Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.
Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.
May everyone be respected by the world. ​



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others respect you because they are good

I used to think that only when I am good can I get the respect of others.

later found that people who really know how to respect, it doesn't matter whether you are good or not, it doesn't matter whether you are radiant or dark.

as Cangyang Gyatso said:

"I think others respect me because I am excellent. Slowly I understand that others respect me because others are excellent. Excellent people know how to respect others, and respect to others is actually solemn yourself."

I have heard such a story.

A rich businessman was walking by the river when he came across a ragged young man selling books while nibbling on rotten bread in the cold wind.

the rich businessman was moved, recalling that he had such a miserable experience when he was young, and he could not help but feel pity.

he slipped 100 yuan into the young man's hand without thinking, and then walked away without looking back.

but he didn't go far, and the rich businessman felt inappropriate, so he hurriedly returned, picked up two old books from the stall and said to the young man, "Sorry, I forgot to pick up the books. I hope I don't mind."

then, as we onlookers wanted, the young man succeeded two years later.

A wealthy businessman was invited to attend a charity fund-raising conference. The young man became a bookseller. He shook hands with him in a suit and expressed gratitude to the rich businessman: "I thought my life was begging until you told me that I was a businessman just like you."

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sometimes the power of the world can surprise people. A word or an action can save a decadent person. This sentence and this action is called respect.

what is respect?

I think there is one sentence that can be summarized:

above others, treat others as human beings; under others, treat yourself as human beings.

not proud at the top, not humble at the bottom

during the warring States period, there was a famous scholar in the State of Qi, Mr. Meng Chang, who liked to give banquets to receive all kinds of guests.

when every guest comes to visit, he will greet him personally and entertain him warmly.

once when two guests came, one would learn to bark like a rooster, and the other was a thief. He was especially good at stealing and imitated a dog vividly.

just like other people, Mr. Meng Chang still entertained them graciously.

the other guests were unwilling to do so, thinking that it would be a joke if all these rooster and dog thieves could join them. Mr. Meng Chang smiled and still received them in accordance with his usual etiquette, insisting on accepting them as diners.

in fact, people who are really good are never infatuated with a sense of identity. People who really know how to respect are always humble.

people can be divided into rich and poor, beauty and ugliness, high and low status, different positions, but no distinction between high and low.

everyone has the value of existence, no matter whether he is powerful or poor, or whether he is a chicken crow or a dog thief.

when I was a child, teachers taught all children to respect everyone, but when they grew up, they found that too many people in the world had a pair of snobbish eyes, that they could not see glory, darkness, perfection, giving, superiority, and inferiority.

some people see that sanitation workers are sweeping the floor, but they still spit casually. One second, some people kowtow to "big people" and the next second they shout loudly to "small potatoes". Some people are used to the pleasing and giving of people around them. Take everything for granted.

think of what the host Meng Fei said:

"all superiority does not come from appearance, stature, knowledge, family, wealth, status, achievement and power, but from lack of insight and compassion."

people who like to talk about identity and superiority lose from the very beginning.

the best way to get along with others is that they are not arrogant at the top and not humble at the bottom.

respect is a person's highest self-cultivation

see a sentence on the Internet: you may not respect the obligations of others, that will not be in exchange for the right to be cared about. You have no obligation to understand people, so you have no right to be heard.

but if you really look at it in detail, it is roughly these three points.

turn a deaf ear to others, don't speculate on others

Haruki Murakami once wrote a paragraph:

We basically live in an era of indifference, but we are surrounded by such a huge amount of other people's information that we can easily obtain as long as we want to do it.

but even so, we know nothing about others.

how much information we think is accurate is heard from others.

people are often hurt by rumors, and often people accidentally become one of the snowflakes that overwhelm others.

do not listen to any right and wrong, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, even if they do not care, it is more valuable than blindly believing and spreading blindly.

ignore other people's shortcomings, don't easily underestimate others

Italian illustrator Marco Melgrati once created such a painting--

the cat took the snake's tail as the mouse's tail, had a good time, and grabbed the snake's tail with its claws without fear.

isn't this just like the relationship between people? You never know who you're playing with.

you think he is mediocre, but you do not realize that he has vast resources, but he is used to keeping a low profile; you think he is incompetent, but you do not realize that his talent is in another field; you think he is poor, but you do not realize that he is just thrifty.

never underestimate anyone. If you don't have such a good eye, don't trust your uncertain judgment.

treat everyone equally, don't look up or look down, and get along with the people around you with a normal heart.

respect can be realized.

Don't judge others casually without talking about their mistakes.

"who doesn't talk after everyone, who doesn't talk after everyone."

it is human nature that people cannot avoid gossiping and being gossiped by others when they are alive.

but there is a saying that when you see a bald man, you don't talk about sores, and when you see a blind man, you don't talk about light.

the most basic politeness of being a man is not to talk about the shortcomings of others. Do not impose your own subjective ideas on others. After all, those who have tattoos are not necessarily bad people, and girls who come home late are not unloving.

what we should think about and discuss is what responsibility we have done to the society and what obligations the society requires us to bear.

respect for other people's emotions, respect for other people's "mind", every irresponsible evaluation will turn into a sharp knife, piercing into other people's hearts, but also missing out their own blessings.

do not speculate on others at will, underestimate others easily, or judge others at will. First manage your own "eyes, ears, mouth and nose" before you can be regarded as a person who really knows how to respect and achieve respect.

May everyone be respected by the world.