Our relationship: do not contact, do not care, do not care
Our relationship: do not contact, do not care, do not care
All mistakes are broken in order to achieve a happy ending.






someone asked:

"is it necessary to add back people who have been deleted by Wechat?"

someone answered:

"think about how he put you down when you couldn't let go. If you find something that you can't keep, you will still leave, so you might as well throw it a little further away. "

you must have had the experience of sending a message to a person who has been slow to reply, and you will delete the dialog box because you don't want to see yourself humble and ingratiating.

as the saying goes:

"when someone deletes you, the system will not tell you for fear that you will be sad. When you delete someone, the system will ask you if you are sure, for fear that you will regret it. "

if you feel pain in your heart, you will know:

some love is not worthy of sincerity;

for some people, there is no need to regret.

Last week, I went back to my hometown to attend the wedding of my college roommate Qingqing, and there were three of them.

roommate Mu Mu said: "remember when we made a bet?"

when I was in college, Qing Qing's boyfriend talked about it in his first year of high school, and the two were still in love until they graduated from college.

at first, we all thought that the two would definitely get married. Unexpectedly, times have changed, and people who once loved each other to death will eventually go their separate ways.

while we were talking and laughing in the car, the navigation suddenly said, "you have deviated from the route and have been re-planned for you. Please choose a U-turn in the right position."

Mu Mu said with a smile: "if you go wrong, you must correct it in time, otherwise you will go farther and farther away."

there is an implication in what she said.

she has a person who loves too much, even if she breaks up, she still thinks about it.

when her ex-boyfriend got married, I joked, "what's the hardest thing you've ever had?"

she answered solemnly, "his favorite candy."

are too heart-wrenching.

in fact, feelings are the same as driving. If you deviate from the route, you must immediately replan the route.

it is impossible to have everything going well in life, but at least take fewer detours.

there is a saying:

"the first button was wrong, but you didn't find it until the last one. Some things are wrong in the first place, but only in the end can they be admitted. "

if you insist on wishful thinking, the outcome is doomed to be given up.

irreparable feelings will only embarrass yourself in the end.

remember, if you are too nice to a person, you lose.

listen to Youyuwei Maru leave a message saying:

have you ever because of a person, leave the familiar city, give him all the love, throw away everything you have.

I have.

the person I love is in Harbin and I live in Hangzhou.

two days before his 26th birthday, I secretly got on the train and sat hard for 36 hours.

Our collection of nude bridesmaid dresses is designed to make you look ravishing. We have a vast range of styles and cuts to choose from.

I didn't sleep all night. I was very afraid that he would call me suddenly, so that the surprise would be seen through.

A little sister on the bus asked me where I was going, and I said to find a boyfriend. The little sister said, "your boyfriend is so happy."

after arriving at my destination, I called him and said I wanted to do a magic trick for him.

after he saw me, he was not very happy and said calmly, "what are you doing here? I'm very busy now. Wait for me at the opposite milk tea shop."

this wait is six hours.

I left before he came and took my love with me.

three months after the breakup, he asked to readd me as a friend of Wechat.

I didn't give him a chance because

I am afraid of trouble, disappointment and leaving.

Why should I share this story? I just want to say one thing:

sometimes it is much more secure to lose than to have.

have seen a conversation:

"Why are you with him?"

"Love him."

"Don't you like it now?"

"No, still love."

"then why separate?"

"because I, who was desperate for love, disappeared."

someone asked:

Why do more and more people like to live alone?

someone answered:

it is better to eat and drink alone than to love someone who makes himself cheap.

indeed, make a living before you make love.

Love, even if it gives you an open smile, it also gives you inexplicable pain.

some love, go to the end is a lifetime love;

some love, go to the end is nothing.

remember, whenever you feel hard, you are forced.

I know an online writer who recently got divorced.

I am not surprised by such a result.

at that time, I advised her to think about it and not to immerse herself in her own novel world.

she just didn't listen, feeling that her love would be as sweet and perfect as the novel.

what's the result?

six years of youth is paid by mistake, but what comes is the back of the other party.Betrayal.

maybe she was disappointed enough and her heart was completely broken, and finally she chose to let go.

in fact, some people really don't have to wait. In front of people who don't love you, your heart is worthless.

someone asked me:

"I have made all my efforts, why did he leave me?"

I answer:

"you are the only one who loves desperately. You only move yourself, and you are the one who gets hurt."

in fact, many people have given up their hearts and given up on themselves for love, but they all end up in farce. Although the result is not what you want, it is not a pity at all.

things that are easily broken need not be glued well;

those who leave easily need not catch up.

both love and non-love should be innocent, magnanimous, stop the loss in time, and take the initiative to fight back.

all persistence is emptiness.

all the unwillingness is to hurt each other.

there is a saying like this:

"about love, in the final analysis, he is either the person in life or a lesson in life."

I have always thought that everyone deserves to be lovelorn.

in love, make sure you have the value of being loved;

after separation, hone your ability not to love.

remember, no one is qualified to let you be wronged.

the movie "500 days with Summer", let me a profound scene is the male and female breakup, the last conversation.

the man said: "the love and fate, beauty and dreams that I once believed were all lies. In fact, no one belongs to each other."

the hostess replied, "No, actually you are right, but I am not your person."

Life is supposed to be a process of constant loss. We can't say that loss is a good thing, but loss is not necessarily a bad thing.

to us, loss is like heavy rain pouring into the soil:

the ability to break through the ground is called growth in us.

Flowers blossom from time to time. If you experience more, you will know:

if you are sentimentally attached to a person, there will be no spring blossoms, only snow in the four seasons.

out-of-date love, can not save people from fire and water, will only hurt people invisible.

in fact, fate will favor everyone:

Let the wrong people separate, in order to let the right people meet.

and all the breakage is to achieve a happy ending.

, there is no need to disturb or worry about those who do not have you in my heart.



this book is published under authorization.