatting and saying these words, you must keep your distance and don't make a deep acquaintance.

habitually reach out and ask for red packets

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that day, I suddenly received a message on Wechat from a friend who had only met a few times:

many people may be a little confused when they see such a situation. If you have a good relationship, send a red packet directly, and the relationship may be ignored directly.

in fact, this is not the first time I have encountered such a situation. In the past, even if I was unhappy, I would send a red envelope to show my heart.

later, when I think about it, with this friendship alone, no more than ten, no less, each other can make a family rich.

therefore, in the face of such a situation, those who are not familiar with it will choose to ignore it, because other people also send it in groups.

if you have a good relationship, answer the other person, "you are priceless to me and cannot be measured by money."

Don't always try to take advantage of each other when you get along with others, because no one's money comes from the strong wind.

whether it is friendship or love, you always ask for it endlessly by sending out red envelopes, which in itself consumes the relationship.

maybe someone will say, "to judge whether a person loves you or not, just look at the red packet."

little do you know that the taste of the candy you want to reach out is different from the candy that others offer to give you.

just like, you have to eat with those who are predestined to taste good, and you have to live with those who know you before you are sweet.

giving out red envelopes can sometimes promote the relationship between two people, but it also reflects a person's EQ.

people who really have a heart will take the initiative to give it to you without you saying.

for those who are accustomed to raising their palms, it's okay to be a difficult person to get along with.

cast nets everywhere and make friends

it is very convenient to make friends now. With a few pleasantries and Wechat on the wine table, everyone seems to have become friends.

many people have thousands of friends in their circle of friends, as if they have contacts all over the world and have a wide range of resources.

but in fact, the smarter people are, the less time they spend on fooling around.

because they know that contacts are not in others, but in their own hands.

writer Li Shanglong wrote an interesting story:

one of his friends contributed to a large newspaper before he became famous, but every time he contributed, he fell into the sea.

A year later, his book unexpectedly sold so much that the founder of that newspaper came to him to ask for a manuscript.

now they have a good relationship, because one needs to sell books and the other needs good manuscripts.

someone asked, "Why do you have such a good relationship with this newspaper?"

he said: "equivalent exchange leads to equivalent friendship."

Yes, use the time to chase horses to recommend, when the spring flowers bloom, it will naturally attract a number of horses.

those who cast nets everywhere and form a "good marriage" are undoubtedly doing useless social activities.

A true friend is made with hearts and feelings, not when you need me.

people's energy is limited, so instead of reluctantly maintaining the illusion that they are good friends, it is better to learn to refuse meaningless socializing and constantly refuse themselves in the first place.

as Yu Hua said: "I no longer pretend to have many friends, but return to loneliness and start a new life with the real me."

gossip about others

there are probably one or two gossips in everyone's Wechat friends.

when I saw that a plain-looking female classmate suddenly married a rich man, I thought she must be covetous of others.

seeing that the reticent male students in the past have become big bosses, they speculate that there must be "dignitaries" behind them.

when I see those who show love, show off their children and show off their promotion in the moments, they are full of uncontrollable sour taste.

in fact, when a person has come into contact with all kinds of people and seen different scenery, he will realize that people who drive luxury cars are not showing off their wealth, and those who love to share their lives in moments.

if you have not experienced other people's lives, who have the right to measure other people's lives?

the ancients said, "Tiger life is still near, and people are too familiar to be close to each other." Those who say right and wrong must be right and wrong. "

A person who is always slandering others and gossiping about others is mostly not good at character.

the most important thing in the process of communication between people is sincerity. Only when you give sincerely can you get true friends.

A person's deepest upbringing is that he does not easily evaluate other people's lives.

there are thousands of people, and everyone is the protagonist in our own story. We don't have enough wisdom to explore how other people's lives are going.

being with people who like to gossip will onlyComplicate an otherwise simple relationship.

therefore, smart people can achieve others with tolerance and themselves with compassion.

likes to be flirtatious and doesn't speak properly

for a long time, a topic has been mentioned repeatedly: is there really pure friendship between men and women?

in fact, the answer is that the benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom.

but if men and women get along with each other, if they are not lovers or husband and wife, no matter how good the relationship is, there must be a degree.

there was a popular post on the Internet about the husband and his wife having a party, and the female colleague wanted to hitch a ride after the end.

when getting on the bus, the colleague suggested that he wanted to sit in the copilot, so the husband let his wife sit in the back row.

along the way, the husband talked and laughed with his colleagues, leaving his wife alone.

back home, the wife was very angry with her husband's behavior, but the husband not only didn't understand but thought his wife was narrow-minded, and the two almost got divorced because of this.

it is true that, in the eyes of most people, a seat is just a matter of doing so much, but it is this inconspicuous little detail that highlights a man's sense of size.

the same is true in Wechat chat.

some people like to cast nets everywhere, always like to play ambiguous with the opposite sex, unable to draw a clear distance from each other;

sometimes, knowing that the other person is not single, he always has a few words of conversation, which is called "just a friend".

do not realize that a true friend must be delicate and smart, speak reasonably and do things with a yardstick, instead of doing things without measure under the guise of a friend.

during the program, Zhu Yawen was asked to say a love word to Haitao. When the host asked if he needed another female guest, he decisively refused: "No, I'm married."

while playing the game, du Jiang dodged step by step in the face of the female guests approaching, and repeatedly stressed to his wife in front of the camera: "Mr. Huo, this is really just a game."

in a relationship, couples or couples are like two intersecting circles. In the outer part, everyone can be themselves, but in the intersecting part, every time they cross the line, it is like putting a needle into each other's body.

if you don't know how to keep distance and boundaries with the opposite sex, the relationship will be exhausted sooner or later, but only by learning to grasp the sense of division can the relationship be long-term and stable.

in this era of mobile phones, Wechat social networking has occupied the lives of most of us.

Wechat is more like our business card to the outside world, so sometimes a seemingly trivial thing like chatting can reveal a person's character.